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Like most of you here I have always had big breast...

Like most of you here I have always had big breast. After my last son my breast went to 38ddd and even if I lost some of that pregnancy weight, my breast refused to go down. I have been considering the surgery for a while now but everyone kept telling me that my insurance would never approve me cause I am 5Ft 11 and those mellons suits me perfect.

About a month ago I decided (since it was free) that I should just go to the plastic surgeon just to get his opinion. He took measurements and pictures, was very brief and before I knew it I was out of his office feeling more confused about the visit. His receptionist later called me and told me that I needed a mammogram. I did that the following day, waited for the results and faxed it over to them. One week later which makes it 11/15/2011, I got a call saying that I was approved. WOW! My head was spinning. I was excited and scared at the same time. This is real. Its going to happen. She told me to come in for my pre- testing on 11/23/2011 and my surgery is on the 11/30/2011. NO time to breathe and let this sink in. (sigh) BUT- NO MORE back pain, Rashes and shoulder indents and pain. I do hope I am lucky and get great results.

I am loving realself for giving me the opportunity to read some amazing stories and actually giving me the strength and courage to have the surgery done. Cause it is only after being on this sight that I actually felt this is possible......

I have hip hmo. I only took a referral letter from my PCP. That was it...This is why I'm still in shock....
Hello Loubelle and congratulations on your approval for surgery, If you don't mind me asking who do you have your insurance with and did you have to take something from your PCP to the plastic surgeon as well?

Today ,I'm going to get some surgerical bras. If I...

Today ,I'm going to get some surgerical bras. If I cant find any, I will order themonline from I dont know how I will survive the next couple of days. This is the first time I am going to have surgery. I am already sweating
Congratulations, Loubelle! Wow by Christmas you will be feeling like you have received the best gift! Good luck. I hope everything goes well. Keep us updated!
That bra looks great! It looks similar to the ones I bought and they are very nice!
Can you let us know what bra you settle on...i need to go shopping in the next two weeks!

All I keep thinking of is breast!~ Breast...

All I keep thinking of is breast!~ Breast reduction! In 10days Im going to have my new breast. LOL. All I want for christmas is my two new breast, my two new breast! (ladies I am singing).

One week to go.. I am feeling good about my doctor...

One week to go.. I am feeling good about my doctor cause he was more informative about my surgery now that he knows I am doing it for sure. He answered all of my 1 million questions. But!!! Just as I started feeling confident, here comes the lady on here with infected nipple. I am freaking out ladies. I hope she gets the help and treatment she needs.
Had my pre testing done. My doctor and I went back and forth about my final size cause he said he goes on the body frame. He told me that I need to stay on the larger side. guess I will soon find out.
All the best to each and everyone of u.
My surgery is Dec 1st one day after yours. I had my preop today and he kept reassuring me. Very few people are unhappy after this surgery. He was so positive. Hope we can stay in touch and heal together. Best wishes to you. Dont worry, I'm nervous too!
This week will just fly by!
I had concerns about infection and scarring too. Someone I know got an infection and she didn't scar well. She is still very happy with her results, but it affected my choice in doctors. I just wasn't comfortable with going to her PS. Infection, seperation and scarring is always a possibility, but decided it was worth the risk to me. And my doctor said if the scarring was too bad for me he would always do a scar revision. I was very careful for two weeks prior and for two months after. Antibacterial bath soap, antibacterial hand and dish soap. I kept a box of medical gloves in the house and if I needed help with my dressings or anyone even just wanted to see how the girls were doing, they put the gloves on. I may have been a bit ridiculous with it, but wanted to do everything I could on my part to diminish the possibility of infection.
Another thing I would not keep your wound dressings and supplies in the bathroom. There are all kinds of germs in the bathroom, specifically e coli, and I didn't want to take the chance that a little e coli bug would land on one of my gauze pads (I know a little over dramatic maybe, but why take chances?)

REALSELF! Such a lovely support system! Thank to...

REALSELF! Such a lovely support system! Thank to all of you and have a happy thanks giving! One Love
I wish you sooooo much luck! Everything will be just fine, I just cancelled my surgery because I didn't trust my surgeon, but I know what you mean about feeling scared as well as having boobs on the brain, lol. Just make your "Before surgery to-do list" and you will be fine. Make sure your super hydrated leading up to your surgery (except for the night before) and have lots of healthy meals on hand, here is the healing diet, I've been giving the link to a few women on here who will be having a reduction, it's very important to eat the right foods after surgery, it can speed up your healing process so rapidly!
Good luck on your surgeries ladies!!!!!
I'm scheduled for Dec 2, just a couple days after you! Like you, this is all I'm thinking about-- I've got boobs on the brain! :)

I'm trying to get good nutrition, and doing everything I can to relax and picture things going well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday! Wednesday! OMG! wow! I am nervous...

Wednesday! Wednesday! OMG! wow! I am nervous excited and worried... Should I do it or shouldnt! Thats what going thru my mind. Yes I sure will. Its human nature to worry. All will be well. Oh yes it will..
Good luck, Belle! Will be anxious to hear how you did. Second guessing is pretty normal. Even though I was absolutely positive I wanted to have the surgery, I could have so easily talked myself out of it right up until they knocked me out :-)
So thankful I stayed brave! And you will be too!
lol... I remember walking to the operating room and getting on the table. Even as they affixed monitors to me I thought... "I wonder what would happen if I said I changed my mind right now?" Good luck on Wednesday! :o)
I was thinking the same thing right up until surgery! I allows my self to feel scared but did not give myself the option to back out. Just remember why you chose to do this! You will do great and in just a few days this will all be behind you!! :)

Its a few hours away! I cant believe this is...

