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I am 48 and had saline implants placed in 2000...

I am 48 and had saline implants placed in 2000 when I found myself with NO breasts after nursing my children. They have never looked natural, and I find myself trying to hide them and embarrassed by them. I have finally made the decision to do this. Cant live with these implants any longer. Too fake and unnatural. Will have 250 ml saline implants removed followed by fat transfer. Hoping simply to have any amount of breast tissue and no larger than a B cup. Irrational fear of possible complications such as a fat embolism and dying to simply have boobs! I will be doing this on my own as it is something I am not comfortable sharing with those I know. The surgeon thinks she will transfer about 300 ml to each breast. I am hoping to be able to conceal the swelling so that I can return to work in 5 or so days with no one noticing. I will be horrified if I look like I have DD! 2 weeks out and still cant believe I will be putting myself through lipo. I am thin so she will have to take fat from several different areas. Will be staying overnight at the surgical facility as i am traveling alone. Cant wait to get these things out

Pre Op

Getting close now. Drove to Latham NY yesterday for pre-op physical, mamogram and blood work as well as pre-op apt with PS's nurse to take care of all of the paperwork and answer any questions I may have. I am having surgery Wed March 12. Will be so relieved to be rid of these implants . Worried about complications and potential for significant swelling that I will be unable to conceal. I am hoping recovery will not be as long as some of you have experienced as I will have to go back to work after 5 days or so.

24 hours pre-Op

Thought I would keep my post going in the hope that it helps someone else know what they can expect from this procedure. Here are some before pics. I can stand to lose a few pound especially from upper thighs. Sorry pics are not great but you can definitely see how unnatural and round implants look with the edges showing. Pre surg I am 5'5 and a little under 125 lbs. Less than 24 hours and they will be out. Cant wait- but definitely nervous about lipo and recovery

More pics for before lipo views

Here are a few mote pics prior to the lipo portion

5 hours post op

Time does pass!! All done. No more implants :) !! I think i was in surgery for about 3 hours. I am staying overnight at the surgical facility ( and very happy I am doing so). Ellis Health Center (in Schenectady NY) has an outpatient surgery center and an Emergency room as well as the Health center as far as I can tell. Have not talked to PS yet so do not know details of surgery. I had conscious sedation. Felt surprisingly well for first 4 hours. Then a a brief period (10 min) where I was very nauseous , dry heaved only. got some anti -nausea meds in my Iv , had a few saltines and nausea disappeared. Feel 90% there mentally as far as after effects of anesthesia. As far as pain--very little at lipo sites (I had tummy, flanks, inner and outer thighs) Not really any pain just soreness when moving, a bit light headed when I get up so have not walked yet. Breasts had some burning pain ( on a 1-10 scale about a 3) for a few hours. Now none, just discomfort from bra, compression garment under my bra band. Now for the boobs.They are definitely smaller than with implants (that is what I wanted) but I am worried they may be too small It seems they are what I wanted for size right now maybe a b cup) and I know I will lose some. I will be curious to hear if Dr. Capek was able to place 300 cc as she planned. PS did say she would be limited by skin--that once skin gets tight she does not add any more fat , as it will just die due to the pressure. I am leaking quit a bit of tumescent fluid, which is good, hopefully will get most of it out before I head to hotel tomorrow . I will have to ask if they are giving me pain meds in my IV,although from other posts I am expecting tomorrow to be a painful day.

