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Hey I"m a 29 year old woman who's...

Hey I"m a 29 year old woman who's struggled with having big breast my whole life, I went from tank tops to a B cup in 6th grade straight to a 34dd. Did I mention I'm 4'11". Over the years I gained weight and my breast had gotten up to about a 36E. I've since lost weight and I'm about a 34 ddd. I've gone back and forth with wether or not to get a reduction and I've finally gotten the nerve to go through with it. Over the past 10 years I've gone to about 8 PS some of which I like others not so much. I've done physical therapy, orthopedist, anti inflammatory med's. You name it I tried it. I have Aetna POS, and I heard they can be tough but I have a PS who is a bulldog and fights for her patients that NEED BR for medical reasons. So today 3/28/12 the PS submitted a slew of medical records, ortho notes, PT notes, mamo gram from 2 years ago b/c I have extremely dense breast and a letter from my primary care doctor. So here's to a smaller cup size and a larger than life confidence boost. Hoping to hear for the INS company with GOOD news soon, Chao"""

Good Evening ladies, so I got THE call from my PS...

Good Evening ladies, so I got THE call from my PS office and I was WAIT FOR IT WAAAAAAAIT FOOOOOR IT!!! Approved by Aetna for my BR. I Can't begin to tell you guys how excited and NERVOUS I am....
I can't Believe how quickly they responded, with a approval no less. So now here's my deliemma I have tons of vacations, weddings, and other social obligations this summer. The only time I can have the procedure done is next week no later than 4/18/12. My Vacations start 5/17/12 and continue from there.

Ladies if you've had your reductions do you think a months is sufficient enough time heal somewhat and still enjoy my summer with smaller Perkier and less painful breast?

Please help, any advice I'm an open vessel, with a lack of knowledge when it comes to BR


Hi ladies, so after 10 years of going back and...

Hi ladies, so after 10 years of going back and forth mentally and suffering with shoulder, neck and back pain and being told by SEVERAL PS that my ins will NOT cover my BR. My PS submitted my paper work 3/28 I recieved my approval 4/9 and I'm getting my BR done NEXT Friday eeeeeep!!!! I'm excited, anxious nervous and Ready to get this show on the road. My pre-op appointment is Monday. I plan on having a fun filled weekend and get all the parting out my system until I after I have recovered.

Any advice you have I'm sooo open to receiving so please share... Bra's, foods that help with swelling, clothing and anything you did to help keep your sanity post op.

Smaller Boobies are on the way :-)

So in still excited but I have a few questions...

So in still excited but I have a few questions they may seem silly but just checked my menstral calendar and I'm set to begin my new cycle the day I'm scheduled for surgery!!!! I hope this month it doesn't decide to make my breast Extremly massive and super sensitive. Any one have a BR done during their cycle?

Freaking out I recieved my pre-surgical package...

Freaking out I recieved my pre-surgical package and it's scary reading everything. The informed consent page freaks me OUT!!!!! The bleeding, irregularities, infection, skin death. The unsatisfactory results scare me the most. Although this is being done for pain reduction I would still like to or rather LOVE to look at my body and enjoy what I see. In the consent for it says u may be disappointed with breast shape symmetry, nipple location, unanticipated shape and size...

Did your consent for state all of these thing? I know they have to cover themselves since we as humans strive for perfection when it comes to paying for what God didn't give us. Sigh I guess I'm just scared words of encouragement are welcomed. I don't want to back out I don't want to feel like a chicken but I am sooooo freaked out right now. Real Self ladies please help ease my nerves :-(

So I'm done (temporarily) freaking out ask Iowa71...

So I'm done (temporarily) freaking out ask Iowa71 said its completely noel to freak out. I'm going to put my trust in my PS and in God that all will workout just fine. I'm thinking of all the questions I have to ask her, all the items I need to purchase. My survival package and boobie proofing my house ie taking the microwave off the high shelf and putting it on the counter moving everything I need from high locations to more reachable places. At this point I'm just rambling. I am so happy I found real self this place is helping me through one of the biggest decisions I've faced EVER in my life!

Ok im done ranting Good Nite

So today I put on my big girl panties and decided...

So today I put on my big girl panties and decided to share a pic or 2 of what my breast look like now. I've lost about 35 lbs so my breast have gone down a little bit but a 34ddd is still too much for my 4'11" frame. I guess posting nd having some pictures helps me remember WHY I am getting it done and have wanted it for so long... Off to buy some pre-surgery necessities.

