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I am small frame and had AA breasts. At 20yo I...

I am small frame and had AA breasts. At 20yo I felt the need to increase my breast size to feel "normal". I got 360cc saline implants (about a small C cup) on top of the muscle. I went to a very reputable surgen and was very happy with the results. However, as the years went on my breast slowly became asymmetrical and now I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror.

The things nobody tells you are that:

1) you will have trouble breastfeeding (even though they say you will be fine!). The difficulty is that the breast becomes tight around the implant so that your infant cannot pull the nipple back into their mouth enough to properly latch on. For me it was also terribly painful when my milk came in because of the tightness. Additionally the hormones of pregnancy will seriously and permanently change the placement and appearance of your breast inplants.

2) breast plants are not forever. They will be "covered" under the warrenty plan if one ruptures, but you can't just get one surgery for the rest of your life. They WILL eventually rupture,it's just a matter of time.

3) they will not look good for half the time you own them. This is the saddest part. Because they change as you age (and develop strange purple varicose veins, I might add), you will be disatisfied with your appearance in a matter of a few years after getting them. This means additional surgeries that you can't afford.

4) if you go with saline (and you should because of the devastating health consequences of silicone if an implant breaks), they are hard as rocks, don't bounce and not as errotic as you might imagine. Mine looked good, but I always felt embarrassed when my romantic partner tried to caress them. The sensation in your nipples is also damaged from the nerve loss associated with the surgery(this is for all implants, saline or silicone).

5) with each surgery you have to go larger and larger to fix the sagging that eventually incurs from the previous implant. Further, there is often damage to the breast tissue and the "breast pocket" from the prior implants, so really they may never look right again after they begin to fail.

I have missed my double A's for years. I plan to have my implants removed and possibly have a lift. I wish I had the confidence that I have now years ago. Love yourselves ladies. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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Good information for anyone.
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Oh toodles, you pretty much sum up my experience with implants as well. I'm planning an explant for the spring. Xoxo
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This is recommended reading for women who want implants. Pretty much all of it happened to me. I had implants for almost 25 years and had 5 surgeries (including my implant removal surgery). If it happened to me it just might happen to one of you. Do your research, know all about implants and size and be armed with information before your pre-op visit. Make good decisions!
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Just want to point out that the new FDA approved silicone implants are very safe; there is very little evidence to argue that the new style silicone implants are any more dangerous than saline. Having said that, I'm sorry to hear that you want yours out. I am sure you will feel much better when it's all taken care of :)
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Well,they look perky, but very hard. Is this a case of capsular contraction?
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Hi Toodles,
I am wondering if maybe you had some form of capsular contracture or something irregular?
I ask this because I had a friend who had a BA and has been able to breast feed 2 children just fine. She is actually breast feeding her second one currently.
You mention a couple of things that makes me wonder if something is wrong.
1) they changed over time becoming assymetrical
2) breast tight around inplant
3) hard as rocks, dont bounce....
and the other stuff I am not sure if they happened to you.
Have you discussed this with your PS?
I am sorry that you have had a hard time with yours, and I do appreciate you sharing your story with us. These are always things anyone about to get a BA should be aware of that could happen.
Are you getting them removed then?
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Its time for you to replace them
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Thank you for posting your experience here on RealSelf. While Baystater is right that everyone is different, we really appreciate your take on the breast implant experience. Silicone implants have, indeed, been approved by the FDA. We have quite a lot of women on the site who blame silicone implants for their health problems, though. 

You might want to check out RealSelf's Breast Implant Removal community. We have a supportive group of ladies over there who've been through similar things you have.

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I am sorry that you did not like your implants...they are certainly NOT for everyone. However, I know many people personally who have not had the problems you indicated. I do not have them but hopefully this Spring. My mother had Silicone implants in 1972...she is 78 right now and has never had a problem or an additionally surgery. I do know that additional surgeries are not uncommon. Also, I think that someone has misguided you on silicone implants. They are very safe. Did you know that artifical heart valves and joints are made of silicone? silicone is used for many different consumer products (such as lubricants, adhesives, waterproof coatings, cleansers, antiperspirants, suntan lotions, makeup, hair care products, processed foods, chewing gum, baby bottle nipples and pacifiers, and more.)

In addition, medical-grade silicones are used in numerous medical devices approved by the FDA, including cardiac valves, IV tubing, finger joint prostheses, contact lenses, syringes/needles, and many other products
Once again, soooo sorry you are so disatisfied but I think that telling folks that the "will not look good for half the time you own them" when there are many who love the WHOLE time they have them.
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