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I'm always skeptical of these devices but a...

I'm always skeptical of these devices but a knowledgeable friend recommended it. I've used it for three weeks now, 17 minutes per day as instructed, and my skin is unquestionably improved. It is firmer, my age spots are faded and most surprising of all, my little jowls have disappeared and my neck is tighter. This particular machine, cleared for wrinkle use by the FDA, claims to have optimum results after 10 weeks.

I'm so happy with it after just three weeks, that I'll probably look 18 again soon. LOL. It's expensive but convenient for the home and the large size covers the whole face in one daily session. Love it.


Im want to buy a LED light which brand did you recomend

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ps: meant to say, that I've never heard of specifically, pigmentation issues with LED devices - any of them. I have read that some folks have issues with recovery from use and drying, etc., just not pigmentation. The other thing to remember is that whatever you get for home use will just not be as strong as a dr. office, so if anything, there are quite a number of people who see no results at all. Btw, I just spoke to a woman who sold her Quasar MD on ebay. I asked her why she was selling, since that's the strongest of the Quasars. Didn't she see results? She said, that though yes, she did, she wasn't committed to keeping up the frequent treatment that you needed to do. That tells me, she couldn't have really seen much of anything. You can check in ebay completed listings, as I assume she did sell her device to SOMEone lol. I see loads of people using the Sirius Aurora. Anyway, I'd like to get one, but I'm still not decided on which one. LED light, btw, is being shown to be very useful for several things - more and more - look up the research on Alzheimer's and LED - fascinating!
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