BTW my INS is covering 95% of my hospital stay and anesthesia my doctor is out of network and aetna will only pay 70% so 30% would fall on me. However my PS is going to accept what they pay and only thing out of pocket will be my 600.00 deductible. I'm all smiles

Hey ladies, do I did my pre-op appointment...

Hey ladies, do I did my pre-op appointment yesterday which was ok sat with the office manager/nurse/MA and went over all of my instructions. She answered my questions and made me feel at ease. I still wanted to see other pictures of BR that the doctor has done. They didn't have many pics but the receptionist was so kind to offer me her breast as a live pair to see up close. She took me In the room and pulle up her shirt whipping out her breat to show me. The receptionist is a Older white woman about 50 plus years old. She wanted to be brought down to a B cup. I can't say her breast were beautiful, they were breast. Nothing fancy or awestrikingly beautiful. She had minimal scaring and had all functionality of her nipples. It was nice to see them in person, I will be brining pictures on Friday to show my PS what I want to look like.

Oh I forgot, all of a sudden I have allergies...

Oh I forgot, all of a sudden I have allergies (well atleast I hope) if not I'm getting a d@$m cold. I hope nothing serious because come Friday I need to be in the operating room!!!

2 days!!! Hi ladies couldn't sleep at all last...

2 days!!! Hi ladies couldn't sleep at all last night all I dre about are breasts... My breast your breasts any breasts possible I've dreamt them. I have 2 days to go before my surgery today is my last day of work for 6 weeks as I have to BR cleared to lift 20 lbs minimum in order to return. So guess what I'm going to milk this time to heal my body and rejuvenate my mind. My PS gave me a prescription for antibiotics which I take today and tomorrow and 3 days post surgery. I have south to do in such little time!!! I have to Buy pillows, gauze, zip up tops, vitamin E, Tylenol extra strength, groceries, am i missing anything???! Im also going to braid my hair so I don't worry about combing it.

Tonight I will be celebrating my last days as a BIG BIG BOOB BABE, hopefully just become a happy perky appropriate sized breast woman with minimal pain and discomfort.

Hope y'all are having a great day good luck n blessing to all having their surgery this week. Can't wait to see and hear about your journey!!!

Hey ladies, I'm laying here thinking tomorrow I'll...

Hey ladies, I'm laying here thinking tomorrow I'll be in surgery tomorrow at this time. I'm freaking out on the inside, might be in a bit of denial because I'm laying here with 1,000,000 things to do but has not gotten out of my bed yet... Oh it's after 11am. I guess I'll get up in about 20 mins. Less than a day to go

Today is the day, hey ladies this journey has been...

Today is the day, hey ladies this journey has been both long and short. Long because I've wanted this for about 10-11 years and short because within 3 weeks I went from thinking about finally getting my BR and today I'm getting it done. I have to be at the hospital by 6:30 am. It's 1am and I'm doing laundry, cleaning and watchin tv all because I know I won't be able to sleep if if get in the bed so I'll tire myself out with domestic chores. All I ask is for you ladies to send me your well wishes words of encouragement and reassurance that I'm making the right decision for ME. Good luck to everyone getting their reductions tomorrow.

Hugs n Kisses

Hi ladies I made it. Home relaxing the worst part...

Hi ladies I made it. Home relaxing the worst part offi far was the nausea... I'm better since my doctor called in some Zofran, I just haven't been able to eat I've had 3 crackers and that's it. I am definitely smaller ill be able to shower tomorrow I'll post pics then. Hope everyone who had surgery is doing well. Back to sleep I go.

1 day post op and I'm a lil tired but I feel...

1 day post op and I'm a lil tired but I feel surprisingly good. My doctor said I could shower today but I'm afraid to look at them. At some point today I'll look at them just a little nervous once I look at them I'll take some pics.

Hi ladies day 1 post op tired and sore my ribs...

Hi ladies day 1 post op tired and sore my ribs hurt like crazy. My doctor told me I could shower today but I'm not sure I want to. I'm afraid to take the bandages off, sobim just laying in bed sleeping on and off.

Day 3 post surgery, I feel really good...

