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I always felt like my breast were small and I did...

I always felt like my breast were small and I did not like that one was smaller than the other. Dr. S was the only one to suggest putting different size implants to make the final result look more even. He was right and they look great!

Going to see my PS today. My concern about the implants is that I have fibrocystic breasts and I need to make sure that I can have implants. My PS said yes and my GYN said I shouldn't. So I have alot of reasearch to do. If I get the impalnts I am leaning towards silicone for a more natural look. Thanks!
I chose silicone moderate profile implants. I love them them.
Hi! What impalnt did you choose Saline or Silicone?
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I was talking to my medical doctor about wanting breast implants and she recommended that I see Dr. S. I had a few consultations with various plastic surgeons around town, but I felt the most comfortable with Dr. S. His staff was nice, all the patients in the waiting room love him and he spent time to go over all my questions. He even recommended that I come back a second time to ask more questions after I had time to digest all of the information. I am so happy Dr. S did my surgery - my breast look so nice.

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