Has Anyone Successfully Corrected Under Eye Fat Transfer? - New York, NY

I had fat transfer under eyes in my early 20ties...

I had fat transfer under eyes in my early 20ties to plump up the hollows. It was way overdone and I have been getting cortisone shots to dissolve it and it is fine for maybe a month and then it starts growing back. Within a few months, it is all back and looks very abnormal - see pictures. I have to hide behind glasses or else... It's been almost 10 years and now I am reluctanlty considering transconjunctival blepharoplasty (or maybe 5 FU or whatever else) but can't seem to find an oculoplastic surgeon that has dealth with a reasonable amount of these cases so I am sure they are qualified in this. It could get worse AND still need shots.

Can any of you that have successfully corrected a similar problem please tell me how and who you went to? If I could get the result I get with cortisone permanently so it doesn't grow back, I would be satisfied (as per last photo). You can contact me privately or reply here. Thank you in advance. I just want my life back.

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Wow! I just read a doctor's response cautioning against fat injections to increase penis size... here's what the doctor said: "The problem with fat is that it does not always survive leaving irregular lumps and scars. When it does work, the penis takes on the texture of fat. How erotic is a wider, somewhat irregular penis with the consistency of a marshmallow?" It is funny how men get the sympathy vote in this respect. I mean, double standards or what! I guess we could ask ourselves how attractive are woman's breasts, faces, buttocks etc with "irregular lumps and scars", which at best, take on a marshmellow consistency *if* the treatment works... They can find enough criticisms about fat injections when the procedure involves something they can personally identify with, yet the "pitch" they all gave us was entirely different...
Unoq...Well that sure makes my temperature boil! We are treated like we are whiny women for complaining that our faces and bodies being destroyed with this horrible procedure with abandon and indifference to ruining our lives... and continue to have no problem putting women at risk by silently (and happily) taking our money and pressing on with it. Yet they rush in to loudly preserve the almighty penis??? Oh horrors. I've not heard one doctor speak loudly against FT for women or make any effort to stop PS from doing it. Has any one of these doctors gone public against this procedure for us? I haven't seen it...not once on any of the doctors forums. Instead we get blamed for picking the "wrong" doctor, or "expecting too much" or whatever lame reason they come up with that somehow holds us responsible instead of standing up against the doctors that continue on with this destructive procedure. Every PS I've gone to for revisions is STILL doing FT themselves to other women...even after seeing with their own eyes how bad it can end up. And most of them stop doing revisions within months because they get overwhelmed with women looking for a fix and to date have no idea how to do that with any meaningful success. Unbelievable. They privately tell us the pitfalls of FT when we are in their offices for a revision, but not beforehand...and not one doc has gone public saying the procedure itself should be banned. It's outrageous isn't it?
LOLOL! Seriously! At the whiff of that subject, the "truth" about fat injections magically comes to light. They surely know that this procedure is a con job... doesn't that comment just expose the true underbelly of "medical opinion"? It's a sad state of affairs. The only doctor I've ever seen who publicly disagrees with fat injections for both sexes (rather than just, you know, the most important thing in the entire world - a man's penis) is Dr Francis Palmer - I read that he stopped doing them back in the 1990s due of the very problems we all complain about. I read an interview with him in a newspaper where he said that if all fillers stayed put forever, plastic surgeons would be out of business! Because they DO - contrary to the BS marketing stuff - migrate in time, pulling the tissues with them... something I have personally experienced. As for fixes, the only fix that PSs come up with if you have lumps all over your face is to add more fat... why the heck would anyone want anymore fat when they're sitting there with lumps all over their face and sagging skin from that very procedure? When you get a bad restylane injection, they don't tell you "add more, it's your own HA!" What rubbish. I personally think it would be better to have ANY other filler than fat, including silicone. At least they will remove that "just because" it's silicone. Also, relative to the male genitalia issue, PSs have no issue performing labiaplasty on women. Yet penis enhancement is a no-go area? Why? I'm so sad I ever got involved in this rigamarole. It's like going back 50 years. I suppose it's our fault we dared to try and improve ourselves, rather than sticking to ironing and cleaning the kitchen...
Unoq, you do have a way with words, LOL! Thank you for the laughs, I sure needed that today. Well, I'm certainly doing more ironing and cleaning the kitchen NOW...too embarrassed to go out in public anymore. Maybe this is all a plot to keep woman behind the stove instead of out doing lunch.
