Bbl with salama on 2/15

First 2 days,the pain is horrible,I hope I get...

First 2 days,the pain is horrible,I hope I get better,I feel so sore,you definitely need help at home after this procedure. I haven't eaten since the procedure.I feel so nausea.

I hope I get better and all of this was worth it. My advice for now is to make sure this is something you really want. Then next step is chose a great doctor. I will keep u posted.

Hey,so I feel so much better,almost like my old...

Hey,so I feel so much better,almost like my old self.I still have some hard spots on my stomach,still sore,but nothing compare from when I came home. I look in the mirror and I'm still bruised.Still swollen in my abdomen and flanks. My butt looks perkier and firm a bit bigger,it looks good for a models butt,but not the butt I was going for. My doctor said I have to wait until after the six week mark to really see everything. The sad thing is that I might have to do it a second time. Well see.

Soooo,I'm having another bbl with Salama next...

Soooo,I'm having another bbl with Salama next week,I hope all goes well. I will post pictures as soon as I get home.
New York Plastic Surgeon

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3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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How are u feeling abt ur butt. I had it with him n I have to say I wasn't happy at all
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before and after pictures>???
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Congrats . How many cc's did you get in each cheek?
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I left a review about Dr. Lefkovits and real self didn't post it . It's says he has three reviews but for some reason mines isn't visible. He was rude , inpatient and I wasn't satisfied with my results. I was young and naive when I selected him to do my BBL . He was one of the only Dr. in new York that performed BBL's at the time. Oh to top it off I expressed my dis like and told him I would like to have the procedure done again and he said I didn't need it. Lol. Six years later and I still want to have it re done. Be careful ladies choose a Dr. That respects your needs and I willing to address your concerns. Your changing you body and your life.
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Dr. Lefkovitz only cares about the money. He did work on me that was abysmal. If you know a patient has lax skin or excess skin from weightloss dont lipo it and make it more saggy. I went to a few other surgeons for consult to fix this and they were asking why didn't he suggest a lift even if it means forgoing one of the areas lipoed due to cost. Now I have severe batwings instead of the chubby but firm arms I used to have and the compression garment I got through him was also no damn good I wasted tme and money. He does it all sloppy so you can get it firmed with ultrasound I supect the shoddy job was done with the expectation that I would see this ultrasound/thermage like specialist to tighten the skin.. Alift wouldve sufficed for the same dough spent..I just dont like the dude after my experience. I should've stuck to my old surgeon who I think is no longer with us on this eathly plane : ( Now after much research I am going ou of state to a doctor in Maryland from this site. NOT WORTH IT. Very dismissive and not a very good job done.
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Hi there. Is the doctor you se,ected from Maryland Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez. I have been reading reviews about him. I think im willing to travel from N.Y. to see him.
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pain sux BUTT it will all be worth it soon! How many CC did you get? cam u put pics up b4 and after please and thank you , Hope you feel better soon =(
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i was looking into going to dr. lefkowitz...y didnt you grade him curious since u actually went thru the precedure with him?what could he have done different?...sorry for the questions, but i would like to know y ur not happy.
thank you so much for your time-smiley
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Im glad you're feeling better and more like yourself again. Hang in there!
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You have to where your garment for months girlie! You can change to a more comfortable one though, i will be seven weeks on friday and i started wearing a button up garment that just goes around the waist area, im still swollen, so hang in there it will get alot better, i feel your pain, i was wondering wat have i done because i was in so much pain....and to think im going back for revisions probably six months post op though
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Hey bronxgirl!!! How you doin hon? I hope you're feeling better?
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soup and crackers.... you have to eat to heal. Hang in there.
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Thank you for your concern! I'm on day six and I'm still sore and very bruised still,but I'm eating and walking around. I try not to sit on my butt. My MD told me not to sit on it for more then an half an hour a day. When I sit it hurts to get up. I took off the garment on day 4 to finally take a bath and my butt looks big on top,like a shelf,but that's it aside from the black and blues. I can't wait for my two week period where I'm able to take off this garment.I feel like I'm not myself in it. I will keep your posted.
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