More asymmetries than before surgery

This would have been worth it if it was done well....

This would have been worth it if it was done well. I just don't have good luck with dr's. I once again feel disfigured by a surgeon and will have to go through this again spending several more thousand dollars. Why aren't you dr's more caring and careful even after we give you our entire savings?

I wanted to go down to a small B from a D-DD and I'm a very large C. My initial concern was to remove several painful cysts but most may still be there. My insurance covered the surgery but I paid a very high deductible.

Both breasts are 2 different sizes to the point where I have to pad one side. They were asymmetrical before but not as obvious. The areola on the right is also larger now. I'm 2 weeks post op in these photos and feeling very defeated and upset knowing I'll most likely have to go through this ordeal all over again not covered by ins and somehow come up with the money.

I can really use some words of encouragement or advice. I have friends who were considering this surgery who are so excited to see me and I can only avoid them or I'll burst into tears if I show them.

Hi Notdolly. I am sorry that you are disappointed with your results. I agree that the breasts look asymmetric, especially the size of the nipple-areolar complex. However, as time progresses, the swelling will go down and the nipple-areolar complex would improve and gradually enlarge with time. It will take at least 3-6 months to see the results. The results of breast reduction surgery typically does not look appealing intially, and then would improve eventually. I have seen several cases of reduction mammoplasty performed by other plastic surgeons that initially did not look aesthetically pleasing, but eventually improved with time. I do not recommend revision surgery at this point since you recently underwent surgery. Just be patient. I hope you feel better.

Emmanuel De La Cruz M.D.
The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon
sorry about your feelings of disappointment...i can totally understand...give it time to heal...I had this done 3 years ago...but i have to say I have never been happier with what mr dr did.....but it takes time to truly see the final results...these pics are jsut way too early post op

I am sorry you are having such a hard time with this....frustrating!

How many weeks post op are you??  Give it about 3 months for the swelling to go down.  They will also drop and take shape as time goes by. 

Right after my reduction my breasts were funny shaped - looked a bit boxy.  As time went on they took shape and ended up in a perfect tear drop shape. 

Why is a guy posting? What empathy can a guy POSSIBLY have to the burden of massive heavy breasts and the limitations it presents in normal activities? This is NOTDOLLY and I'm not any better at 11 months post op. Assymmetries are more obvious even with clothes on. I only lost a half size after all this. No one can even tell any difference. Only positive I have to say is the scars are very faded. Pictures will be posted soon but I'm in search of a surgeon in the NYC area who can do the job correctly and well. I would welcome and appreciate any and all recommedations, thank you!!
Notdolly, any chance of flying to Florida (Miami, specifically)? I think I know the doctor that could make you forget this surgery and his rates are so reasonable they may leave you some money for flight/boarding for 1 night (I believe that's all you need if there are no complications). And it will be worth it to get them to where you're happy.

Please see my posts under "New Boobs This September" my username is CKMIA. I have tons of pictures and details. Please feel free to reach out to me if interested, I will be glad to speak on the phone as well.

Golfguy, I think you meant well and we thank you for your apparent appreciation of breasts, but this is currently a life-changing medical issue until she is happy with her breasts, so please post more thoughtfully or go to Thanks!
Hi NOTDOLLY. I know exactly how you feel. I had a bilateral breast lift with reduction in one breast due to very obvious asymmetry in 2009 in NYC and was not happy at all with my results. I had a complete revision in 2011. The 2nd surgeon's name is Dr. Lloyd B. Gayle and I'm very happy with is work. His office is in NYC as well. He has a great eye for symmetry and beautiful bedside manner, which helps A LOT. I highly recommend him.

I've gotten great referrals from a couple of you...

I've gotten great referrals from a couple of you and I thank you sincerely. I'm posting new photos about 9-10 mo's post op. Same shape, size, disasters. I've lifted my right arm to exhibit the issue though it was not easy, feels like my skin is going to rip so I avoid it most times.
Dr. Belinike seems to be the one to see but I'm very open to more referrals in the NYC vicinity. Thank you all!
First of all let me say I am soo sorry that this happened to you. No one should put their trust in a professional and have something like this happen. I was so scared, especially after reading this,of it happening to me. I finally got to see mine today and was surprised at the results. While one of them is a bit larger than the other it isnt to noticeable. The surgeon I had has only done probably a handful of breast reductions (he specializes in hand surgery) so I was nervous. He only had 3 pics of before and after and said those were the ones that came out decent....He was the only one my insurance would pay to and he was the ONLY one within 100 miles who accepted my insurance so I went ahead with it. I hope that you are suing that DR or at least getting some resolution. I hope things get better.
Hey NotDolly,
I just saw your review of your surgery and your photos and I wanted to express my sympathy... I'm am so sorry you are having to go through all of this... the insurance issues and the fact that the surgeon decided to play doctor on you... I wish there were a way to sue him and get all of your money back that the insurance was charged and also get some pain and sufferance out of him... I feel there aren't enough concequences for surgeons and docs who mess up not just your body but your life... the surgeon should pay... big time.
I hope that you will be able to find a good surgeon who can do a great reconstruction surgery for you... so that you can have the breast you desire and clear up the pain for you so you may return to yoga and just be healthy and happy without the affliction of constant pain.