I see what you mean - I think it's the 5th photo where you see the bags or hollows under Audrey's eyes (not just due to age, also she's looking down & the light is not as bright in the other photos - when a photo is lit right the shadows under the eyes are filled in). I noticed with my own eyes. I used to always get comments on my big eyes and after FT, my eyes seemed to shrink & I didn't know how that was possible. But I guess all the fat around my eyes somehow changed the shape - I still don't quite understand it! But if only I had known!! I guess we all feel that way - if only!
Fat transfer badly done can ruin beautiful eyes and definitely make them smaller by altering the 'framing' of the eye when fat is placed slap dash around it. Even worse, too much or badly placed fat close to the lid or even in the cheek can cause the eyes to rounden by dragging down the lower lid...one post op report I had from another surgeon referred to this as the fat having a 'drag down' affect.
Ftmistakes...same thing happened to me, the "disappearing" eyes. My husband's first question was, "Where did your eyes go?" My ps filled the creases in on my upper eyelid. It got worse when that fat got hard and lumped, so my once deep set eyes were gone. He then tried to put the crease back in with an incision, changed the shape of my eye, and only succeeded in making a visible scar which was crooked making a bad situation much worse. Plus my lids no longer closed all the way after that, so I have dry and bloodshot eyes 24/7 now. A real mess. My eyes look like 2 tiny pee holes in a snowbank...not pretty anymore. My eyes were once my best asset, at 60 one of the few I had left. FT stole that from me. I feel invisible.
Forgot to mention that. The pink waterline under my right eye (just above the lower lashes) is now more visible from being pulled down. I had a lump under that eye removed by a different PS who tried to put a stitch in the outer corner to bring the lower lid back into place. Unfortunately it didn't work. And it's still so sensitive there, even 3 years after the FT, I can't use eyeliner to darken the exposed pink waterline. Needless to say, I live most of my waking hours in sunglasses.
@notsogood That sounds really hard :( The lump was removed transcutaneously or trannsconjunctivally? If latter, he would not be putting that stich right? A pretty renowned doc told me mine can only be removed transcutaneously which I at such a young age just refuse. Everyone says that approach is the "old" approach that causes way more problems than transconj. That said when the fat is near the surface rather than under the muscle, it is transconj that would have to go through all the layers and possible damage the muscle which can then cause the problems you're describing. I am still on the edge with the microlipo that requires 5mm incisions and 14 gauge cannula so anyone that has been through that, could you please tell me your cannula size, if there are any marks/scars and has it helped? Thanks!
I'm not sure what those terms mean Jane. To remove the lump under my eye, he went in from inside my lower eyelid, no incision. Does that answer your question? The stitch was just an attempt to pull the lower lid up a little. It seemed to work while there was a tiny bump there right after he put in the stitch. But once the bump healed and went away, the waterline was exposed again.
Jane, did you check with Dr. Lambros in Newport Beach CA. I know there is at least one person quite happy with her microlipo from him. I'll try to find her name for you. I don't recall her mentioning any incisions for the cannula. Perhaps Dr Lambro's office can answer your concerns about cannula size.
Jane...I guess he did make a small incision, but she says it was quite small. Her name is "ashley2929" and I cut and pasted her comment below. You might contact her by PM to get more info. The docs name is Val Lambros. ashley2929 • February 22, 2014 "I had the removal of bad fat grafting performed on my face, and the results turned out absolutely perfect!!! I suffered for years thinking I was stuck with the results of my bad fat grafting, and went to numerous doctors who did not know how to perform the surgery telling me it was too risky. I finally came across Dr. Lambros in Newport Beach, CA and he has given me my face back. He performed facial liposuction and the results are so perfect. I went in expecting slight improvement, just hoping for the best; and what I received was the most amazing results I could ever have dreamed of with one surgery! I did not even have to be under anesthesia for the surgery and I healed very quickly with little to no bruising and minimal swelling. I found Dr. Lambros searching on medical boards online, not knowing where to turn. So I wanted to share with you all the results, and the skilled surgeon that understands how to remove bad fat grafting. He is a blessing to my life, and has made me feel so beautiful again. I found it hard to find a doctor when I was searching for years, because I think once people get it fixed (if ever) they no longer need to post anything! I found the most AMAZING doctor in the world that specializes in removing bad fat grafting and making you look normal again! Dr Lambros is really an artist, pays attention to the natural beauty of your face, and literally sculpts like an artist. I was awake during the procedure, it was extremely affordable. I had to prepare just like any other surgery; no makeup, clean washed skin and hair, no jewelry etc, and was taken to the operating room. I think they may have given me a xanax to relax. Then they injected numbing shots into my face and after the area was numb he performed the lipo. the incision was sooo miniscual and