Would like to say a big THANK YOU for ever one who...

Would like to say a big THANK YOU for ever one who has shared there story here it has helped me so much . I do not any one that has had a BR so this site has been great for tips and advice . OK I am 37 and been wanting this done for a long time tried on the NHS but that did not get me any were and was a waste of time. So decided to pay for it myself which was not easy as its a hell off a lot of money .Once I got the money together I went to my GP and he recommended eva mithoff. She was my first consultation but I liked her and so did my mum so went for it . The only thing is that she will not show before or after pic,s which I would have like to have seen .But she has a great reputation so fingers crossed lol . Have my pre op on the 12th nov hopefully ever thing will go ok bit nervous . Stopped smoking on the 5th which is only 2 days at this point really hard as I am nervous as it is but has to be done . Oh my girls are a saggy 32 G hoping for a 32D .Will put pic,s up when I get some will have to ask one of my friends to help lol not xxxx

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Had a dream last night that my boobs were done and...

Had a dream last night that my boobs were done and they looked great hehe x getting excited x Still off the cigz really hard !!!


Look into a mirror whilst pointing the camera at you and look at the camera to see what will be taken. All the best for the 21st. Try and eat right too so you heal quickly x
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Welcome to RealSelf.

Your day is almost here!!  You will look and feel fantastic after the surgery.   I am very excited for you and look forward to following your journey.

Did the doctor say why she doesn't show pictures?   

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Not been sleeping to good keep getting these...

Not been sleeping to good keep getting these nervous twitches at night when in bed strange . Still doing good off the fags going out tonight so will have to stay strong . But can,t wait to get this done .tried to take some pic,s this morning but they were really bad have asked my friend to help so will get some up once she has time xxx


thank you tried that but the flash is really bright will try again . Yeah been eat lots off veg and drinking loads off water had to pee 8 times last night at work lol x
haha re peeing. It can't hurt you to increase your fluid intake. I don't mean take a pic of the mirror I mean look in the mirror to see the view screen of your camera, the camera lens should be pointing at you. I hope I made sense.

Pre op tomorrow getting very excited woohoo !!!!

Pre op tomorrow getting very excited woohoo !!!!


You are getting very close:)

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yeah getting so excited can,t sleep been up since 5 this morning lol xx
So happy to have another Brit so close to my date! Don't even question your nerves and twitches......totally normal! Not smoking must be hard. My vice is my elixer wine! its hard not drinking tonight and I wanna drink in the morning too! Keep in touch, this place has massively kept my sanity glued together! xx
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Finally put some pic,s up just getting ready to go...

finally put some pic,s up just getting ready to go to my post op been up since 5 can,t sleep think I might ask if I should get some thing to chill me out over excited xx good luck to all and happy healing xx

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Ok all went well today blood pressure was a bit...

Ok all went well today blood pressure was a bit high but think thats because I am excited thinking of going to doc to get some thing to relax me a bit so it will come back down . Will get the rest of the tests in in a few days so fingers crossed x hope ever one is well xx


yeah I think its anxiety with me too but nurse said if it was high on the day they would not go throw with op which not very helpful lol going to the doc in the morning to see if he will give me some thing x think I am getting over excited its hard with not smoking to x
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Anytime I walk into the doctors office my blood pressure goes up!!!

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my BP was through the roof yesterday when I was admitted. I never have high BP. Anxiety tries to rule your body! This place has helped me more than anyone knows! xx

Got some diazepam today to help doc checked my...

got some diazepam today to help doc checked my blood pressure and its really high lets hope it go,s back down xx


Hi All! New to this site, but it's so helpful & informative..yay! I'm due to get my reduction on the 15th Dec in Thailand. I'm a 34 F 33 & 10 stone, i wan't to go to a C. I'm nervous about so much, e.g do you have to stop taking the pill? My contact at the hosp said i could carry on taking antidepressants, but i havn't mentioned that i take precribed pain killers..(due to a bad accident) I'm scared i can't take them too?! Sorry to unload like this but if anyone can help with my questions that would be amazing! How long until you get your stitches out? & has anyone used the silicone strips you put over your scars? Anyone else doing the Thailand thang also? I really don't know where to put all this, but please feel free to comment away! Cheers x
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Yeah mine did too on surgery day.  They gave me a happy pill quickly:)

lol my gp gave me some today so hopefully it will be down by next week x

Been checking my BP at home and its alot better...

been checking my BP at home and its alot better think my wee magic pills are helping I am still really positive and excited . Finding it really hard with no fags but must be done x Been going out for long walks the last few days which helps to relax me I am luck to stay 5 min from the park which looks out to the loch beautiful xxx


Glad u got ur Bp under control. This is a big choice and ur going to be so glad u did!! Relax and enjoy ur time until ur day!!
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yeah can,t wait xx
hi lexi D I am getting my BR on the 12 nov . I take alot of meds and painkillers for my stills disease and antibiotics and I now thats ok as long as you let them know but I would check with the pill as I think that can put you more at risk off dvt hope this helps xxx

Just rapped my christmas presents up neck and back...

just rapped my christmas presents up neck and back killing me can,t wait to get rid of the heavy load lol xx


Hey niniScotland2475, Hope you are feeling ok & healing well? Be great to how your recovery is going. Take care! x
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Sorry hun, sent wrong post!! Think i'm starting to lose it lol! How are you feeling? Not long now! x x
Yay for Xmas pressies! I have to start my Xmas shopping now !
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Ok so tomorrow is the big day so happy I am...

