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Hi folks i am going to have my augmentation...

hi folks i am going to have my augmentation rhinoplasty with dr.w far i had 3 consultation with him and have 1 more pre-surgical consultation.all last 3 consultation he has explained me so details about the surgery/outcomes and i listen his surgical plan very carefully and tring to compare with others surgeons plan.after all the reasearch i have a great feelins and confident that i am in good hand.

i will keep followup about my experience after my surgery done.

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Sorry i forgat to mention that i am going to have...

sorry i forgat to mention that i am going to have dorsul augmentation with septum/ear cartilage and allordum & alar base reduction.


I am also searching for an ENT Plastic surgeon for nose. I would like to hear more feedback on Dr. Westreoch.
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