Day 3 post surgery, I feel really good surprisingly no real pain, a little tired but that's as far as I can go in the complaint department. I took my first shower and boy did I almost pass out from the sight of the blood, and stitches I didnt expect to see what I saw and almost couldn't take it. So on day 3 I took another shower and it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I was able to shower look at them and actually snap a pic or two. I'll upload them a little later. My boobies are so tiny and perky. I'm a little worried about what looks to be a pucker underneath the mammary fold where the stitches meet each other. I have my post op tomorrow I'll be sure to ask my PS tomorrow to see what she has to say about it. All in all the experience so far isn't as bad as I thought.

I'll upload pics later today, hope everyone else is doing well.

Hi ladies went to my post OP my doctor is so...

Hi ladies went to my post OP my doctor is so sweet, when ever i see her she makes Me feel as though Iade the right choice. All she kept saying was "you are such a small thing with these massive boobs". She told me she took about 400 CC's from each breast. Which shocked me because every PS said I am not big enough for that size reduction and still have enough breast tissue left to be comfortable with. She said she thinks I'll be a 34 C small D which is fine with me. Said everything looks good just urges me to take it easy even though I feel pretty good. I'm exhausted but happy thus far. I'll take more pics idk why they keep turning sideways when I upload them, I promise I'm computer literate but Apple computers are different monsters. I'll try again today?

Doing toooo much hey ladies 6 days post op and...

Doing toooo much hey ladies 6 days post op and today I thought hmmm I feel good let me sweep my backyard leaves piled up, get rid of books and clean house. Weeeeelll guess what I. Feeling it now! My boobs are feeling sore and just plain ole achy. So word of advice from a hardheaded lady TAKE IT EASY, as good as Ur feeling your body isn't ready to heal just yet!!!!

Full Week down, Hey ladies today marks 1 full...

Full Week down,
Hey ladies today marks 1 full week post surgery, i must say i am feeling great and honestly can say this maybe one of the best things I have done for myself. Today I took it a little easier mainly because I did waaaaay to much. I changed my gauze and the left breast seems to be leaking a little bit more than the right breast.

My biggest concern is the puckering that is happening under the mammary fold, where the stitches meet the fold. Ladies take a look and let me know if any of you have experienced something similar and how long it took to go AWAY!!!

Hi ladies, so today I noticed my left breast was...

Hi ladies, so today I noticed my left breast was leaking a lot ,ore than it had in the past. Called my doctor she asked me to see a pic via text message "it doesn't concern me but il going to start you on an antibiotic and I want you to TAKE IT EASY". So I'm on bedrest because if I'm up I'll do something. It's hard not to resume your life when you don't feel pain. I have to remember this is a marathon and not a race. So I'm laying in bed and going to simply relax. Hope all the rest of u are healing with no issues!!!

Hey ladies so I went for my 2 week post OP visit...

Hey ladies so I went for my 2 week post OP visit and the doctor said "your still doing way too much you have excessive swelling in both of your breasts" so i developed a Seroma in both breasts (excessive serum fluid) she cut 2 of the sutures at the mammary fold and release tons of fluid (yuck) she also started me on leviquin prophylactic measure. I have to go back tomorrow to make sure i have released the fluid from my breast.

I am hoping the puckering in my left breast begins to even out and look less freaky. Overall i am happy with the results minus the minor aesthetic short comings.

I'll post more tomorrow after my second appointment.

Seroma seroma serrrrrrrooooooomaaaaa, so it's been...

Seroma seroma serrrrrrrooooooomaaaaa, so it's been 12 1/2 weeks since my surgery I developed a seroma In both breasts (dr. Said I've been doing too much) she opened a few sutures and the left beast has given me virtually no problems I was instructed to squeeze the fluid from my breast during the shower *kinda weird it's like squeezing a water ballon* however the right breast is troublesome the sutures she opens close up within a few hours so the fluid can't be let out. Today my doctor put a drain back in the right breast to get it all out, I was also instructed to take an antibiotic... So back to my couch to watch tv and RELAX. My next Appointment is Friday hopefully this problem will be solved by then!!! Hope u all are doing well.

Tomorrow will make 3 weeks!!!!!! Soo it's 3:15 am...

Tomorrow will make 3 weeks!!!!!! Soo it's 3:15 am and I'm wide awake one of the most frustrating things post surgery has been this D@mn insomnia!!! I have a follow up appointment tomorrow hopefully the drain will be removed and this stinking fluid has been drained fully! Have any of you experienced any insomnia if so what did you do to combat it!? I really want to take a sleeping aid but its way too late for that now. Any tips to keep my sanity!!! Will post pics tomorrow
Dr Charlotte Rhee

I haven't had the surgery eat so beside manner And after care will have to wait.

