Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks - Liverpool, UK

Took a while to research whether it was worth...

Took a while to research whether it was worth getting done, but felt it would much harder to try a shift the fat through exercise. One person told me it would take a year of hard exercise to shift my belly fat and some fat is very hard to shift full stop. I am due to have the procedure on the 17th May and will update this review with my experience and photos.


Just think this time tomorrow you will be a lot less fat filled!!!
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Hi Im in Liverpool too, hope it goes well for you. I like to be kept posted on how you get on. How much is it too have your lower and upper abs and flanks done
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Hi, thanks for your comment. It was £1500 for the first area (upper and lower) and £750 for each additional area. However, i believe the normal price for the first area would be more like £2000. Plus you've got compression garments and MLD massage to go on top of that. Relatively cheap when you consider traditional lipo can be £7000 upwards though! Will keep you all posted....

Procedure tomorrow!

Little bit nervous but am hoping everything will go well! Got my puppy pads, painkillers and anti-infammatories all ready and have but a plastic cover on my mattress. Have also got a spare compression vest. I'm hoping the leakage won't be too bad! Will keep you all posted on my progress..


Good luck and all the best results for your procedure Liverpool lad :) had mine done on the 9th May in London. Pains not so bad, just be sure to get the correct fitting garments - they are the biggest paid cheers
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Good luck today!!!!
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Thanks for your support Rae :)

Day of procedure

Arrived for 1pm, staff were lovely made me a cup of tea. I was then given a sedative to help me relax. The surgeon marked out his plan of action on my stomach and then I was then placed onto the table with a cushion an the procedure began. First i was injected to numb all areas. The incisions were made, two either side below my stomach near my crotch area, two just below my nipples and in my belly button. I was in no pain but i could feel a lot of tugging with the ultrasound wand and suction device. I was chatting away to the staff throughout which did help. The most painful part was when i was getting hi def on my upper ab area, but it wasn't too bad. Was a lot of discharge when i first got up. Gores and puppy pads are working well and the compression garment is really comfortable. Quite hard to get up and down at the moment, but I'm sure this will improve quickly. Will post a pictures soon..


So glad it went very well for you, given me a lot of hope and made me feel a lot less nervous for my own now. Can't wait to see some progress pics, have you had a sneaky look at yourself yet?? Hopefully pain won't kick in too badly tomorrow most important is getting a good nights sleep tonight.
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Thanks Rae, i watched the whole procedure so could see that it was just fluid left over and no fat! they took 1900ml of fat! So once i've got rid of the fluid it should look good, will have a look again on Monday night and will post a picture. One thing i will tell you is the first night there is a lot of leakage that goes everywhere but pads really help, id also added extra pads in the crotch area in the bath. Garment is similar to a leotard quote comfy. Other than that i feel good.. My doctor was Dr Vlok who said he also works with the people at Selston! :)
Thanks for your comment :) Hope you are recovering well, i don't feel too bad at all. Went well was completely awake for the whole procedure..

First day garment pictures

looking promising already even with padding in!


Glad it went well, met Dr Vlok this morning, he was realky nice and reassuring. Im just waiting for a Friday or Saturday date now to book in. Look forward to your updates.

Post op morning

Woke up with no pain at all, slept for 8 hours only turning a few times. Leakage is now starting to subside, the worst leakage is definitely on the first night, but it's nothing that can't be handled with absorbent pads. If you are in pain it is worth noting that you can only use paracetemol or codeine based pain killers not Ibuprofen.. will post a few leakage pictures later today..


Why can you not take ibuprofen? I have taken a few over the past week which have helped with inflammation. .
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I was told my the nurse and doctor the reason is like Aspirin it has blood thinning properties which can prolong recovery.. but obviously it is a personal choice too.
Just to note I'm with a different clinic who have also said strictly no ibruprofen jn my documentation. This is what is written. "Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen or products containing these medications (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) for two weeks prior and two weeks after your procedure. Aspirin thins the blood and could increase your tendency to bleed at the time of surgery and during the post op period. Hope this clears it up. After two weeks you're ok.

Day 2 going well!

