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So, where to start? I've always had a weak chin,...

So, where to start? I've always had a weak chin, not necessarily receeding, but weak. I am a male and have very strong defined facial features so my chin just looked disproportionate in comparison. I decided to have a chin implant done 2 months ago via sub mental approach. The procedure went well. I had no numbness, although the swelling and tightness was more than expected making it hard to eat more than liquids for about a week. Unfortunately, the implant slipped down to where it was sitting under my chin, so a month later I went in for a revision.

The revision went smoothly and recovery was much faster. My surgeon had me wear a wrap to prevent the implant from slipping down again. This time around the implant looked perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I was so happy, but..............the one wing curled up and must have been sitting on a nerve. I had severe pain when smiling or speaking. It had curled up to point I could feel the tip of the wing inside my mouth poking into my gum. So, 12 days later it was back under the knife again.

After the second revision I went home, looked in the mirror, and immediately knew it looked off. It was sitting too low again and looked identical to the first time around. I was obviously furious. I went into my surgeon the next day demanding it come out. He wanted me to wait a week or two and wear the chin wrap again to try to pull it up some. I obliged since the last thing I wanted was another surgery.

2 weeks came and went and I still was not happy. It looked like a big ball protruding downward on my chin, providing minimal horizontal projection. So today I went in to have it removed. All the previous surgeries were done under local with IV sedation. This time just local, so it was weird feeling the tugging and pulling. Removal took like 10 minutes and I was done. I looked in the mirror and it looked like the me I remember.

I know my profile will still suck, but right now I'm fine with that. I feel normal again the tightness and lisp is good, and I feel great. I'm sure it will swell up in the coming days, but I'll deal. I'm a pro at this point. All in all this was probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done, and that's saying a lot for me. Waste of money and all my vacation days dealing with this. The emotional toll was huge, and I'm glad to have this behind me. 2 months, 4 surgeries. An expensive and painful way to learn to love yourself as you are. Maybe its just what my narcissistic, insecure self needed to learn that. Everything happens for a reason, right?

I am worried about sagging skin, weird scarring, ptosis, witches chin etc, but so far things seemed to have shrink down to normal almost immediately. I am pretty young (30) and the implant was only in for 2 months, but it was big (9.5mm projection), so we shall see. I will update with pics in coming days/weeks since its near impossible to find pics after removal so I figure I'll do the community a favor and update as I go through this.

As much as this sucked I have to say my surgeon was great and very understanding. I did not pay another dime for all of the revisions and removal. He wanted me to be happy, and didn't try to bully me into anything.

I'll keep you guys updated on how things progress here now that its out.


I've attached some pics. Ill try to update again in a week. Chin feels squishy from the swelling and empty space, hoping it will heal down soon. Really no pain or tightness though. Very happy so far having it out!

Listened to my concerns, and did everything he could to make me happy. It just didn't work out in the end.

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I have to say you still look great! sorry for all the turmoil&pain&suffering you endured. I have a chin implant &I had a weak chin&nose is prominent. my results were great&no issues. Thank god. I Know you personally like your ps but he may have been the problem to your outcome not the implant. glad you're happy now&good he didn't charge you. congrats to getting it removed.
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Thanks. Glad everything worked out for you! I have no doubt that my PS was largely responsible for the mishaps, but I guess I'm just too forgiving. The issues got resolved and I learned my lesson, so I decided just to move on. I'm sure i could have argued and gotten a partial/full refund, but that's not in my nature. I have to own up and take some responsibility for everything too, rather than just blaming someone else. Im actually happier with my appearance after all of this, as weird and crazy as that sounds. So that's worth $5k, I think, maybe....I don't know.....
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Yeah,i hear you. Good you have moved on and done with it. :) Great attitude. 5k is A lot but you got you back!!!!!!! That's WORTH MORE!
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Did u had any trouble to smile afterward ? Can´t smile, my teeth ain´t showing ! :(
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The only issues I had with smiling were while the implant was in and everything was stuff and tight. No issues after removal.
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How's your chin doing now? I'm getting my implant taken out next month (after having it in for 4 months). I hope it doesn't look disfigured after the abuse I put it through :/ Did you wear a chin strap or tape after the removal?
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I don't have a pic to update right now, but everything healed down perfect. There was some softness at first which concerned me, but it resolved itself. Feels exactly like it did before surgery, no softness or swelling. My chin might be very very slightly fuller/more projected but nothing remotely noticeable. I think I look better than before, or maybe just happy with looking like me again. Oh, and no, I didn't wear any supportive bandages or compression garments afterwards since my doctor insisted it wasn't necessary. Glad its all over with and Im back to normal. I wish you the best.
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That's great! I'm counting down the days until I finally get back to normal too :)
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I am sorry you were not happy with your results and that it caused more harm than good. I would love to see pics once it heals. Thank you for sharing your experience. Best Wishes Bella
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My daughter has the opposite. Her first 2 were too high and now I'm trying to find another surgeon to fix this. She is not so happy about doing this a 3rd time but she will not be happy. Her profile is awful...which she cannot see. So utterly disgusted. Very concerned about risks for a 3rd surgery. only months since first surgery.
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Everybody posts pictures from their bottom lip, down. Would it be possible to post your whole head? You can block out your eyes or something. It's really difficult to tell anything at all from your photos. You look like any other person with a normal chin. If there's something bad to see, it's not showing.
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I'm not sure what you're asking. I got a chin implant, so I'm showing my chin (from the bottom of my nose down). Sorry if the pictures aren't useful for you. All of the originals are deleted from my phone so what you see is what you get. Since I've had it removed, my purpose in posting this review is moreso to report on the healing post removal, not question the aesthetics of my entire face. It is what it is since I don't plan on having any further plastic surgery after this experience.
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I'm surprised the implant was not secured with screws to prevent movement, I'm also surprised you were not given at least a partial refund. Sorry about the bad experience. I still plan to have one done.
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Yes, no idea why screws weren't used. Especially after the first revision. Part of that is on me for allowing the doctor to do two revisions without demanding screws be used to secure it. As far as a refund, I never really brought it up. Sure it would be nice to have $5k back, but it's not going to make or break me. I chose to have a surgery that carries risks, so I have to take some onus when things go wrong. I hope your surgery goes well! Usually ppl look amazing afterwards from what I've seen. Just didn't work out for me. Not trying to discourage anyone.
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Gosh, so sorry for all you had to go through! Writing your review and posting photos is a huge favor for others and we very much appreciate it! Please keep us posted as you continue to heal and get back to normal.
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Thank you. Its been tough but optimistic for the future. Hopefully my story and pics can help somone
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I'm getting mine removed after 2 months. I got small implant and hope everything goes back to normal. It's been a nightmare for me. And big waste of money !
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