Hate my Hollowed Eyes After Blepharoplasty - New York

Went to a well respected top plastic surgeon in...

Went to a well respected top plastic surgeon in new york. Specifically asked md prior to surgery, "will my eye shape change" "will I have a sunken look" and I was told no to both questions. I had some bags under my eyes at the time &thought removing the bag would just give me a more well rested appearance. Well, I hated the results the minute I looked in the mirror after surgery & hate it even more today, five years later. I had beautiful almond shaped eyes, that truly were my best feature on my face. I regret the surgery every day I see my changed face in the mirror. I feel so sad that my beautiful eyes are gone forever. The plastic surgeon made me feel like I was just being overly critical, but I am not. I honestly would do anything to have my eyes back, bags and all. My eyes are now round, when once almond shaped, hollow when once full, now in a downward slant when once slanted upwards....so regretful.

I feel this surgery is just not a surgery that will make anyone more youthful looking or better. By removing fat, that God has placed there for a reason, it can only make one look older and hollow! Today many plastic surgeons are repositioning the fat instead of removing it...oh how I wish one would have suggested that to me.


Hello..how are you? I miss my almond eyes too..and my skin. Nothing is aligned the way it should b. long face aging mouth, 2 revisions on one eye and the other eye is too hollow feel awful
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Not to diminish the devastating outcome so many here have had in any way, but please do realize that it's not an all or nothing situation. Approaches to blepharoplasty are many and varied, and in an ideal world should be tailored to fit the individual anatomical issues and facial/ocular structure. Not all transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat removal is wrong, or necessarily leads to a hollow or sunken appearance. There are many individual cases where conservative fat removal is the proper choice and can yield beautiful results - but the surgeon needs to be skilled in identifying who benefits from that approach and whose anatomical features may put them at risk for hollowness. As with most things, it's not black and white, but a matter of matching the intervention to the specifics of the problem. There are respected oculoplastic surgeons who obtain excellent aesthetic outcomes using varied techniques including fat removal and/or fat repositioning as the individual needs may dictate. For those struggling with a poor aesthetic result, I hope you will one day find a solution or at least resolution. All the best.
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"the surgeon needs to be skilled in identifying who benefits from that approach and whose anatomical features may put them at risk for hollowness." I agree. You have to go to someone who specialties in more then one thing. Too many of them are "one size fits them all" Docs. Of coarse that's going to lead to problems. Another issue is too many of them prefer the invasive ie expensive procedures over the cheaper and safer ones. Fillers now a days can do the same job while giving more natural results.
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