disappears in a couple days. The procedure took an hour or so, and I could drive myself home after. Of course you could request twilight im sure, but you dont need anestesia if you do not want. I barely bruised at all, maybe some slight yellowish bruise which went away in a few days. I brought in pictures of me before fat grafting, and pictures of how I wanted my cheek bone definition to look etc. After the swelling subsided (about 10 days) you will look back to yourself, then over the next few months the residual swelling will go down, and now I have the most beautiful cheekbone definition and look like me again!!! He is a GENIUS!!! and he is extremely confident, and knowledgeable about this procedure. He has an amazing eye for beauty, and he takes his time and really listens to what you want. my results turned out better then I ever imagined! I promised myself that if I received good results that I would come back to these message boards and try to help others that are suffering as I was, with a huge puffy unnatural face that took away my beauty. Dr Lambros in Newport Beach - he really deserves an award. Oh and his results are extremely natural, he does not believe in over doing anything! He is a lead innovator in his field. I went to sooooo many consultations with the top beverly hills plastic surgeons. All of them said they do not perform removal of fat grafting and that it is too risky and could cause nerve damage, lumps, unevenness.. too many negatives. Dr lambros was the ONLY surgeon that understands this surgery that I came across, and not only was he confident in performing the surgery, but he does many of these each week and actually teaches it world wide!! for anyone wishing to fix their bad fatgrafting and regain their life and beauty back, Dr. Lambros is the angel you are all looking for. I am beyond blessed to have found him. I was misserable for years, thinking I was going to have to accept the results. I am a very very thin girl 5'6 97-100 lbs and my face looked fat and my body was totally thin. I looked puffy all of the time, and to me that not only can age a person, but makes you look like you had too much work done or something unnatural. I am so pleased that I no longer am suffering and have the most beautiful results anyone could ever ask for! Its actually a pretty simple procedure, and in less then two weeks you can be recovered an on your way back to life without horrible fat grafting!! Here is the Dr's number, (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I also wanted to say one more thing, He was my 6th consult, and I almost did not go because I was so discouraged after 5 other doctors already said it was not possible and not to touch my face. They even scared me saying, even if a surgeon says he can dont let him do it, there is too much risk and too many nerves in that area. So I called Dr Lambros' office telling the staff I didnt want to waste the Doctors time because every other dr said it was not possible. And his office staff actually said, you should come in, Dr Lambros specializes in removing fat grafting, and performs it many times each week. So I went in to see him, and my life changed! I feel so beautiful, all thanks to him :) One more note: The swelling was not too bad at all for me. It was only swollen a few days, and then most of the swelling subsided in a week or two. I looked perfectly normal after about a week, and then as the residual swelling goes down, you will begin to see your face normalize and the delicate definition you once had will begin to come back. I noticed every angle of my face improved, and I have normal pretty cheekbones like I had before, with perfect definition of my cheekbones. My whole face looked fat and puffy with the fat grafting, and I am a very very thin girl. So it looked very obvious to me. I never really appreciated my beauty until I got fat grafting. I would look back at pictures and admire the delicate balance of my face that the fat grafting destroyed. Dr Lambros helped me to get back to how I was before surgery as best as possible. And it looks amazing. I look like myself again. "
Transconunctival = from inside the eye; Transcutaneous = cut below lashes and pull down skin; your waterline was exposed due to fat graft pulling down or as an aftermath of transconjunctival surgery?
The waterline was exposed as a result of the fat transfer, not from the transconunctival surgery to remove the lump. (Thanks for the explanation on the terms). I was definitely NOT cut, he worked from inside the lower eyelid.
after researching into FT gone wrong, I noticed something strange...a lot of people were saying that they had had beautiful eyes prior to FT in the wrong hands and that the treatment had ruined them...I came across models and presenters and it seemed there were a disproportionate number of people who had had stunningly beautiful eyes. The thing with large eyes is that they can sometimes not age well, often people with large eyes can end up with slight hollows...stuffing these with fat without respecting the contours does not rejuvenate them and I feel any surgeon who does so just has a pathetic eye and total disregard for esthetics. Prior to my FT I did a lot of research and visited a lot of surgeons...understanding that people with large eyes can be a little gaunt underneath is why i asked to be underfilled. Here's a photo of Audrey Hepburn highlighting how even the most beautiful eyes can have hollows. I feel without a doubt that had she wandered into the clinics of some of the surgeons responsible for the bad FT's on this thread - that they would have stuffed fat into the wrong places http://picsndquotes.com/celebrities/audrey-hepburn-2/
sorry...it's the sixth photo down.
