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Subperiosteal Midface Lift - New York

I would advise anyone considering this procedure...

I would advise anyone considering this procedure not to have it. The potential for harm is far too great for any tiny, subtle (and unlikely)improvement you might gain in facial contour. In my case, prior to the surgery I had a much better than average face and was only seeking to correct skelatonization of my infraorbital rims due to a poorly done short scar facelift by a young,inexperienced surgeon.

I opted for the midface lift instead of having a permanent filler placed under my eyes because the second surgeon said he lifts the corners of the mouth during this operation which is something fillers cannot do. He also said he could correct the small jowl on one side of my face which was left untouched by the short scar facelift.

Of many ironies, the midface lift not only did not lift the corners of my mouth or correct the jowl but my mouth is now lower and nonfuntional due to permanent nerve damage on both sides and the jowl is worse due to atrophy. I had no nasolabial folds or nasolabial lines before this surgery and, if I did have them, this surgery, which is designed to lessen them, should have helped. Yet the surgery caused not just one but two nasolabial lines on the right side, in part due to synkinesis and uncontrollable muscle contraction, and also a nasolabial fold on the left due to facial droop from nerve damage.

In addition to these problems, I suffered through a one and a half year process of atrophy of the temples and zygoma - which left the most bizarre facial structure you could imagine. Coupled with the strange lumpy peaks the surgeon created just below the outer corners of my eyes (causing contours more like angular masculine cheekbones than rounder, softer female contours)I now have a hexagonally-shaped lower face which looks decades older than it did on the morning of surgery. And, because my cheeks were bunched in an abnormal, much too medial position, I have depressions or canals running up my cheeks diagonally from the corners of my mouth up to and contiguous with the depressions over my zygomas and temples. This contributed to the formation of dreaded j-lines, the facelift stigmata that announce to the world that you had bad plastic surgey.

Also, two years post-surgery I still have considerable discomfort (dysesthia) over the surgical areas. I have other problems too numerous to discuss. All in all, this procedure caused the ruination of a very carefully maintained face.

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I hope I can prevent someone else from suffering this fate. It is most definitely not worth it. Many thumbs down!

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So sorry to hear about the trauma you went through. I was thinking about a mid face lift myself as it sounded like it would correct my issues as I'm 38 and didn't want the full facelift. Do you think the procedure itself is to blame or the surgeon or both? Thank you so much for sharing your experience. How are you now 3 years later?
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thank you for your concern. Three years later, I still wish I had never done it. The swelling is all gone, but there are indentions under the eyes, the scars around my eyes, in my mouth, on the sides of my head all have scar tissue that I constantly feel, my smile is destroyed by a stretch mark line across the top of my lip due to how tight my skin was sewn inside the mouth for the midface lift, my nose has a different profile, and no one has ever once commented on how beautiful eyes are, or how cute I am since I have Asian eyes with the color green they are kind of unique. Now instead of looking naturally beautiful, I look ironically like I've had plastic surgery!, it's not worth the trauma, money, and risk for a subtle, if any, change. I hope this helps in your decision, and that you make the right one for you. All in all, it was not only the doctor or the procedure itself, it was my unwillingness to see the natural beauty that God gave me in the first place. By looking too much at the details and looking in the mirror with vanity, I chose a path the ultimately did not work for me
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I had one a few years ago, at least four years now, and I am still sorry I did it. Although I did not have as many problems as did djr, I still really regret it and paid a lot of money to hate my smile the rest of my life. I wasn't looking for it, but trusted the surgeon when he told me it would make face lift look more natural. He, too, said a side benefit was that the corners of my mouth would be lifted a little and I thought, "That is probably good," even though I wasn't concerned about the corners of my mouth at that point. The result a different looking mouth and area between my nose and my upper lip that I hate because, well, it just isn't mine. I think it looks a little monkey like because it doesn't look like it fits quite right and therefore not like me. Worse, though, is if I smile, it is painfully obvious I had work done, because like djr, the surgeon made it too tight across my upper lip and into my cheek area on each side of my nose, so when I smile, my nostrils pull to each side in a way they never did before, you can see where he made the connections in my face there (on each side of my nostrils) as it pulls and it pulls my upper lip so tight across my upper teeth and gum that there is a distinct ridge running under my nose, across my upper lip, from cheek to cheek! Since then, I've had surgeons tell me they won't even do that procedure because they are risky and have a poor patient satisfaction rate. My smile was my best facial feature but I lost it then and will never get it back. If I could go back, I would agree to nothing but the chin lift I initially went in to ask about it. That's all I really needed, but he talked me into a multiple procedures to the tune of more than $18,000.00 and only the chin lift improved things enough to warrant the procedure (even then, he botched that, too, and left me with a big visible scar under my chin to my throat! At least that faded, though, and I do like the shape underneath my chin better.) Think really hard before you let any surgeon mess with your mid-face and mouth.
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Oh, and the corners of my mouth weren't really lifted in the end either, and in fact, I think looked more like they were turning down at the corners because of the unnatural way the upper lip was lifted and stretched while the corners didn't really move up to match. None of this lasts either, so think about if it is worth the money, pain, and risks to have something done that will last only a few years before the at in your cheeks start disappearing again, which is natural, and the drooping starts again, but you might also be stuck permanently with outcomes you didn't want. The negatives, like an unnatural look or nerve damage will be there to stay while the benefits will fade pretty quickly overall.
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dr-s name?please..please
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And I'm sorry for what you've suffered.
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a couple of other side effects of this surgery that surgeons don't mention are if the upper-brow is not or cannot be lifted as much as the mid-face is, it looks odd because the above the eyes and the nose have shifted down while the middle is brought back up and made rounder. It can make the brow look low and heavy in comparison, and it makes the nose look longer than it did. And if the skin gets pulled to one side more than it was, it can change the profile shape of the nose. Mine was pulled over to the right more than it was naturally, and now in profile I have a distinct drooped hook at the end of my nose. When I pull the skin back to where it was, the profile hook goes away and looks like it used to, so it is obvious the skin being permanently moved changed it.
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would you share photos? same op for me, with terrible results
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Hi jmh -- I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through. Since you're still having post-op problems, please consider posting on the Doctor Q&A Forum for opinions. They may be able to suggest some alternatives to get it fixed.

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