Blurred Vision Post Eyelid Surgery - New York, NY

Had upper/lower eyelid surgery 5 weeks ago....

Had upper/lower eyelid surgery 5 weeks ago. Cosmetic results are great and swelling and bruising are subsiding nicely.

Issue is persistent blurred vision - dramatic change in astigmatism - blurred and double vision both far and near sight. Unable to read on computer clearly, its hard to work!! i have also had to cut myself off from online shopping - i have made some expensive non-refundable mistakes!!

got a second opinion abt vision - told cornea was scratched up a bit and i shld have been warned about risks of vision loss pre-op. Neither eyedoctor willing to give any guarantees abt whether vision will return to normal or time frame for healing. Eyeballs hurt most days and wake every day with sticky eyes - using a lot of lubricating drops. Eyes tire if too much attempted reading. Big issue is 2me is vision loss - will it improve. Also lack of information online abt the real recovery time from this op.

Given low twilight during operation so was completely aware of surgery and comments - very traumatic to be this awake.

Can anybody shed any light on potential to recover vision loss? Also given no pain meds for post op.


Yes - thank you! The opthamologist said I have reduced tearing as a result of the remaining swelling of my eyes. He said there are no other complications (big relief!). He also said (as you have) that I need to put drops in my eyes several times a day. He gave me some eye drops and told me to use "blink contact" drops when I wear contacts. It should resolve within a month was his prediction. I only hope that I don't have any reaction to the drops!! I hear that some cause blurry vision and irritation (preservatives). I agree with you 100 percent that most blepharoplasty patients have NO idea the recovery time for this surgery. I thought I would be completely recovered at 3 weeks. I am still somewhat swollen at 8 weeks! When I smile I get a weird "fat roll" under my regular crease on my bottom eye. This just appeared about a week ago (I think the swelling is draining down my face). Thank you for the encouragement NewYork 4755. I am now going to take tylenol every day for the ache. Let's stay in touch and check on our healing status!
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My second opinion doc said that internal sutures are what scratches the cornea - until they heal they may scratch the cornea. Early post op the corneal scratching felt to me like i had a contact lens in my eye = however this feeling abated as the internal sutures healed and the feeling was worse in the right eye. Lots of lubricating drops are key as well as i reverted to cold compresses over eyes once or twice daily.

i too was pretty upset abt the corneal abrasion as i would not have taken such a risk with the precious gift of sight. Any eye doctor can do tests with their dyes and dilation to get an accurate idea as to what is going with your cornea and retina. Best to seek this from a doctor other than your op surgeon as they 2nd doc is likely to be more honest.

Pain management for the deep eyeball pain has also been important - extra strength tyenol does the trick.
i have also been resting as much as possible to give my eyes a break and wearing sunglasses. Light sensitivity has abated somewhat.

The medical study i went found said that only 6% of vision issues due to eyelid surgery proved permanent - so keep the faith.

Also, now sleeping upright again has made a big difference - i noticed the blurriness was worse in the morning versus evening and found it interesting that my vision improved over the course of the day. Sometimes small adjustments (sleeping upright) like this make a big difference. Apparently laying flat does not let the sclera swelling abate as quickly.

Please keep the faith as my vision improves daily albeit at a glacial pace. i am hoping for a return to normal within the 3 month time frame.

Big hugs. i know its a lot to go through and i have felt imprisoned by my blurred vision especially in the early days. Now i am managing better and i am sure you will too.

its a pity the medical profession is not better at managing expectations and providing ongoing support and information through this nerve wracking experience.

Hope this helps Santa Barbara!
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I am 8 weeks post op upper/lower bleph. I still have some swelling both above and below eye. My right eye feels great but I have had issues with left. I went back to doctor at 5 weeks and expressed how it felt like something in the left eye, sensitivity to light, and sometimes a deep twitch. He said all was fine. Well it is weeks later and I still feel an ache in the left eye as well as the symptoms above. I have an appt with an opthamologist/eye surgeon today to check on this. If I have a corneal abrasion that my ps overlooked I am going to be very angry as this could affect my eyesight! Do these symptoms sound like a "scratch"?
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I already saw 2 eye specialists a week ago (op...

i already saw 2 eye specialists a week ago (op surgeon and a second eye specialist) - and was met with my least favorite medical response - "bafflement". Told to wait and see (hopefully the last was literal)! Usually get this medical response when doctors do not know the answer so am soldiering on myself. Frustrated but hopeful as have noticed small vision improvements each day. has lessened the burden of coping with this alone. Thanks everyone!


Thx - i love Costco - will give them a whril! :)
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I used the ones from Costco (double pack) 2 a day. No fishy burps or any digestive issues. And they are cheap:)
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What kind of fish oil pills? Can i get them at the Health Food Shop? thx:)
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Hi Santa Barbara, thx for circling back to me -...

Hi Santa Barbara,
thx for circling back to me - very sweet of you. Can't believe you can wear contacts! My eyeballs are still sore although have improved versus the early days.
I have dry eye and tearing every day. Moved to Refresh Liquigel and the thicker solution works better. Problem is allergy season in NYC and the blossums just hit - exacerbating sore eye issue. Going to see a corneal specialist (read eye god) next week so hopeful that will get better insight into the situation.
Have all new glasses prescriptions so its easier to read online. Reading hard copy still difficult. Left eye is veiny and painful in tear duct.
Silver lining is that i look fantastic!!
Thank you for asking and have a great week.


How is your recovery going New York 4755? I still have occasional dryness in the left eye only. It waters a little on occasion - I live in a windy area! I am able to wear contacts all day again as well. I still see a small assymetry (left eye smaller than right). Each week I see slight changes in the eyes. This week I noticed some more undereye swelling dissapating. I also noticed those weird wrinkles were going away under the eye. It feels much softer under the eye as well Hope you are doing better!

3 months post upper and lower lid bleph. now have...

3 months post upper and lower lid bleph. now have "dry eye" which is excruciatingly painful and now needs extensive management. Totally not worth it. What was i thinking??
my eyeglass prescription changed with the increase in astigmatism.
eyelid surgery made my life a living hell.
Should have been forewarned abt possible "dry eye" and its pain. also abt the corneal scratching. No evaluation done beforehand as to predilection towards "dry eye" which i gather is standard with lasik patients.


At 4 weeks it might still just be the swelling causing the lids to flip and the creases to be there. I am more worried why your doctor does not return your calls! I would go to his office and demand an appointment. Is he board certified? You can always threaten to report him to the board as well as the better business bureau. No PS wants that! It is in his/her best interest to make sure you are happy.
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Was the swelling and bruising mostly gone after two weeks? I can only get two weeks off from work and wouldn't want to go back with significant brusing. Thank you, Dani
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My blood pressure went up during the surgery. I had bruising for 3 weeks - visible even with makeup. All bruising gone by 5 weeks. Swelling was still present and noticeable at 3 weeks. After a month only I noticed the remaining swelling - which lasted for over 4 months. This was particularly true of the under eye area (I had upper and lower bleph). Lower bleph is tricky and I would definitely make sure your surgeon has done many of these procedures. I would not have had the lower bleph if I had to do it over again. Too risky.
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Low twilight and awake during surgery. No pain meds for post op. Poor post op access to doctor. Unreturned calls. Not enough pre and post op information given. Not enough disclosure of the severity of the change in astigmatism.

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