Just Had my Sub Pectoral Silicone Implants Removed - Upstate NY

Well after nine years of my implants, I decided...

Well after nine years of my implants, I decided they needed to come out. I must admit I had been thinking it for some time. I developed a contracture to the left breast. Once I made the decision to have them out I couldn't have the procedure quick enough.

I am in significant pain right now and have drains. I'm supposed to go back to work in two days but the degree of pain right now is so bad. I wonder how so many of you have posted that it did 't hurt. I also am really scared with how I am going to look. I was a full 34 a / small b prior to the implants. The surgery put me to a 34 c. Three children later all who were breast fed and before removal I was a 36D. I'm really nervous and really sore. I hope this gets better soon....

March , 25 th Well the pain is a little less. I...

March , 25 th
Well the pain is a little less. I think the drainage tubes are responsible for a great deal of the discomfort. I'm a bit nervous though because my right breast is much smaller than the left breast at this time. I am hoping that they both fill out a little. I think I will feel more human once the drains come out. I am somewhat sad though.... Not for the loss of the silicone but the size discrepancy to me is bothersome...I expected them to be the size of my left breast or maybe a bit bigger. I feel like my right is almost an entire cup size less. I know only time will tell but I'm nervous....

Today the drains came out. Hopefully I will not...

Today the drains came out. Hopefully I will not get a Seroma . I have to work this week and wish that were not the case. Hopefully this week will fly by. I see my ps again next Monday. I must say he has been great.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time with recovery and, psychologically, with the sizes. Do give it some time because your breasts will often "fluff" a bit.

Coming from someone who deals with asymmetry of a full cup size since breastfeeding, I can tell you that it's not my ideal, but it is what it is. I wear some sort of cutlet or pad in the right side of my bra and try not to think about it.

You might want to check out this forum post about how to boost the girls now that there is less of them.

Keep us posted and I hope you're really happy in a few more weeks.


Good day today. While still hurting its getting...

Good day today. While still hurting its getting better. Four day post op picture posted. I'm okay with how they look as they continue to heal. Some people I talk with are shocked that I removed them. One common question is, how does your husband feel? Well, hopefully he feels okay but I did this for me ... My health....and for my daughter whose six.
I have three children six and under so I understand! Work was rough near the end today but at least I made it almost the entire shift. How are you? I'm glad you're not in pain. Mine is less each day though still quite uncomfortable as the day progresses. I hope you continue to do well! I'm so glad the surgery is behind us!
Hi Gypsy90. I did get pain medicine and to be honest went through it relatively quickly. I'm going to get more today. I take pain medicine a few nights a week for my lower back pain...so unfortunately I'm a little used to it....that being said one of the reasons I had the breast implants out was I had the back pain. I am not sure if it is the distracting pain or just because I've been taking the medicine but...my back is less sore since the surgery.

As for the chest, while each day is a bit better I'm still hurting. I did have my drains out yesterday but I tried to work and had to leave. I was able to get someone to pick up today's shift. I hope I can off load a couple more.

The size factor of the difference between the two isn't surprising, though I will continue to hope for lots of fluff. I am glad I had the surgery. It's funny looking in the mirror because I see "me" again....with a few extra pounds donated from each of my three children.

I'm looking forward to down the road when I am completely healed. Thanks!

Good look on your recovery as well. Yesterday was my first day back at work and I have two small children, it was a hard day, but thankfully I'm not in pain. Keep me posted on your recovery.

Well, today was my husbands real first day seeing...

Well, today was my husbands real first day seeing the girls in person. He told me that he thinks they fit my body much better. I personally look in the mirror and see me again. The pain is a little less each day though definitely uncomfortable by the end of work. I am definitely so glad to have had the surgery!!
I reckon because he removed both capsules it probably entailed quite a bit of work which is why you are extra tender. I had a partial capsule removal on the left side where the implant had ruptured and that's the side that was more painful, I developed a seroma, that boob was bigger than the other because of the fluid retention and ended up walking around with drains for two weeks. All is great now so you must give it time, rest when you can, give yourself at least 3 months to feel human again as well as feel as if both breasts feel the same. Take care of yourself and take one day at a time. You will be just fine xxx
really good to read your last update :-) x
That is exactly how they will be taking mine out, through the nipple which is how they put them in. I will have drains also. Were your implants under the muscle? How are you feeling today? Is the pain less?
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