Bit sore today but not too bad, leakage has now stopped. Took everything off for a shower and even with the swelling my stomach and hips are looking great! Think once the swelling has gone down it will look even better too.. will post some pics soon :)

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Day 3 first after pics!

Day 3 now, in no pain. I have added pics so you can see the difference compared to my before pictures. Most of the blue colour is just pen or adhesive off the gores tape and there really is no fat there anymore just a bit of swelling. Excited to know what it will look like once the swelling goes! My flanks are completely flat now too. Only slight bruising is below both nipples and around my belly button...


No pouch!!!! Amazing!!!! Just think it's gonna get better and better!
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I know it's great! I can't wait for the swelling to go fully now! They took 1900ml of fat! Are you getting excited for yours now? You'll have to keep us updated.. :)
It's not hit me yet! Think it will only hit me on the way there on Saturday. I won't sleep Friday I know I won't! Going to add my before pics tomorrow probably not going to be much change in my before shape anyway so will add them tomorrow. It feels weird knowing last week we were talking and yours was a few days away and now you're all done and it's my turn so soon.

Day 4

Stomach is still quite swollen today but isn't painful anymore. Put some Arnica gel on and it has helped. The incisions near my lower crotch area have now healed up, the left weeped the most but has now cleared up. Going for an MLD massage tomorrow which will hopefully speed up my recovery.. forgot to mention i was also put on a weeks course of antibiotics as a precaution..

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Day 5

No pain now just slightly tender. Had MLD massage with Ultrasound today, smoothed everything out and i can feel and see an improvement already. Will post some updated pics soon.

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Day 6 pic update!

Swelling going and the definition is starting to show! Very happy so far! :)


Hi Lpoollad, had mine done today its very relaxed at the clinic isnt it, Were you very bloated with the liquid still in you? It feels like the whole front of me has been inflated. They took 2ltrs out out me, not in any pain but got some pain, but bearable not took any pain killers as yet. Hope your getting on well.
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my recovery i going well thanks mate, stomach is completely flat now! MLD ultrasound is recommended. Glad your procedure went well, feeling a bit bloated is normal it won't last too long.. the leakage will last around 2 days, i used puppy pads to soak this up, will look forward to seeing your after pics! :)
Thanks, yes i look bloated, but thinner than what i was with the compression garment on, the leakage is only coming out of the groin areas. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Upto now im pleased i haf it done. where are you going for your massages? And how soon can you have them

Day 8 pics!

Bruising virtually gone only a bit of swelling left..


Hello everyone so good to hear your experiences. I saw Dr Vlok with NU clinic but I needed more questions answering. I am finding NU a bit slow to respond though. I just need basic answers like what I need to know about aftercare etc. Do I need the MLD. I want the basic vaser and am after sculpting as I'm pretty slim. What should I do? Is it better to see Dr V somewhere else other than at NU? I am travelling anyway so wondered if I should somewhere else. Rae how much is it at Selston and is that also with Dr V? He mentioned Dr Bassi to me when I saw him. Any help appreciated I just hate how my body affects my confidence and want to get going!
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Almost 5 weeks now!

Going well. Lost a bit of weight and am working on improving the definition of my abs. Left side is still a bit swollen but improves the more ultrasound massage i do. Quite happy so far, but i would say to see optimal results you really need to keep fit and eat well..


Also any advise in regard to some sort of preparation days beforehand???
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Hi LpoolLad29, I'm having mine done in 2 weeks time and looking at your compression garment it looks like a good support,could you please tell me where you got it from and how much it cost you??
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Hi Babakins, I had mine done with Nu Cosmetic 2 weeks ago and I am over the moon with the results so far. The aftercare is pretty simple which is with any surgery. Just need to have some MLD and take it easy for few weeks. Hope you decide to go with Nu too.
Dr Riaan Vlok

Very friendly doctor. Made the whole process as easy as possible. Answered any questions I had and was realistic about my results. The nursing staff and coordinators were great too and made me feel very welcome. The clinics atmosphere is great! Would recommend Dr Vlok and the NU clinic any day :)

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