Its a few hours away! I cant believe this is happening to me. So soon? Just a few weeks ago I wrote entry on here, asking the docs If they think I am a good candidate for a breast reduction. Now its a few hour away.I got that call from the nurse today! I got to be in the hospital at 6am tomorrow. It feels like a dream. Nervous. Trying to put it all together. I know I wont sleep tonight. Wish me luck ladies and say a prayer for me too. Thanks and will keep u all updated...
Prayers for you! Mine is Thursday and I know how you feel! I have such mixed emotions. Just remember you arent alone. May the lord bless you and guide the hands of the surgeons and medical professionals as they take you through surgery.
Best of luck and sending you positive vibes Loubelle!
Good luck.

As we face this operationn, Gracious father in...

As we face this operationn, Gracious father in christ< We come to you with the fears and misgivings and ask you to put in our hearts the needed courage o facethe day with confidence because of you goodness and protection. You do not slumber nor sleep while I am in a deep sleep, Let this be an assurance to me that I need not worry or be afraid. Relax my nerves , put our mind at ease and graciously forgive us all my sins.
Give the surgeon steady hands and the necessary understanding to do his task with ease and perfection. Give our family the reassurring faith that you are with us< the keeper of our body and the lover of our souls. Calm their troubled spirit during the coming hours of the breast reduction. In your precious hands I put my well- being for time and eternity . This I ask in the name of my lord and saviour Jesus Christs... Amen

I'm alive! Surgery went well. The doctor was very...

I'm alive! Surgery went well. The doctor was very nice. The only thing is I was vomitting quite a bit after I was done. Will write details later. Can't wait to see my new breast
Howvlong did the surgery take?
I love them so much! This photo their look big but they are just right. They are so worth it. Up to going to the surgery room I wanted to change my mind. I am so happy I didn't. Now is meds taking care cause I don't want them getting infected. Love them love them love them. Lol.
Wow!!!! First look, what do you think? How do you feel so far? Looks like a great size and shape to me;)

I checked into the hospital about 6.10 am. Got...

I checked into the hospital about 6.10 am. Got some paperwork done. Was asked alot of questions. The doc came in and marked me up. I started to think what the hell am I doing here? I thought of all the people that has had big breast and never did the surgery. I ask the doctor questions and he answer all of them. They took me over to the surgery room and when I saw all the intruments I asked the doc if it was too late to change my mind. He said no but that I have come a long way and that I should go ahead with it and everything will be fine. He told me they will be putting in an IV and thats the last thing I remember. I woke up 4 and a half hours later in pain and extremely nauseous. I remember feeling like my insides would rip out. Vomitting and nothing to come out. They gave me some meds and I felt a little better along with the morphine I went from a pain scale of 10 to around a 5. Went home all went well. Have the tubes in. I have to still record it. Went to see the doctor yesterday 2 days after the surgery. The breast looks great. But he is leaving the tubes in for the next 3 days. I cant wait for them to be removed. All in all I feel good. I have difficulty sleeping on my back. I didnt take any meds last night. I am feeling all types of pulling and zapings in my breast. I have sensation in the left nipple so far. It was all worth it. Just have to deal with the healing process now.
You look fantastic, Loubelle! Congratulations. So glad you are feeling better and thrilled with your surgery :-)
great story and happy to hear you are doing good! can you describe the "zappings" like are they painful and electric-y or more like pinchy?
No babes! the surgery is all worth it. I had more a bad reaction from the anaesthesia than the breast surgery itself. I had never had a surgery before so they didnt know how I would react to it. I was given anti nausea meds and I am doing much better. We all have fears going under the knife but once you have done it , it will be worth it at the end. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your recovery....

I had my tubes out yesterday.. I feel great . No...

I had my tubes out yesterday.. I feel great . No medication for 2 days now. I have minimal pain. I love my breast so much. I am 6 days post op.
This is true. Your after photo looks great. I have a few lumps that havent gone down yet. Hoping they do & I dont have to have a second surgery.
Mackenzie I am so worried aboutt the scarring too. I guess we just have to keep the area clean . Wash the bras regularly and make sure hands are always clean when touching the new found toys. Thats as much as we can do. I still have tape on them but I am worried about what will happen when that comes off. How will they look and so on. All the best in your healing. I think the worst is over.
I had a breast reduction november 18th. I am 22. 5"1 & 185lbs. They were very deformed by 2 sizes. 1 was a 40 dd & the other a 40 d-c. My insurance covered it. I love them now. They are now even and they are b's. Was expecting a c but I feel so much lighter & can do so much more. Although I am worried about how scaring is going to look. I cant wear the tape due to adhesive reaction & they are still very uncomfortable. I cannot sleep on my stomach yet. It hurts too much, although it says after 2 weeks you can. Oh it is hard on me with my 2 1/2yr old & 8 mo old. My husband has had to help every night.

Today, I am 15 days post op! Everythings going...

Today, I am 15 days post op! Everythings going well. The cuts are healing very well. I Have to start massaging my breast three times daily. They are still hard and tender but I am really getting used to my smaller boobs. Love em.
He is very good. Dont be scared. I wanted to be smaller but he told me he wouldn't take the chance. I am a d cup now and also fit nicely into Victoria secret C cup in some bras. he is very very good. Best decision I've made.
I went for a consultation with Dr. Farris and I was really wondering what size did he make you. He told me same thing . I'm really scared I will end up really small.
Thanks Iowa. I feel great too. I have been massaging them 3 times daily and the hardnest is dissolving gradually. I have my month post op next week. Cant wait as I have a few stitches sticking out.
Dr.Farris, Montefiore Medical Group

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