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I've been thinking about doing this forever...

I've been thinking about doing this forever but a few things were making me hold off, mainly the cost and pain experienced by some. However when I saw a Lifebooker deal (340 per area, large or small) I couldn't resist. I decided to have my mid-stomach and one flank done. Sounds a bit weird, I know, but one side is slightly bigger than the other. I also wanted to use it as an experiment. If there's a marked difference, I'll do the other side. The nurse was helpful, answered all my questions. Told me it was highly unlikely I'd experience any pain whatsoever afterwards (which I didn't quite believe based on some of the reviews on here).

She did my stomach first. The sucking was a bit uncomfortable, and a bit painful for the first few minutes, especially round the belly button (the nurse said 7 minutes at the most, I timed it on my phone and she was right). It made me laugh at the sight of my fat being sucked into the machine, I didnt realise there was so much there. For the rest of the procedure I felt nothing, except for a very light dull ache (similar to menstrual cramps, maybe a 3 out of 10 on my pain scale). I watched a movie in the office which was nice. I wasn't particularly cold either (which also suprised me), I couldnt even really feel any cold on my stomach. My flank was even less painful. I live quite close to the office so decided to walk home (which I didnt think would be possible either!). I slept fine and didnt really need the Tylenol I took it as a precaution. The areas a bit swolen and tender, but I had no problem sleeping. Not sure if it will get worse but will keep you updated.

As of now, if I get the results, I'd definately recommend it :)

Starting to get cramps in my stomach, kind of like...

Starting to get cramps in my stomach, kind of like menstrual cramps...its unpleasant, but not unbearable :/ Just booked to get my other flank done (no pain whatsoever from that).

The cramps etc have pretty much gone. I'm going...

The cramps etc have pretty much gone. I'm going for my inner thighs and other flank doing tomorrow :)
Hi cherry pez. Can u give me the docto's office number.. I am considering getting these bra rolls out.
No problem :) Good luck! Also if you dont see one up there, give the office a call, there's a chance they might still honour the deal ;)
thank you so much!xx

Six weeks now...and I can feel a difference in my...

Six weeks now...and I can feel a difference in my stomach. When I squeeze the fat on my stomach it looks smaller. Still get the odd light "bee sting" but its otherwise good. My flank I dont see a difference (I think the photo might exaggerate the improvement a bit because of the jeans I'm wearing).
I really want to know about the result of your inner thighs. Please keep posting. Thank You.
I'd like to know more about your inner thigh experience as it's not FDa cleared for inner thigh and because I had my cool sculpting consultation at the best plastic surgeon's office in Philadelphia yesterday and they said that the machine won't fit on the thigh area and even if it did, inner thigh skin is not as elastic and the potential for saggy skin is really high. They don't even like to do lipo on the inner thigh. So did your surgeon tell you this about cool sculpting on the inner thigh and you decided to take the risk, or did they tell you something else? Also how did the cool sculpting machine fit?
Hi Mel, no nothing was mentioned to me about this. I dont think the reduction would be drastic enough to create saggy skin to be honest.

It does fit the thighs, as long as the fat is "loose enough." They would need to use the smaller applicator though, only a few places have them I think. It fitted fine and there was no pain, before or after. Havent seen any results yet, but I think its still too early to tell.

Went back for a follow-up visit yesterday. I'm...

Went back for a follow-up visit yesterday. I'm happy with the results so far. The best results I think have been on my stomach. I started seeing it after only a couple of weeks. It doesnt show so much in the pictures but when I squeeze my stomach (around my belly button), it honestly feels like 50% of the fat has gone (compared to previously).

My flank I feel has shrunk a little, especially on the top.

I just booked in for a second session on my flank and stomach.

Thighs I don't really feel like there's been much of a difference at all.

Still definately worth it for my stomach alone - all the exercise and dieting, nothing would reduce my stomach fat. Totally worth every dollar :)
Your results look great!
Scweiger Dermatology NYC :)
Hi Claire, no I don't feel like there was much of an improvement in size of my upper inner thighs. Although, the skill feels a bit saggy to be honest, but not much visible improvement. Frustrating. It worked really well on my stomach though, and flank (after 3 attempts!). Still want to go back to get my flank done one last time as its still slightly bigger than the other side..
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