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Just curious to know how you are doing now?? Been a while since you posted and anxious to see closer shots of your healing and recovery info!! Thanks.
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I did have a little trouble but it was mostly because all I was doing was lying around the house dozing throughout the day. I had to make myself stay awake and get up and move through the day so that I could expend a bit of energy. Good luck getting some sleep tonight!
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I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I hope the drain helps everything start healing quickly from this point! ((Hugs))
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I am sorry you are having this problem with the fluid..frustrating!

Well do rest and take it east until this clears up.  

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Your photos look great DDs! But please do be careful and give yourself the time your body needs to heal. I promise it will be worth the time in the end!
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Thanks Iowa, I've been taking it ever since then, I'm on my way to the dr now will update. Ur a gem
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Good idea to chill out a bit Double DD's, I tried to skip out on some of my meds and paid for it this morning, I am 4 days post op! It's really been a blur, I feel like I just had surgery yesterday, time is surely flying post op as much as it was pre op! Continue to get your rest and definitely allow your body to properly heal. No pain is great, but gotta take it easy BR sister! I pray the best for your recovery! Keep us posted Hun! Get better!
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Hello, I am currenty 4 weeks P.O and I also noticed my skin Puckering and my Ps told me that I had to apply pressure to the area to avoid it developing into a "dog ear". What I have been doing is applying surgical tape on the area that is puckered and I massage it daily. It has been 1 week since I have started doing this and the puckered skin is almost invisible.
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Hi Darkandlovely, I have noticed the puckering has begun to dissipate. I had been applying the surgical tape tightly in that area (without knowing the benefits of it) I will talk to my PS tomorrow at my 2 week post op. ur pics lOok awesome. Thank you for the advice!!!!
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More than likely it will smooth out. When do you go back to the doctor? Make sure and ask about it then and ask what your options are if it doesn't go away. If it is just excess skin your PS may simply excise it right there in the office, but it will probably have to wait until you are at least 6 months. Good luck!
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Kate30, Mrs. Thomas, and Iowa71, thank you for your feedback I'm truly hoping that they will fall and fill out I know a few peoPle have had to have the skin excised. I know it's not major or a really big deal I'd just rather not have to go thru that. I'm trying to take it easy B/c I'm a natural busy bee hoping the healing process speeds up! Can't wait till these bad boys look like real boobs
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You look great!! That puckering goes away, and from what I understand its due to the internal stitches pulling on the skin. Once they dissolve it'll even out - I have the same thing on the lower incision. No worries and happy healing!
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Hey DD's I have a small amount of puckering as well not as noticeable as yours but I think as our breast drop and soften some it will not be so bad I'm a month out and I am just softening up. Good luck you look great!
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Be careful! You have gone through too much to take any chances now. I know it is so hard to just sit with your feet up, but you must give yourself time to heal properly. Take care of yourself!
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DD's - wow, congrats on the fast approval and also having the surgery so quickly! You look great and you're so lucky that you received that approval, I hope mine goes as quickly. Take care and get lots of rest.
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Hope the post-op went well! Your doctor is probably pretty proud of the work he did on you!
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Hey Iowa, post op went gr8 my doctor is a gem. She is so excited about my new body! "now people will see your beautiful face and then look at your hot body" she said she didn't understand why all of the PS I went to said I wouldn't qualify for INS. I met weight and she took out 400 CC's and could have gone smaller if I wanted to, Some PS are in the business of making $ not making patients lives easier if they are really in need of a medically necessary BR.
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Congratulations, DD! You look great. Glad you are doing so well! Those puckers should smooth out as your breasts soften and settle!
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Thank you Iowa, I hope your right about them smoothing out I'm still shocked at how GOOD I feel. Just tired but other than that I'm doing well. Ill check in tomorrow after my post op
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Glad everything went well, you get some rest and happy recovery to you! Blessings!
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Yay! Glad you're doing so well! Wish I was as speedy recovery wise. Can't wait to see pics!
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Hope the first peek goes well! It can be a little shocking at first, but just look past the stitches and bruises. It will all settle down over the next few weeks and you will be amazed at the process they go through and come out looking like real boobs!
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Wishing you a speedy recovery
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Hope you are doing well, DD! Positive vibes are heading your way!
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Good luck girl! I'm having mine today also. Nervous!!!!!!
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