Yily burned me very depressed and unhappy New York, NY

Hello realself family I'm 27 yrs old had a tummy...

Hello realself family I'm 27 yrs old had a tummy tuck done already with liposuction but a gain about 20lbs and I'm ready to be a yily doll I have my date set for May 28 th 2013 procedures Im doin is liposuction on the back stomach flanks inner thighs arm fat transfer to hips and butt I my self esteem is a Lil down hopefully becoming a yily doll feel a lot better anyone going on that date ???
Once Yily is done with you your self esteem will be thru the roof!!!!! You'll be killing em' this summer girl. Keep us posted and good luck
I hope so thanks once again u killing them lol!!!!!! Do ur thing
Good luck!!

Does anyone know about this group discount yily gives ???

Hey I was wondering does anyone know if the discount only apply for people with the same surgery date ????

Getting all my things ready

Went to day and got my wipes alcohol bactine neosporin q tip gauze pads vitamins c bandage tape waterproof saline water antibacterial soap ( dial) ect ...... So excited !!!!!
Thnx sooo much diana for sharing ur story! I had my tuck done almost 2 yrs ago. I didn't have any lipo done w it. Now I wish I did! I wasn't sure if u can get lipo after u already had a previous tuck, but I found this site & got my answer! Yay! Happy for u girlie! I'm looking into going to yily nxt yr :-)

Damn can't wait for my new body

Need to look like this again
hey girlie im from N.Y im going on the MAY 27th where r u staying PM me ..illbe at Ana Recovery HOuse...i cant wait to leave on MONDAY morning
hey im staying at magna 360 im going with my boyfrined so im not going to a recovery house but where do u plan on doing ur massage maybe we can see each other there and how many days do u plan on being in D. R
Hey your body type is nice now so I no after yily is done with you you are gonna look really good!

Yily burned me very unhappy

Sorry been gone for a while I wanna update everyone on my result ok I arrived to the clinic around 6 am wasn't nervous at all very excited waiting for yira to come there was about six others girls that's when I stared to worry about an hour later yira I came and told me that yily only doing four that confirmed which later I found out was a lie ok so waiting the clinic was so full that I didn't get a room til about 4 in the afternoon one of the girls was unable to do that day cause results came out she was anemic so it was six of us she did one from the day before and I was number four when Yily came in my room I said yily I see there a lot of girl ii don't mind waiting for tommorow if I can be one of the first one yily "I'm not tired I can do the job don't worry" I trusted in her word and decided to go ahead around 7 pm I went into surgery first day was hell I must say bueaty is pain ladies ok I went six days later to the clinic for check up and take out my drainage when I get there she tells me I have a liltle to buy cream she prescribed ok went up for my massage an the lady Didnt say anything Just That i have alot of fluid to go Get it drained went down and it was to late so I didn't the next day they took out about 4 big siringe don't remember how many cc did three massage in D.R left after ten day when I get home went to my mom house show my results my mom scream omg what happened to u me in shock like what u mean my mom like ur back in burned me like yea is a lil had no idea how serious it was cause I couldn't really see could bearly turn around so she took a pic and here it goes when I finally see it I was shocked and now worried due to this burn ladies I have not been able to really massage my back have I have a lot of fluid accumulated its a month and some change later and I still have fluid that burns my back its now scabbing I'm up to 13 massage but after ten of them is that they able to work on my back because of the burn they could not touch that area I'm very depressed I'm gonna have this big ass scar on my back still full of fluid and very depressed I sent yily the pic and she said its from the faja which is a damn lie cause the massage lady and a doctor told me it from the liposuction machine they burned me in to different areas everyone know that that faja from the surgery is very soft like silk can not burn anyone like that and plus I always wore a tank top under I would not recommend her to anyone she is doing to many people in one day they are not being careful hope no one has to go through what I am she does really good work but been sloppy lately guess the fame getting to her head she messed up a friend of mine butt full of whole someone who's butt was smooth now looks like an ass of an 80 yrs old smh

Pics before and after surgery

Here some pics of before and after with girdle

New pic

God is good all the time! Let me first say thank you for your review. I am truly sorry for the anguish/pain you've endured. Wishing a quick, safe and happy healing! I procrastinated and procrastinated about setting up my sx date with her. I absolutely love her work. Lately I read she has been allow student Dr's to do the sx in her place. Ladies waking up mid surgery etc. That ish is scary as F! I am subsequently looking stateside now. I wish you God speed and thanks again.
Your friend should have a biopsy done looks 100% like she used a filler and not body fat.
Omg how did the burn heal?
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