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I am 27 y/o had 325cc b/l silicone mentor gel...

I am 27 y/o had 325cc b/l silicone mentor gel placed in. There are pictures of me with them in my other posting. I removed them because I had constant right chest pain and increases with activity. Now I am pain free. I am happy they are out after making a careful decision. I just have to say money well spent for me. I know how it feels now to have big boobs and how It feels to appreciate my smaller boobs.


I only had them in for less than a year. I was a 34 a/b and with the implants I was a 34C/D. I wish you luck when you get your procedure done on monday. If you think you really need a lift maybe you should save the money when your actually ready. It would be silly to go under anesthesia. Also how long have you had them in and what size are you and how old? all these things are factors on the outcome when removing breast implant. Also, have you had any revisions or placements? any complications?
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hi boobies! how many yrs did you have your implants in? and what size were you with the implants in? you look great! its hard to imagine that you had implants in! please tell me more about your boobs before and after and after again, cause i'm having mine out monday, and I'm a bit scared.. I know I wanna do it, I cant afford a lift..but if i have the same luck as you, i dont even need a lift!
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hey boobies128! i saw your pics with the implants in let me just say girl you are blessed your skin is amazing beautiful and then some! do you use a magic potion for your skin whats the secret?!
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So I just wanted to let you guys know that for...

so I just wanted to let you guys know that for what it is worth the boob job was worth it but it was a slightly too big for me. My breast looks the same except now I have a scar. I don't know if I plan on getting implants in after i have children or a few years down the line. I didn't exchange them for smaller ones because I wasn't sure if I really wanted them in 10 years to go back under the knife to change them. I just figured that I will know when i'm 35 and dont really care where my money is spent. Anyway, my next thing is a brazilian butt lift. hopefully having a big ass wont be a problem.


hey you look great! how did they do your anesthesia? My doctor wants to do local, he wants to give me and valium and numb the spot.. have you heard of that? How did you get yours out? Thanks!!
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Yes, I have but I went under general instead because I didn't want to feel the possible chance of discomfort. I will post a picture some time this week.

So this is many months post op removal.

So this is many months post op removal.


I do not understand why most women say they feel huge, they feel pain etc with breast implants. Why do they go with unders and not overs? I have overs, no problems, no pain, feels very natural, except for my left one of course that was operated on big time. I do not feel fake at all because they are small in size, what I used to have in my youth. I was depressed for 11 years having no breast after breastfeeding. I feel very confident now. We all do unnatural things to look younger and better. There is nothing wrong with that. Why do we dye our hair, shave, do other plastic cosmetic surgeries, even a breast lift? If you want to be natural, then do not even do the lift, let them hung. I am sorry for being harsh, this is what I feel. Each one has the right to do whatever. If you gain 40 pounds after breast augmentation, of course you are going to feel huge, even without the implants. If you explant though without any natural breast tissue, not having gained weight, the result will be sad, I am sorry. So, it depends on the circumstances and the individual. Good luck to all of you whatever you decide for yourself.
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Hi vannatoo, you are right that each woman can do whatever with their bodies. The women in this community, for the most part, don't like the implants for various reasons. It is great that you like yours and have not had problems, but that doesn't mean that others don't "feel huge" or "feel pain" whether they have unders or overs. Implants are not for everyone.
Well, I eventually followed up post op and was told my MRI results and my right breast had capsular contracture whic probably caused a lot of discomfort and pain.
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