2nd time around..BBL IN LESS THAN 2 weeks

First, I wanted something like a bbl since I could...

First, I wanted something like a bbl since I could remember, being one of those girls who had height, breast, and everything else with a flat ass, I was always insecure. I never wore shirts in my pants, never wore the female jogging suits, when I tell u insecure, I mean it.

So I looked at many doctors and had to make sure that immediately I felt comfortable with the right one, and I found him. Well yesterday I got it done and let me tell you, not everyone's level of pain is the same cuz reading some of the reviews I said Im gonna be goooooood, well I definitely siked myself out.

I'm on day 2 n OUCH!! But I will keep u guys posted cuz I'm not even sure what it looks like under there. I am visiting my doc for my first post op tomorrow...


Lol..once u get pass the first 2 days.. The rest is a breeze.. The only thing it literally feels like your walking around with bricks in your pants...make sure you have a good support system for at least 5 days!!! Good Luck
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i feel your pain haha and please message me his name too...im getting mine done soon and hopefully someone would want to do it with me or else i'll be by myself ;[ ...please do share your experience xD
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@boompownj....u go!!!!! 2days n you already out n about, it took me 30minutes to walk to the store 2 blocks away...lol...I'm short of breath but thinking I have the waist girdle on tooo tight..Lmao
@luvthatdoe..I'm gonna inbox u his name.
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Today is about the fifth to sixth day after my bbl...

Today is about the fifth to sixth day after my bbl and I'm feeling much better. The lying on my stomach is still a bit annoying but overall I'm getting used to it.

The swelling is going down n the bruising is slowly but surely fading away.

I'm starting to see the results and hopefully I don't lose too much of the fat that was placed cuz the doctor contoured my body nicely, and I don't really have a stomach anymore but that wasn't the reason for my surgery. I would hate to have to touch up anything. I go back for another visit in 4 days n I will talk to him about it.


hey im looking to do this procedure and im in NY NY can someone give me the name of a Dr out here??? or in a nearby state
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@candigurl. Thank u for the info. Very much appreciated. I'm wearing the garment withthe holes in the butt its called Brazilian body shaper-above the knee. That is the one the doctor let me know to wear.
And the pineapple thing, I didn't know that but I have been eating it for the past couple of days. I'm usually a big healthy eater so I think I'm gonna go even harder since u make a lot of sense.
One of my girlfriends seen me n she was in shock, she said it looks amazing cuz it doesn't look soo unnatural and he injected the fat in my hips n upper portion of my buttocks, soo as she says i have an onion or teardrop booty. I jus don't want anymore swelling to go down on my butt for real I love it jus like this, n when I go back Thursday I'm gonna have a couple questions to make sure.
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Numeee528, whuch doc did u go to???
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I visited my ps and it went well. I was told I had...

I visited my ps and it went well. I was told I had 600cc's put in. I'm healing nicely and I loooooooooove it. I can't stop looking at it except I haven't really gone anywhere cuz I don't have any clothing in my closet that fits, I love shopping for shoes but I think I might love to shop for bottoms now. I'm gonna post some before and after pics for yall


Looks great! The usual questions of course...who was your doctor and how much?
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Wow! congrats :D
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who was your doctor?
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I visited the doctor on friday for my 2 month post...

i visited the doctor on friday for my 2 month post op visit and she stated everything looks good but i expressed to her that i am not happy because the swelling has gone down on my butt but alooooot of the fat has been reabsorbed and the amount of money i paid, i am not happy with the results that i have now. I am not sure if more of the fat will be absorbed but i feel in 6 months, if i am given a discount i will be performing the procedure once more. I am not sure if anyone is/has been through the same feeling i am going through now but it is quite a disappointment and upsetting.


Congrats!! I have a few quick questions, did u go down any sizes after or go up a size? Is it hard to find clothes to fit that awesome new booty? Did u loose any weight at all after the lipo and fat transfer?
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Yes, I actually went down 2 sizes...you have to wait to buy new pants.. I bought several pants and now they are all big on me
I also went down a couple sizes. I still haven't brought anymore jeans cuz I don't know my true size plus every jean maker n brand runs different. I'm really thinking about going for a second surgery in a few months because I feel A LOT of fat has gotten reabsorbed and a touch up is necessary, so I can't buy clothes until I make that decision.

It's been over 4 months post op and I have been...

