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My cousin had liposuction by Dr. S last year and...

My cousin had liposuction by Dr. S last year and she asked me to pick her up at the hospital. I did not even know until the day before that she was having plastic surgery. She had liposuction of her thighs, belly, back and arms. She looked fantastic. I went with her to her follow up appointment with Dr. S and started asking questions about surgery for myself. I went back the next week for a full consultation and decided to have liposuction of my abdomen, waist, back and thighs. I also had silicone breast implants. Dr. S's and his office staff were so nice and helpful. They knew I was nervous but spent time discussing the procedures in detail and told me what to expect. I saw how easy my cousin's recovery was, so that made it helpful too.

Anyway, I am so happy I did the liposuction and breast implants. Now I look fantastic too.


Hi, was the price of $12,000 just for the breast augmentation, or was the liposuction procedures included in it? I am looking to consult with Dr. Shafer as well. Please let me know, thank you.
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Thanks a bunch for the add'l info. I've moved your post into our breast implant community. :)

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1. Not so much pain. It really was just some discomfort for a few days.

2. Of course I would do it again. I am so happy.

3. Nothing really. Dr. S explained everything very well and the surgery went smoothly. They really love him at the hospital. All the nurses kept telling me how great Dr. S is.

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My cousin had liposuction with Dr. S and her results were amazing. I had been thinking about having plastic surgery for a long time and after seeing my cousin, decided to go for it.

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