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Face Lift, Brow Lift and Fillers...... NYC AMAZING PLASTIC SURGEON!!!

About thirteen years ago I had my upper eyes done....

About thirteen years ago I had my upper eyes done. Immediately after the surgery I went back to the surgeon and said "you did not take enough skin or fat out" to which he replied "you really need a brow lift." I was 42 years old, and at the time and the only way that a brow lift was done at that time was to slit the entire scalp. No way was I in for that! I had a consult with a highly regarded NY surgeon at the time (Dr. Baker,) who said that I should never get a brow lift because my brow is large, and would even get larger. He suggested a face lift, and that he would pull up at the temples and that would help my dropping brow. I really liked and respected this surgeon, but felt that at 42 I was not ready for a face lift. I decided to accept the way I looked and move on with my life....

This past winter 2013 I spent in sunny Florida, and all of my older girlfriends (early sixties) looked younger that me , and I am now 55. They had all had at least one face lift! That's it, I was ready!

I chatted with many people and saw different results, and decided that Dr. David Rosenberg was the man to use. I did not even bother with another consultation, as I was smitten with him from the start. He said he would do an endoscopic brow lift ( would not lose any forehead) full face lift with fillers, and fix my ear lobes that were pulled from wearing hanging earrings. After I got over "sticker shock" I booked my appointment for August 12, 2013.

Dr. Rosenberg was in the process of opening a new Surgical suite of his own, across from Manhattan Eye and Ear, but unfortunately it was not ready for my August 12th surgery. I did not think much of it, as I thought that the hospital was a "safe" place to have surgery. It turned out that I got a staph infection on my face which most likely resulted from a dirty OR. I am afraid if I attach those photos, someone reading this may "opt out." Let's just say that 10 days out of surgery, I was admitted to a hospital for five days of IV antibiotics. The sides of my face looked like Frankenstein, and the skin ended up necrotic (dead) My husband and girlfriends were besides themselves..... I was calm as could be, knowing that eventually it would all clear and I would be just fine....

I look amazing and the results are nothing short of fabulous...... I am still scarred from the infection on the sides of my face, but Dr. Rosenberg has been injecting them with cortisone, and I will then have some laser treatments for the redness, which he has agreed to take care of. Even with the terrible infection and hospital stay , I would do it all over again. I can't explain how having this work done has "empowered me." I work hard, train hard (weights and running) and felt that somehow my face did not match my body..... Now it does! I don't look pulled or have that "surprised look " I look "cleaned up "and refreshed~

I don't have great photos in my computer, but I will post as soon as I can get it together!!

As Nike says "just Do it."


more pictures

Pictures are all prior to surgery!

All three are prior photos!

Five Weeks out...


another post opp

another post op three months

another post opp

New Photo

Even after a long day and a late dinner, I may feel tired but I don't "look" tired!

laser Treatment...

Starting laser treatment for the scars this week....very hopeful. Love my result, just want the infection scars to go away!

Six months post opp

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would have chosen Dr. Rosenberg for my surgery, even if I did not like him personally based on the faces I saw that he did. The added bonus was that I really connected with him, and think he's a terrific human being. He always seems to have time for you no matter how busy he is, and he sure is busy!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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looking gorgeous!
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Thanks, that sweet!
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Congratulations on feeling and looking great! I am 6 weeks post op, and for me it has been hard because my face still looks distorted due to swelling. I can't wait for it to go down. My PS tells me to wait 3 months to see marked improvement. For you, it looks like most of the swelling is gone at 3 months. Any tips for a quick recovery? Ruz
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Exercise, exercise... I never really stopped. I was not permitted to run, so I walked every day or miles.. At four week out I was cleared to go back to weight lifting and running. All of my girlfriends that exercise looked fantastic within a couple of weeks. Was it Dr. Rosenberg in NYC?? Good luck
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Hi Susan, You inspired me to continue going on my walks. It is good for the body and the soul! Unfortunately, I went abroad to have my surgery, and my PS has not been as responsive as I was hoping. Through this site, it is great to be able to learn and share from others about their experiences. I think that your positive attitude also played a great part in your recovery. Thank you for sharing your positive energy! Cheers, Ruz
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hi. did you have fat transfers?
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No, just fillers!
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did he suggest fat transfers?
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No fat transfers, just fillers!
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Not at all
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does he do fat transfers? how often will you have to go in for fillers?
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I was looking at your before pictures thinking how good you looked, and that you looked fine, until I saw your after photos and WOW you are stunning! Great outcome, glad you made it though...hope all the redness is gone now...
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Thanks for the compliments! Redness and scar getting better! Happy New Year!
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Susan, You look awesome!! I have been following you on the other Rosenberg thread and I am so happy to see that you finally posted. What kind of fillers did he use on you and where were they placed. Also, since you do not live in NYC, how many days did you stay at the hotel and when did you finally return home. Thanks so much for posting!!
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I thought you looked young and pretty in your pre-op and then saw your post-op, holy cow you look absolutely stunning

Personally I'd love to see the gory pictures, I think it helps our Community Members see a possible complication, especially from a seemingly "easy" surgery.  Up to you though, no pressure either way.


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Thanks Jill. Can't post yet for reasons I am unable to disclose at the moment. If I can in the future I will be happy to. I do agree everyone should be aware if what can happen!
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You look AMAZING, absolutely gorgeous. Model looks and completely natural!
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Thanks, much appreciated ....
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Hi! I think the reason you don't have many comments is....many of us who have had facelifts were speechless...over the costs of your procedure, and the the staph infection....wow. One tends to believe the more you spend, the safer you are..... But the truth is, we are all vulnerable to issues, no matter who we see or how much we spend. Your more recent pictures are lovely, you are a beautiful woman!
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Thanks, that 's very kind of you. I should have said that his fee was 35K I don't live in NYC and had private duty nursing costs, hotel, OR etc on top of his fee.... Yes we are all vulnerable, but I believe even more so in an "inner city hospital." I have learned (after the fact) that they are breading grounds for Staph.... I should have also mentioned that my Dr. only does faces...that was very important to me ...no "jack of all trades." He's double boarded in head and neck as well as plastics...... I know it sounds crazy but I would do it all over again ( minus the hospital) in his surgical suite....
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Wow, you look fabulous! I'm so sorry about the infection you had to endure, but it sounds like you had an amazing attitude through it all. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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