It's been over 4 months post op and I have been reading updates from other ppl but the updates stop coming after about 2 months when everything goes back to "normal". Well I am inclined to post an update as I was looking in the mirror a minute ago.

I loved the look at first but it has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!! I know there is a difference from pre op to now but I feel it was sort of a waste n false hope. My ps stated that some of the fat gets reabsorbed n because my skin is tight he couldn't put more, but now it looks round at the hips but flat. My butt is not a nice round shape.

I have been reading a lot about this procedure n realized I'm not the only one that this has happened to. I will try to get it redone soon, as most doctors say 6 months. But in the mean time put up with my dissatisfaction.


@girl2, I just scheduled my touch up bbl with Dr. S on April 6..now just have to book hotel n flight. I plan to stay 6-7 days so I could follow up at least 3 times before u leave.
@Gcoffy....I wish insurance paid something....even $100 off...but nope nothing
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hey which dr did u go to?
My first doctor I had a bbl done with was in NYC Dr. Jones. He's been on Oprah, Wendy Williams, etc. The results set "okay" but he did what he thought would be the best for me not what I "wanted". So my back wasn't lipoed enough n I feel like I have a big back n a medium bottom which to me looks off.
I just booked my touch up with Dr. Salama, its gonna cost a few hundred more than someone whose never had lipo done in the same place before.

Confirmed my date for April 6 to Dr. Salama and...

Confirmed my date for April 6 to Dr. Salama and just booked my flight and hotel. So now just have to start buying products and things for my "stay package" and since this is the second time around, i kinda have an idea of what my necessities are that i have to pack......so now begins the waiting and preparing game........


Hiya ladies! I had my procedure done on 14th, wondering if anyone knows anywhere in tijuana I can buy another support garment?
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Your insight has been verrrry helpful. I'm just in the investigative stage at the moment.. Scheduled consult for next month. Please keep posting!
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Wish you all the best honey! So sorry you had to go thru this... same thing happened with my breast implants, I wanted a natural look, first two months they looked big and amazing. Now I wish I had some more cc's.

Question: How much did you pay Dr. Jones? and how much for Salama? Did you negotiate or that wasn't a consideration for you/them?
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As of today April @, 2012, i am getting ready to...

as of today April @, 2012, i am getting ready to make my trip to Dr. Salama for my BBL. i just spoke to larry the driver and he sounds sooooooo cool!! i mean i felt like i could converse with him all day on the phone. I have set everything up and all that is left for me to do is pack my things and head down by the end of this week. i will be keeping in touch with you guys and adding a before picture of what i look like now and an after after (lol, because this is my second bbl) when im done.


Be safe on you trip down...Keep us updated! I'm def going to keep you in my thoughts!
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Thank u so much. I definitely appreciate it.

Unfortunetly due to Dr. salama's accident in the...

unfortunetly due to Dr. salama's accident in the beginning of April, my appt was rescheduled and i had to book it for August 2nd, which ironically is exactly one year from my first bbl procedure. i was very disappointed when i had to be rescheduled because everything was set, booked, and ready to go. All i could do now is play the waiting game until August......
Good luck to everyone having the surgery and until late July..Everyone have a great Summer be stay n look good doing it!!!!!!


you look good girl why are you going for round 2? if i had a ass like that i wouldn't need a BBL lol!!
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Thank u mz. Newbotty. My booty went down alot. My boyfriend says it looks good but when I put on clothes its not "round" enough. It definitely has lost volume. I'm not going for round two for a huge unnatural butt, just s nice large bum.
Girl ive been searching and i cant find not a single doctor with good reviews or good prices in N.Y.!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Im opting for Salama ,Jimerson or Markmann

13 days to go for my surgery part two.....praying...

13 days to go for my surgery part two.....praying to God for a safe and speedy recovery. This is will be my second bbl since my first bbl I wasn't too satisfied with. I'm not looking forward to the pain that I felt before but I pray my results are what I envision.


did you go to have round #2 with Salama?
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So how r u doing
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Hey thanks for your review. I also was considering Dr. Michael Jones. The receptionist called me to schedule an appointment. Once she said he was only in DC once a month......had me thinking so what if something happens. I immediately said no. Your review let me know that was the right decision. He is pricey, did not realize he charged that much. How was your surgery with Salama?
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dr. michael jones

new review pending for Dr. Salama

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