28 hours post op

I am 28 hours post op and still doing well. Stayed overnight at surgical center. Great care. I was the only patient there with 2 nurses on staff. I received IV antibiotics every 8 hours while there (3 doses total) and also had 3 doses of IV tylenol. That is all I have taken for pain meds at this point. I am staying overnight at a local hotel and already feel well enough to drive home tomorrow ( I did not have general anesthesia). As far as pain now--none really just sore. Incisions under my breasts feel better with the tylenol. No pain from lipo, just stiffness and soreness. I feel best when pacing around the hotel room . Sitting is fine, the transition from sitting to standing is when I feel bruised and sore. Had a short check up with Dr Capek this morning. She transferred a bout 300 cc to each breast. She used all of the fat she removed from me and did not feel she could remove anymore without risking contour irregularities. I think I feel relatively well because of her lipo technique. She performs a gentle low pressure liposuction and does use tumescent fluid. She expects me to lose 10-20% of the volume I hope she is right about that number, that would be the perfect size for me. Just light walking for the next week and then I can increase the distance but nothing that has impact ,no running or even power walking for next month as she does not want the fat graft disrupted. I can shower and wash compression garment after 48 hours, I can also switch to the Spanx garments. The surgical compression garment she provided is comfortable enough. Sort of a high power spanx and crotchless. I will probably wear that as much as possible at least initially. I will post some pics later

28 hour pics

Here are some pics--yukky stained compression garment, gives you an idea of how much fluid is leaked. Breasts are quite red have not turned to bruises yet, they are swollen and a bit hard but still softer than implants. Bruised feeling and sore to touch. I will have no problem concealing them as I think even swollen they will look smaller than implants due to their natural shape. Stomach is quite swollen. Looking forward to clean compression garment

Day 4 Post Op

Things are continuing to go well. I feel better every day. By day 3 I was much more comfortable not as stiff. No longer feel like a 70 year old woman when transitioning between standing and sitting. No pain at all at this point. Lipo sites feel bruised, sore. Breasts have already softened up but feel very tender, delicate like I do not want to jostle them. I am SO happy to be rid of the implants. It is so nice not to have that unnatural pressure against your skin and chest from the hard implants. Especially noticeable when I stretch or reach for something. I feel like me again, no unmovable objects under the skin.
As far as lipo areas, I have two injection marks on my back at underwear line, two hidden under butt crease, two inside belly button, two on my stomach that I hope will fade, one on each outer thigh up high, one on each inner thigh up high. They are small and do not have any stitches. Dr Capek uses a small cannula for the lipo so stitches are not needed. I look like I have lost the 5 pounds I needed to lose- no more tiny pouch on my belly. For bruising-entire breasts are yellowish with a small area of dark bruising on underside. A few light yellow bruises on belly and flank, and some areas of dark bruising on upper outer and inner thighs. Bruising is much less extensive than I expected. Still swelling all around but not too bad. These pictures are 2 days post op. breasts area little larger than what I want but are about a half inch smaller than with the implants and look smaller due to the shape. I know some of this is still swelling so hopefully I will not lose more than 20% or so.

10 days

I am 10 days post op and all is going very well. Only a little soreness, bruised feeling in lipo areas when something presses against them. Have been a bit itchy the last few days but only an irritation. Bruising is much better but still there and getting lighter. Still a little swelling in tummy and flank area. Swelling in breasts is gone and they are soft . I am about a B cup right now and I am very happy with the results Dr. Capek achieved. The perfect size and shape for me. I will be so sad if I lose a lot of volume!! I would love things to stay as they are but I know that is probably unrealistic. Here are the 10 day pics. I will also update Dr. Capek's review at a later time. At this time I am completely happy with the results and care I have received.

10 day pictures

here are the 10 day pics

3 weeks

All is still well. bruising completely gone. Just in the last few days I would say swelling is gone too. A little loose skin on my belly where fat was removed. going to start some toning exercises for belly, thighs and butt! Breasts have lost some volume this week sadly but I am still VERY happy with how they look. They still measure the same--35" but not as full. Hopefully wont lose any more. At this point they are more than I had prior to children and I would be thrilled if this is how they stay
Latham Plastic Surgeon