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Yes, I am in.
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Carol11 - did you get my PM?
I am interested also. Am also curious as to the legal situation - were you able to sue? Not sure of the differences in law btwn the US & UK but I would love to sue my surgeon
In the USA, it's very difficult to sue since it's an elective procedure. Unfortunately, we sign our rights away with those releases they have us sign. Plus it's expensive and most of us have blown the wad on having the procedure done in the first place...along with those multiple tries at revisions to fix the mess. I don't know of anyone who has even tried to sue. But I certainly would if I thought I had a chance of winning. Class action suits are tough because we are all from different states & countries. Just a dreadful situation.
I have not sued for several reasons. First and foremost I wanted this fix this. That was more important than anything and no amount of money can compensate for the lost opportunities. Suing would definitely have severed the relationship with the PS who was trying his best to fix it at his cost and we were researching options together - though I did most of the research which annoyed me. With my career at the time ruined, I didn't even think of going to another doctor and pay for services. I was also young and naïve and very optimistic. I also didn't realize cortisone results weren't permanent so I thought I was getting a deal when I would come to add more fat every few weeks in exchange for doing some light work for him etc. I basically took the procedure in my own hands and he did what I said. I made the marks where things should go, I didn't allow any numbing solution injected that could swell the area (only a little numbing cream on the surface), I chose (and ordered) the needle I wanted, and I held a mirror watching him put it in. And it looked really good at one point until the reality of cortisone nonpermanency hit and the original overfill kept growing out. I felt angry that he had claimed to have 20 years of experience when I after one experience knew I would never overfill, probably not even put anything in the middle but only under the natural eye bag area, add more later if needed and I was convinced (and still am) that I would have done it way better just from my one experience if I had been in charge from the start. That alone can cause so much anguish to a human. Someone else's inadequacy not only messing something up for you but messing up YOU!But again, fixing it was my primary focus, everything else was secondary. I also felt that though he made a mistake, he didn't do it on purpose. The fact that he didn't know better was still infuriating at times and we argued over "spilt milk" a lot but my focus was always on the fix and minimal costs. Also this tests the principle of forgiveness like little else. Another huge factor in not suing was that I didn't want anyone to ever find out I did this. I am sure that if it had been done well, I would have been recommending it to everyone. However, I just cannot imagine "coming out" to the normal friends and family around me and saying I look like this because one day I just thought it would be cool to draw some fat out of my butt and inject it under my eyes which we can't get out. My reputation as an intelligent go getter would be over. I cannot imagine the shock on my parents faces and wanted to spare them of that. I hide out during the worse times and as I've said before, tinted glasses with frames that hit the right spots have helped tremendously. This would be unimaginable without them. I've always felt that even with this detour, if we finally get it to look good, it will have been worth the sacrifice but I never thought it would take this long. I also thought this answer would be shorter. There are many reasons not to sue, one important also being that you don't want to scare the potential fixer doctors away from helping you. That said, there are doctors that really really should be sued and exposed everywhere like the one the injected Open all over against her will but not at the expense of narrowing her options of being fixed. Reclaiming her life is more important than ruining his.
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Hi, no sadly I am not suing for compensation at the moment. I accepted a refund from the clinic which they gave as a gesture so I dont think I can. However there are other legal issues I dont want to mention here, not because I dont want to share them with you but because it is a public forum. I posted on another forum telling people to be careful of fat transfer. It was a really well measured, calm post and I didnt list the bulk of the problems or even name the dr but mentioned i might if i felt brave enough to upload photos in the future.Someone who was involved with the website was a contact of my surgeon and contacted to warn him..an exchange followed that given the state I was in already due to results of surgery made me feel sick and intimidated. Ntot many people would feel comfortable with a member of the public contqcting their dr without permision and a conversation following....off the back of a bad ft with vefy noticeable problems, the lack of privacy I felt I had as a result of this exchange and the lack of rights as a himan, almost tipppedcme over the edge and had it nit been for my partner and a decent general dr, I dont think I would be here