I'm also sorry that some have remarked that it isn't that bad or have tried to down play what u are gojng through... people have no right to judge and say things like that... they are not in your shoes and do not have to deal with what u are going through... pain whether emotional or physical can only be judged by those experiancing it...
I will definitely be praying for you Hon...
Thanks NLC :) I agree wholeheartedly. There aren't any consequences for these types of people who "play doctor" (exactly what they're doing). I'm optimistic I'll find my happy ending and I deeply appreciate your empathy.

Discomfort from large size.

Discomfort from large size.

I was thinking the same thing ckmia and Abby...I am also a bit relieved the mishap left you with a lot of room for correction...altho having to do this twice is just no good....still got you in prayer...and you will overcome!
Hi, No haven't looked into physical therapy. The pain is isolated in the area under the right breast at the under breast crease scar and it's primarily when I outstretch my arm up. Side bending exercises are out as is swimming motion. It's something to do with the scar and how much of my torso skin was stretched up.
Silver lining that he removed less than you wanted as it looks like there is still plenty to work with. Have you found a doctor you want to see yet?

By the way, I noticed your name change, LOL. Good to have your sense of humor during this odyssey. Was "Mrs. Uhmalmahey" taken?

Nov.3 2011: I went to see Dr. Christina Ahn today....

Nov.3 2011: I went to see Dr. Christina Ahn today. She spent a bit over an hour with me examining and thoroughly discussing my possibilities. Great insight and completely informative, she was great and I believe fully competent. Unfortunately, breast reduction revision provides more challenges and Dr. Abramson had already done damage. Blood flow to the nipple can be compromised in a second surgery. Great. But I'm thankful to have met an honest dr. with ethics and listening and communication skills. She prescribed me a mammo/sonogram before taking the next step. She felt some dense mass that raised concern. Wow, imagine that, a doctor with integrity who exhibits care! Such a rarity.
I am soooo sorry that you have had a bad run with this , wether we get insurance or we have to pay for it our selfs makes no differance . The results should be the same. And if the surgeon can't do the job the he should get a new job . It's sadness me because we all have thought long and hard about getting such a huge op done we do not take it lightly , the is a lot to consider . Time off work , family . It is something that can take over a month to be back to yourself , and that a surgeon would make life more difficult for a women is very sad , I want to say he should be accountable and fix it but you would be terrified to let him touch you again . I wish you all the luck in the world that you find someone that you trust and love . Xxx
just wondering if u decided to go ahead with the surgery and i hope it goes well for u
Abby it says you updated your post but I can't find your update. I'm dying to know how you're doing!

Hi everyone.....Really sorry for being MIA. I've...

Hi everyone.....Really sorry for being MIA. I've been a little apprehensive about updating my review because last I had posted I was overjoyed and couldn't have given a more glowing report of my revision. I don't feel the same as I did back in March/April. At this point of being 9 months post op, I'm pretty disappointed. Dr. Ahn is really great however A) she didn't remove enough tissue. I'm only maybe 20% smaller. I brought in several pictures to illustrate exactly what size I wanted. She convinced me that 80 grams would be enough. I later learn 80 grams is nothing. She proceeded to say that for my height and build, the size is right and that I don't want to be flat. Of course I don't want to be flat but there's a lot of sizes in between now and flat. B) My left breast is so oddly shaped, just like before, no different. My left nipple looks like it has an overbite and the bottom hangs like a double chin. The right breast is better but areola is still huge. The only positive is that the nipples are in the same line, one is not higher than the other. I have another follow up appt with her this week and I'm nervous about what to say. She's so sweet and nice, it makes it very difficult. I think she's probably terrific for primary surgeries, I'm not sure about revisions. I had a pretty shape originally and now I don't. Really not sure what to do. Have her revise it again? If she couldn't make a better shape out of that left breast, can she do it the second time? Spend several more thousands of dollars for a third surgery with someone else? This is so not what I bargained for when I chose to do this. By the time I'm done I could have bought a really nice house with all this money going down the drain. Sorry. I wish I had a better report. It was too soon for me to rave and rave as I had. My scars don't look so great but that's just the way I heal. The scars are pretty thick but I don't even care about the scars, never have. I really don't mind scars if they both looked the same and were pretty.

Thanks Fantasia. I'm 9 months post op. I feel nothing's going to change at this point with size or shape. I really don't think I'm still swollen. WIth pms I swell a bit but then it goes back to the same reg size I've become. I'm going to write stuff down, good idea, thanks. I always feel like I know what to say and then I freeze up and don't remember a thing once I'm there! Gives me such anxiety.
Welcome to the club! You MUST go in with a list because then the PS knows you are not leaving w/o answer. I agree - at 9 mos. p.o. - swelling over.I'm too old for PMS, but that would only account for minor swelling. Good luck & stay strong!
Wow Fantasia, you were totally right! I met with Dr. Ahn with a list today and she was so nice about it and said she'll do what she can do make me happier. Some things can't be controlled like healing since everyone heals differently and who knows what scar tissue will do. She tried advising against going smaller because I have such a wide base (my breasts do) that it can look like discs rather than project outward. She said the areolas can flatten. She basically ran down a list of risks. Not sure it's any different than typical protocol but I was pretty adamant that I can risk these things for a smaller size if the only other option is to settle with what I got to avoid those risks. I'm too far invested in so many ways. I absolutely hate having to do this again and being handicapped for 2 months. My lifestyle and line of work is pretty physically active. Such a bummer.
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Updated on 12 Oct 2011:Poor surgery. One breast is a full cup bigger than the other and one nipple is double the size of the other and furthermore, I'm not even much smaller in size. Awful experience.

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