100% happy .Dr. Capek is willing to take the time to answer ALL questions and describe the procedure in detail. Willing to perform using conscious sedation.Her very capable patient coordinator scheduled all of my pre-op appointments. She listened to what I wanted as far as size and shape and was able to give me exactly what I asked for. The surgery itself was as good a process as something like that can be. Excellent care, very little pain and bruising with a fast recovery. Definitely worth it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey, you look great !! how are you feeling now? ......Is there any change in volume ?
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So happy for you , lookes awesome:) How.are.u felling.??
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Hi D, how are you going? Is your fat hanging in there? Your breasts look awesome! Would love to see your updated review.
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12 Weeks plus and look pretty much the same as at 3 weeks
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Can you please post some updated photos? From your breasts and the lipo sites?
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Hi :-) How are you doing?? Have you retained a lot of the fat? I've just updated my page.... Sadly I've lost fat - more than is have liked but I still have a more fuller feel which shows in bras/clothes but topless I still feel very conscious. I have my follow up appt on April 15th and WILL BE expressing my disappointment. Hope your doing well x
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Hello, I am currently traveling and will post pics in about a week. As far as I can tell , I still look the same as the 3 week pics. I do have a small band of scar tissue under my left breast that causes a small dent. Plan on talking to the PS to see if the scar can somehow be released. At this point still happy with the results. Sorry you did not retain the fullness you wanted. It is a lot of money to spend and not achieve the results you had hoped for.
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You are at 4 weeks! An important milestone! How are you doing with retention now? Still about the same size?
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You look FANTASTIC! Congratulations!!! Fingers crossed you hang on to all of it!
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Oh, and I started my review today. I hope I see results like you have!
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You look beautiful. Heres to keeping the fat! Keep us posted.
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We would love to see how you are doing. Do you have time for photos? I leave tomorrow for my transfer. Getting anxious!
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Hello, I will post a quick update with some pics--I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending best wishes for a successful outcome your way. I hope your recovery is as pain free as mine was.
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Please keep us updated with pics! I'm interested in if the fat transfer stays and what size you were pre implants? The surgeon I'm currently looking at doesn't do fat transfer, but is highly recommended for the explant. I could live with B cups, but don't want my A's back. You look fantastic and it's giving me some hope. Thank you!!
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Berfore nursing kids-- a small A cup, after kids totally flat like an 8 year old! Which is what I would look like now or worse due to implant removal if I had not had this done
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I've read that in about a month or around 6 weeks that you lose a lot of the fat that was injected. I'm considering this procedure because I am wanting a natural look myself. Could you keep me updated?
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You really look great. Hope you retain what you have.
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You look great!
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Hi. Could you post some pics of your retainment at this stage? One month is quite crucial to how they will stay do you think? Best of luck.
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So glad your doing well. Your results look great so far. I'm a little disappointed with mine. I have already lost a lot of volume :-( They do say after 7 Days you can get an idea of what will remain and an even better idea at the 4week mark. This was a LAST resort for me after spending an ABSOLUTE Forturne over the last 10years...... They are definitely fuller (which was my desire) and after being left with just skin after my implant removal its better than nothing, I just wish they were a little bigger.I just hope I don't loose any more !!! I will continue to follow you and your recovery :-)
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Hi GemB How long has it been for you now? How much do you think you have lost? Hopefully you will retain the rest. You definitely look like you have improved fullness and shape in your after pics. That is my worry as well --to spend all this money and have nothing to show for it. I am still doing well. Bruising is starting to fade and soreness going away as well. I have so far lost a half inch in measurement from day 2 which I would guess would be swelling so breasts are holding so far.. Even if I lose 50%, I know I will have still benefited from this. Implants were horrible and ugly and once removed I would have had absolutely nothing and from pics I have seen after removal you end up worse than before you started.
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I'm considering this procedure. I'm basically flat chested, Im about average body size except I have a large backside and definitely have fat to transfer to my breasts. I don't at all like the idea of fake boobs, I want something natural. I have the same concerns as you. I don't want to spend the money and the fat disappear. I know everyones different.
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Congrats! You are looking great. Has Dr. Capek done alot of fat transfers to the breast? amelia
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Hi Amelia, I am not sure what qualifies as to a lot. She had done a number that I was comfortable with. She seems to have a high retention rate for the fat and few complications. I really liked her results aesthetically for her breast surgeries in general.
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You look great! Your breasts have a very natural shape and look waaaay better than with implants :) wishing you a fast recovery!
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