1 year 4 months post FT

I am now 3 months post FT that left me long lumps...

I am now 3 months post FT that left me long lumps under my right eye and a bag under my left eye. The 3 months was horrendous and I cried every day. My PS has been working with me the entire time, bringing me in for steriod injections every 2-3 weeks.

On Saturday he gave me a bleph and found that the lumps were bludged muscles. The fat above the muscle was gone but some had dissapaited into the muscle. He caughterized the bulged muscles. He then tightened up the loose skin under my eyes. I am very swollen, and bruised and in alot of pain. I have cuts next to my eyes and I hope I will not be scarred too badly. I wish I had NEVER done this FT. I have been in alot of pain from all of the stitches. It is going to hurt to remove them also. I will post to let you know the outcome.

It has now been 4 months since my first FT in...

It has now been 4 months since my first FT in which my PS had overfilled and I was left with bags and bumps. I love and respect my PS,BUT, he screwed up my eyes. Three weeks have passed since his correction and my eyes are still not right. They looked great initally because of the swelling. Now that the swelling has gone down, I have bumps and lumps again. I am so upset. He had did a bleph and said that the muscle had been hurniated. Well some of the "bag" under the right eye is back with pea size lumps. It looks terrible. I still have a long lump under my left eye. I don't know who to go to. Is there anyone out there that can help me?
Jonathan Hoenig is an oculoplastic surgeon in LA who is well known for his ability to correct botched blephs and fat transfers - you might look into him.

It's now been a year and four months since I had...

It's now been a year and four months since I had the bad fat transfer which left me with lumps and bags under my eyes. The PS which ruined my eyes had tried to fix them to no avail. I have been flying from Buffalo to La to get 5fu injections since this past November, which have helped. Next week I am flying out for microlipo and laser to tighten the skin. I am very excited about finally getting this problem resolved. I'll post pictures or send to anyone who is interested. Say a prayer, the surgery is next Wednesday.
HI Carol, did you find the 5fu injections helped? I'm considering doing this since i have hard masses under my eyes from a poor fat transfer job. They were areas of fat that hardened into scar tissue. They are mainly under my left eye under the muscle and very hard to the touch. None of the fat actually stayed in the tear duct area on my left eye, which is where I wanted it. If you did have a good experience and would be willing to share the doctor's name, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
JaneDoe2. I did have luck with the 5fu. But the best results were when the doctor went to the inside of the lid to take the harden lumps and scar tissue out. The doctor who did it is not doing fixes any longer. But I understand that there are more good doctors doing fixes at this time. I wish you all the best.
Hi Carol11, did he do a full lower blepharoplasty to remove the hardened lumps and scar tissue or just do a small incision on the inside of the lid? I spoke to a different fat transfer specialist about this and he said he would have to do a full lower blepharoplasty on me to remove the lumps because they get stuck in the tissues and muscle so they have do quite a bit of searching and cutting to get them out.
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