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I am both excited and scared about my surgery...

I am both excited and scared about my surgery which is less than 3 months away. Since having a baby my stomach has a full 3d effect and I am very thick from the side. I am a size 16 and I can't wear t shirts, I live in baggy shirts blouses and most recently a corset to hide my big stomach.

The look I want is more slender, I am 12 stones and I am on a mission to loose a stone before my surgery for an even better result.

The surgery is important to me because my stomach affect my confidence and ability to be social.
One month away!  How are you feeling?  Do you feel ready?

I just created a new forum post that is a check-in for everyone having any sort of lipo in October.  You can reach out and meet everyone else who will be on a similar timeline as you as far as pre-op and then recovery.  Feel free to post there and make some recovery buddies:


Thanks for sharing!  Here is a roundup of a bunch of pre-op resources that you might find helpful:

How are you trying to lose the weight?  Diet and exercise?  I think one stone (14 pounds for everyone who is wondering) would be difficult to lose given your timeframe, although certainly achievable if you have a solid plan.  I'm just curious what you are going to do.
Hi Jill81, thanks for the link, I have been making my shopping list got a few months to get it all. Yes diet and exercise, cutting done on processed food and using my gym membership! I've lots a few stone in two months from working out 3/4 tI'm es a week, my legs are slim and my stomach and back are my target areas
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