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People with Darker Skin Should NOT Use Fraxel for Acne. Use EMatrix - New York

I spent numerous hours looking at this website and...

I spent numerous hours looking at this website and many others on reviews for Fraxel on African American skin and could not find any. I was scheduled to get my first Fraxel treatment on Sept 15, 2010. I was very nervous due to all the reviews I did read and the lack of information for people with darker skin. I spoke with my doctor about my concerns and he recommended I use eMatrix instead of the Fraxel because Fraxel has been know to leave additional marks after the procedure on darker skin. I am so glad I did it.

It was painless. All that you feel is a small stinging sensation and there was virtually no down time. He told me that it would take a week to see a small improvement and three months to see a big difference. I look like I have a little sunburn and I can still see the tiny dots that the eMatrix left on my cheek. I'm sure with time and making sure my skin is moisturized, it will fade away.

I am scheduled to have another session in Oct since my doctor prescribed I have the treatments a month apart. I am so glad there finally is some innovative technology for people with darker skin that suffer from acne. I am also keeping in mind that this isn't a miracle product I know it will take time to see improvements.

I hope my information helps.

This is Realme9. Sorry that I've taken so long to respond. I was not able to continue the eMatrix procedure because it was too expensive for mu budget. I recently moved to Korea and I was able to get the eMatrix procedure done here for much cheaper than in America (3 sessions =$1200) plus other free treatments as part of the service. My skin had greatly improved from the first two sessions but I still need additional work. I just had my third session today so I am a little red. I will get my fourth session next month. I will try to keep everyone updated.
I have a question for Realme9...I have the same complexion as you and am trying to smooth out a textural irregularity (what I think are pores) that are located in my upper cheek region and nose. I have a consultation for the eMatrix procedure tomorrow and was soo happy to come across your review which was really helpful!! I noticed gradual improvement in the smoothing out of the textured area of your skin. What level treatment did you get...Program A, B, or C? A lot of the reviews that I've read say that they got the highest level. Just wanted to know so I can get the same improvement in my skin
I am a person of Indian origin and tried ematrix about a year ago. Sorry, but I went thru 6 sessions of ematrix for pitted boxcar scars on my cheeks and there was little to no improvement whatsoever. I spent a grand total of $5000- complete rip-off. The truth is ematrix just isn't powerful enough to help improve acne scars- AT ALL. The only good news was there was no scarring or negative side effects. Last week I took the plunge (despite the mixed reviews) and had my first session of fractional restore dual laser which is supposed to be more effective on scars. I spent about $600 (for cheeks only) and the doc is HIGHLY reputable. It's been a week, there is still some blotchiness and I'm definitely still in the throes of the healing process. I feel it's too early for me to fairly tell whether my scars look any better. Will update as soon as I have more definitive results.

4th treatment

So I just had my fourth ematrix treatment yesterday and I am a little worried about the results. It seems that she used a higher level and she went over the area two times and now I have dark spots instead of red spots like last time. I'm hoping this is just something from the higher level used (She used Program B this time). The picture I'm posting is the difference between my 3rd (bottom) and 4th session(top). I will definitely keep everyone updated on my progress and I hope everything turns out well for me from this procedure.
Ematrix uses bipolar radio frequency to damage your skin just enough to make it rush to heal. You feel some heat and some itchy feeling right after. Then little squares with tiny pin sized scabs will appear for 2-5 days this is normal and desired. There is no laser involved. Just radio frequency. After 3-6 sessions approximately 3-4 weeks apart one's skin will continue to improve over the following 6 months. It is a great machine and very safe. It does hurt but worth it. The tips are about $50 plus you have to factor the technicans pay, insurance and other business costs... these treatments should cost 350-650 a session depending on location. Hope that helps!
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My doctor was very helpful, patience, and gave me all the pros and cons.

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