Ok so tomorrow is the big day so happy I am getting this done can,t wait. Hopefully I will get a sleep tonight think I will be ok took 2 pills so fingers crossed but I am feeling quite chilled at the moment . Not in surgery till 4 tomorrow so hope I can stay calm till them and my BP dose not go to high. Think I will be in hospital for a few days then I am going to stay at my mum and dads to be pampered lol so will let yous now how I get on when I can good luck all and happy healing xxxxxxxx


Checking in to see how you made it? Let us konw how you are fairing when you feel up to it. Thinking of you during these first few days...
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All the best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you x
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Good luck today!! Thinking of you & sending healing prayers x x
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Hey ladys sorry its took so long to up date been...

hey ladys sorry its took so long to up date been staying at my mums so this is my first night home .I have had a bit of a ruff week was very tearful and sore found getting my drains out to be very painfull and the shock off getting them out kicked off my stills so I have had a bad rash all over my body and had to get steroids and to make matters worse I dont like my new boobs I think they are to small trying to like them but just not happening I might like them better once all the swelling every were else gos down as my tummy looks massive I am fitting in to my D bra but they just look tiny feel like my boobs are 12 lol apart from the size they look good and are healing well so fingers crossed I learn to love them . Has anyone felt the same I new the min I saw them then were to small xxx will put pic up tomorrow xxxx


Ur feelings r normal it takes awhile for ur eyes to adjust. I felt mine were bigger than what I want but then when my sister in law told me today I looked great I was floored. She is not one for compliments!! So I am feeling happier with them each day xxxx
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You have been through a lot...This is something that is a huge change in your life. Take a breath and just concentrate on your recovery. It is so hard to judge them now. My girls went through so many different changes/looks. I am now at a month and cant believe how they have changed. Heel well and take care of yourself. Your emotions r going to be all over Just understand the trauma your mind and body just went through.
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I've remembered! Have a look at hargisjk. Hope it helps
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Hey ladys thanks for your help and advice I am...

hey ladys thanks for your help and advice I am sure once ever thing calms down I will love my boobs think its just the shock they are healing well and do look good so fingers crossed . It helps so much hearing that alot of you girls felt the same at first and love them now HAPPY HEALING TO YOU ALL XXXXXXXX


Hiya Nini hope you are ok, be great to hear from ya!! xx
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sorry not been in touch first 4 weeks had a really bad rash every were was driving me mad as it was so itch it was stopping me from sleeping it is better now thank god . boobs are looking good I love them but the right one is being a pain lol after 5 weeks one of my scars has opened its just a small hole so fingers crossed seeing my ps on fri so will update once she has had a look hope your well and had a great new year xxx
good to hear you are loving them, I too have a little spot and due to see my PS on Monday. Let me know how things go. The healing process is more stressful than anything else for me! xx

Hey ladies hope you all had a great christmas and...

hey ladies hope you all had a great christmas and new year !!! Sorry I have not been in touch been so tired had a rash over my body which was driving me mad could not sleep for itching for 4 weeks but its cleared up know. So I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS thank god it was just a big shock at first. Been taking it easy and resting alot .The boobs are still sensitive the right one is the naughty one it is still swollen and slightly brused .About 5 days ago I was taking my tape off and gunk ran out of my downward scar it was mostly blood but I had a hole that you could stick a pen in about 2cm when to hospital and nurse cleaned it for me there was no infection thank god seen my ps today and she thinks I was spiting a stitch the hole is nearly mended together to use inadine and plaster so glad that it looks better got new flesh coloured tape today which looks better. Put all my pics on be glad to delete them from my phone was so scared incase I lost it and everyone saw my frankenstein boob lol x Hope you,s are all well and healing nicely xxxxx

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Its been killing me not to be able to dance and...

its been killing me not to be able to dance and have a wee boogie I NEED TO DANCE !!!!!


Hey nini, I am having my consult with Mrs Mithoff soon for a breasts reduction. Can you please update us with pictures. What did u use for the scars?
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Hey, I have a consult with Mrs Mithoff on the 19th and I'm a bit nervous! How long did your scars take to heal and how long did it take you to recover? Like not fully recover, but after the surgery I have uni work to do, do you think it would take a while to get back to doing that kind of stuff? Thanks! x
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Hi Maxo21, I will be having a consult with Mrs Mithoff very soon, and am nervous too. How did you find your consultation, I heard Mrs Mithoff is very nice and of the top surgeons in UK.

GP suggested I go see her and she was really nice .She is one of the uk,s top 10 breast reconstruction surgeons so that can only be good x

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