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I've wanted to have a nose job for several years...

I've wanted to have a nose job for several years now. I started having a "problem" with my nose after my first baby was born (8 yrs ago) and felt like it had dropped and was wider. Has anyone else ever felt that way? Like if pregnancies change your nose? Weird, huh? My consultation was las month and got scheduled for December 18th. I went in at 8:00 am. The nurses were great and sweat although one of them could not find my vein and had to poke me twice OUCH!. I was awake during my surgery although I fell asleep for I don't know how long. I could feel the doctor work on it, scratching, pulling, yikes! That was VERY scary but was in no pain whatsoever. I did felt when the doc was poking me with a needle. (no pain just discomfort) which I told the doc which he said it was really weird since just a sec he was pulling and I couldn't feel it. That's probably due to my fear for needles cause I couldn't feel anything else. I left the hospital 4 hours later. Thankfully no nauseas. I got my meds and headed home. No pain thank good just a mild stuffy nose but I could still breath trough it. I took my pain meds every 4 hours although I was never in pain but didn't want to take a chance.

Thursday I woke up more swollen but still no pain or bruises. Very little dripping from my nose. I cant stop looking in the mirror trying to see any difference!.

Yesterday was the "worst" day. Although I have not have any pain whatsoever in my nose or around. Since the first and second day I ate very little and "mild" , yesterday was my moms birthday so she made a nice dinner. OMG!!!! I was in sooo much pain after that. My stomach was killing me!. I got my nose worked on without mercy and my stupid stomach is the one with the pain?!!?!?! So, every time I've eaten after that, its the same story so im back at mild foods like veggies, soup, a little of pasta. I also woke up soooo swollen like ive been in a boxing match. My eyes were burning a little but don't know why... maybe cause they were sooo swollen? I also see some bruising but yellowish.. nothing bad.

Today its been the day were I started to feel like im recovering. I am not as swollen as yesterday but I still love funny. I washed my hair for the first time today. Gross I know but I was really scared since they told me absolutely nooo water in my face and couldn't bend either to wash it in the faucet.. I felt soo good afterwards lol. I can breath better trough my nose too although I have not been completely stuffed so I was lucky.

To this day, the only pain Ive felt its my tummy. I stopped taking pain meds on Thursday night so I really don't think I'll be in pain anymore. I go in on Monday for a follow up to change my bandage. I wont be able to see my new nose till Thursday! Can not wait. I'll post pics later!

Happy recovery to you. I look forward to seeing your results.
Thanks for sharing your amazing detail! Please let us know how your big reveal goes. I'm excited for you! :D

Freaking out!

So I got my cast removed today and had a chance to get a glance of my new nose.... Piggy nose :**( Im praying it will drop a little and its just because its swollen still but... im not so sure.. What will I do?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? I told the doctor that i hoped that it will drop a little and he sai, drop? Why would it drop? Its perfect! I dunno.. my nose was very very wide and low so maybe its just that since its basically a new nose.. LITERALLY i just need to get used to it? Has anybody else had similar experience.. I will post poics after i get home from work.....


sorry. lol im really freaking out that comas, punctuations went out the window!
Don't fret yet! The piggy nose is a common phenomenon right after the cast comes off. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's real or just perceived since you're used to your nose a certain way. Here's what some doctors say about the tip dropping as you continue to heal. I hope this gives you some comfort.
That was very kind of you Angiemcc. Yes it did put me at ease for now haha!
Recover went and its going very nice so icant complain.. just my end result? :/ well see!


More pics :)

Feeling good

So today is the sixth day. Im feeling great. Im still very nervous. My nostrils are not swollen anymore. Well at least they dont feel that way. My tip and bridge do feel swollen and my bridge is very tender. Yesterday while doing my make up and accidentally hit my brodge with it. OMG!!! Huuurted big time. The most pain ive felt and it was self inflicted. Dumb ass girl!!! My ntx appt is friday to rwmove the tape and thats it! Ill be stuck w my new nose. Hope it turns out good after its no longer swollen. So, what u think?
You nose looked a bit like mine! it looks great now. Will wait to see the results cast off
Hi Amelva.. I will post pics... I feel and hope that I'm somewhat swollen since my tip feels very hard..
Your nose looks great! I suffer from the same problem ( a wide nose ) it really does affects one's self esteem! I wanted to know, what doctor did you go to? I am interested in this procedure :)

3weeks post op

Recovery has been smoth. Pressure on mu brdige lasted for almost 2 weeks but its now gone. Sometines though when im aboit to sneeze it burns a lil on the insode and i get random pains like needles on where ny nostrils where cut (sounds worse than it is) i feel that its slightly crooked to d left but im assuming cause its still swollen. My tip was rock hard but it has soften. Veery little though but still hard to d touch. Again, i think its because its swollen still. Whats ur take on this? People tha dont know i had a nose job havemt said a thing. I cleverly (or so i say) started using glasses to confuse d enemy lol. I dooo need them btw. My hubby left to visit his mom for 3 weeks so he didnt seemy nose till 2 days ago. He was very pleased yhat my face didnt change and iys very natural looking. I agree. What do u think?
Hi Mrsebaker, I think your nose looks beautiful! so much so that I have contacted Juan Domingo Paz (is he slow at getting back to you by the way? because i've not heard anything yet) Like others have already said, you looked great before but your nose is so much more refined, it really shows off your eyes. When you had your first consultation, were you shown any before and after pics, especially any african american/ethnic rhinoplasty or did he offer any kind of digital simulation service? did you show him your own simultion.com pics? The work you had done was such a good price too. yours is similar to how i would like my nose to be. So happy for you
Wow really??? Where are u located. He is in nuevo laredo... When I sent him emails he would usually get back to me whithin 2 days.... He's been doing it for I think 30 yrs??? And noses are his specialty. He actually did my moms 20+ yrs ago!!! Inbox me if u have specific questions about him
I love what has been done to your nose: refinement. the same nose but an improved version! lovely


I've woken up this past week swollen and feeling a tightness... Hubby says he can't tell. I guess is more than a feel thing... My tip is still pretty hard but rite getting softer by the day. Still very tender. It hurts if I hit it even slightly.. Also, I feel this pains around the nostrils like being poked with a needle.. Yikes!! But, big but, I think that's how my skin reacts to being cut cause 15 yrs ago I got my gall bladder removed and I still have those pains ocasionally. ..yep, 15 yrs later. It's not horrible pain. Just find it weird... Has anybody else has experienced this? I haven't posted more pics since I don't think there's a difference. I'll wanna wait 2 more weeks and see if there's any changes.... Having said all that.. I am very very happy. I used to avoid looking at my nose. I would put on make up and concentrate in my eyes, mouth etc... Never even bothered with contouring it since didn't think there was much that could be done lol.. Neeeever would I look at my profile. Now I see my face in the mirror as a whole.. Does that make sense? Lol...
Hi Mrsebaker, Hope all is well. just wondered if you had any update pics? Any changes? Is it still tender?
Yes, when I wake up my nose is swollen ..I think they say normally our nose swell when being rested at night. so I have to get up walk around etc. it comes down a bit. I also keep using the ice packs . IT doesn't hurt to the touch , not tender either. But you say thats just your skin, so im sure its nothing. especially if you've had that reaction to other surgery or cuts etc. it was one day where it look so small, and cute but that was last week. lolol the swelling fluctuates. I guess the first 3 - 6 mos.
is the bottom portion of your nose the part where the nostrils are , are is that area firm ? I think that place holds the most swelling. as per doctors as well. This swelling will contribute to the front view not being as narrow .
Juan Domingo Paz

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