Hi my lovely BBL sisters, I had a baby 10 months...

Hi my lovely BBL sisters, I had a baby 10 months ago and was left with saggy boobs due to breastfeeding, a large areola and a tummy full of stretch marks. The surgeries that I want to get done are a tummy tuck, breast lift and a brazilian butt lift. I am getting a brazilian butt lift first because I figured since I am going to have lipo with the tummy tuck I would use my fat for good use and put it in my booty. I am doing the tummy tuck and the brazilian butt lift separately because I feel the recovery would be very complicated and painful. After my brazilian butt lift I am going to have a breast lift and tummy tuck. Anyways I have always wanted a big bum since I can remember and I FINALLY get to have one in a couple of days. =D


I love your wish pics, what's the name of the blonde girl?
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Thank you so much doll :) I hope my results are amazing too!! Im so exited to have a big boootyyy!
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Hope you get the results you want please keep updating. You already have curves so i know your results should be amazing don't think you need a tt think lipo will be fine . Will keep you in my prayers and happy healing!!!
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Hello ladies, Today I went to Mexico to see Dr....

Hello ladies,
Today I went to Mexico to see Dr. Trevino and they told me all my labs came back perfect and the day is set for MAY 11th. :DYay! 17 more days!!!! Well,I have been trying to gain weight and so far I have gained 5 pounds and still need 5 pounds to go. I really want to have a big noticeable booty but I am worried not a lot of cc might fit. The doctor said he can definitely get at least 350 cc each cheek. I am really hoping for waaaaaaaaaaaaay more. By the way my current measurements are 34-29-36 I weigh 111 and I am 5'0 feet tall. Happy Healing to all my beautiful BBL sisters!


Thank you girls!!! 10 more days :D cant wait to post pictures!
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Me toooo!!! 21 more days ;)
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I hope you get exactly what you ask for!! :)
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Hola Chicas, The time for me to have a bigger...

Hola Chicas,

The time for me to have a bigger butt is almost here! Its almost unreal to me. I cant believe I am actually doing this! Finally I am not going to be embarrassed when guys see me from the back. Well, I have been trying to gain weight but I cant anymore. I have only gained 5 pounds so far. I have been eating like crazy but my body just isn't gaining weight :( so I was thinking maybe I could ask the doctor to take fat from my inner thighs and maybe even arms. Right now he is going to take away from my flanks, full back, and my stomach. Later I am going to post some pictures with clothes on. I know sometimes when you are naked you appear to have more booty than you actually have in pictures (well I least I do.) I have a flat butt with jeans. Anyways I cant wait to put up my after surgery pictures :D Good Luck to every one! xoxo

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Just uploaded some pictures with clothing on so...

Just uploaded some pictures with clothing on so when I get my surgery done this upcoming friday I can take my after photos with the same clothing and see the big difference. Oh and by the way the reason why I am only paying that price is because the doctor is my moms best friendl


Thank you doll! I am so excited =D I WILL keep you guys posted.
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Congrats hunny! Ur gonna look great happy healing!!;)
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@Omaha5612 I sure wiill. 8 more days OMG.
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Hello ladies, It has been three days now since I...

Hello ladies,
It has been three days now since I had surgery. Thank God everything came out phenomenal and I have gained 5 inches in my booty. The first day went pretty good. Right after surgery I felt so dizzy and nauseous butt overall I was happy everything came out fine. The pain and the recovery was not as bad as I thought at least I thought. The second day I started to get more swollen and felt pretty nauseous every time I would drink, eat, or walk.The "faja" I have on makes it very hard to pee and is very annoying I just cant wait to stop wearing it in 5 more weeks and 4 more days. Last night I could not sleep at all because I was so uncomfortable and in pain. Today has been a better day. I finally eaten something and felt pretty good after I also got some good sleep. I look a little less swollen but I am still very swollen from my stomach which is weird because the reviews that I have seen everybody looks pretty good after. :( Hopefully it goes down. But anyways the doctor took fat from my whole torso and inner thighs. I am still not sure how many CC's but I will ask in my week follow up. I will post pictures later. By the way is it normal to be so swollen from my stomach?


Nice size of you butt, you look fabulous, how many ccs you get in each cheek, put some more pics later, i going to have mines in june, and i like your size.
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Looking good honey! I'm wishing you a fast recovery(:
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Thank you so much I really hope so too lol @FabNewMe
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So today is day 5. I feel pretty good. The...

So today is day 5.
I feel pretty good. The swelling is getting better, I don't feel so nauseous anymore and I am sleeping a lot better. Yesterday I went with my doctor because I was feeling very weak. He checked my hemoglobin levels and everything was fine. Then I mentioned I had not eaten for the past 3 days and he said that was the problem. So I got home and I forced myself to eat and felt a lot better. I also got a shot to prevent infection and let me tell you it HURT LIKE HELL. I usually have a high tolerance for pain but damn that short hurt.

Anyways, Currently I am very happy with my results. I love how I now have a waist


how can i get dr trevinos info?
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R u asking for the one in nuevo laredo?
Can u plz update I would love to c your results. How can I get dr Trevino info?
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Luis Trevino

He is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone.

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