PIP Implant Removal After 7 Years & Can't Wait - Nr Glasgow, UK

I am 37 and had had breast implants put in after...

I am 37 and had had breast implants put in after having my 2 sons at the age of 30. They were 325cc. I was originally a 34B and after having the implants in and a third child with them in (plus a few unwanted pounds) I am now a 36DD!!!

At the time of having them I was low and insecure about myself and my small chest (my ex hubby liked big breasts and mines were not big), I am now with someone who loves me for the woman I am and I no longer need acceptance and approval of others as I am happy with my body good or bad and no longer need or want them!

My 34B breasts were slightly droopy and empty after 2 pregnancies (no breast feeding). I am no longer that same person and I am desperate to have my smaller boobs back, droopy or not! My partner of 3 years is amazingly supportive and wants me to be happy and healthy. I am only 5ft4 and a size 10/12. My surgery is in July. I can't wait to be smaller and back to myself and wear the smaller tops without worrying about my large chest!

I am hoping mines fluff up after the implant removal as they are rather droopy with the implants, Fingers crossed for me and I wish all my fellow implant removers luck and much fluffiness lol xx

ps I will post photos pre-op and post op xxxx

Just posted before photos of my breasts with the...

Just posted before photos of my breasts with the implants and hoping and praying I will have enough breast tissue for them to fluff up after i have the breast implants removed in July!!!

Just had a call to book me in for my pre-op health...

Just had a call to book me in for my pre-op health check - 2 July

And my actual operation for the implant removal is the 17 July 2012.

I am so happy I could burst. I can't wait to have these big hard rocks out! I don't care how droopy they look as I am totally prepared for the whole golf ball in a sock look!!!!!! Gulp!!!!

Thank you to all the woman on here who have also made this hard choice. We are all going through the same and I truely feel a bond on here that you wouldn't get chatting with non implanted friends xxxxx

Well I went for my pre-op check yesterday and I am...

Well I went for my pre-op check yesterday and I am super excited!!!

They did the usual, took my height, weight, medical history, haemoglobin level and photos my chest.

The Nurse was fantastic as I think she could sense my excitement and positive attitude to getting this done which I think she doesn't often hear!

Excited to counting down the days to the op for the implant removals on the 17 July!!!!!

Thanks again for all the support and kind words as its so worrying not knowing how they are going to look but at least they will be natural, all mine and no more anaesthetics to get them replaced in the future!

Still wondering about what size I'll be as I was originally a 34B before my implants but have had another child since and added a few pounds on to the scales!!! Hopefully there will be enough tissue and if not there are good bras out there that I can invest in!!! Fingers x xxxx

Well my surgery for removal is tomorrow and...

Well my surgery for removal is tomorrow and getting a tad nervous but also excited at the same time! I've to arrive at the hospital for 10am but I'm not due to go to the theatre for the op til 6pm!!! Lots of waiting on an empty stomach for me then!

By the way I'm shocked how huge my boobs look in the photos as I don't think they are that huge in reality , I might post another pre-op photo later, just off to pack my overnight bag for hospital, if anyone has any tips or recommendations etc for lotions and healing stuff please let me know.

Thanks again for all the support as its great having other 'friends' going thru the same insecurities etc, but deep down we all know we are doing the right thing and that our breasts are ours to love no matter wot they look like! As usual ladies I wish u all luck and much fluffiness in your recovery!

Well that's me had the surgery! Got taken early at...

Well that's me had the surgery! Got taken early at 2pm and was back in my room by 3pm, feeling great!! A little tender and sore round my chest muscles but feeling great apart from abit tiredness. Had a peek whilst in my bed and I'm so happy I almost cried as they feel so soft!!!! And don't look to bad altho I don't know how they will look when I stand up!

Just managed some tea and toast and it was yum as I was starving! Feeling tired but also feeling like I have made the best decision of my life!

Pleased to also say thr implants were still in good condition and feel really relieved altho I still don't regret getting them out, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Thanks for all the support ladies, it's means do much to be supported by woman who know exactly wot we are talking about. I'll post some photos in the next day or so xxx

Thanks for all the lovely comments My boobs are...

Thanks for all the lovely comments

My boobs are so soft.....and warm!!! I so don't miss the big heavy feeling, hard feeling and also my boobs always felt cold to me and also to touch! I'm well chuffed they are lovely and warm and soft! I have a new found love for my natural saggy, but all mine, boobs!

I know I'm still laying down in me bed recovering but just want to see to any ladies who are unsure to go ahead...... Do it! I feel like I am back to myself without my boobs entering a room before me! Big hugs to u all and night night for now xxx

Well thats me home from hospital and feeling good...

Well thats me home from hospital and feeling good.

Slightly concerned about the sloshing noise coming from both breast which only started this monring?! Anyone else have this?

Anyway still really happy and have posted some pics to share with you all xxxx

Today I feel really tired and still tender which...

Today I feel really tired and still tender which is only to be expected.

Transform called me to check how I was, so ran by the whole sloshing noise from both breasts and they said its totally normal, so very relieved!

Last night and today I have 3 sport bras on.... Yes 3! I have a 34b on, then ontop of that a 34c then lastly a 34d! They feel so much better and secure this way! Feels great not having the fake feeling anymore, just hope the sloshing goes soon and the fluffing starts! Xxx

Well this morning I took off my dressings to have...

Well this morning I took off my dressings to have a shower (sterile strips were still over the stitches so kept them on) and had a good look and I'm pleasantly suprised. They don't like too horrendous altho they could be doing with tightening up so hoping that process will keep happening over the next number of weeks!

I'm back at work tomorrow........boo hiss...... and hoping I'm not too tired although I only work part time lol. I managed to drive on Saturday, just a short journey to test myself and it was fine. Still finding that I am tired after doing anything, for example, had shower and blow dryed my hair this morning and was pooped after that!!! Not like me at all so hoping that's my body just taking it's time to mend. I managed to go out a 40 minute walk last night so that's good and can't wait to get back to keeping fit and tightening up my body.

I am down to wearing 2 sports bras now. A 34b, then a 34c on top. I feel more secure and the sloshing that I had has also reduced. It's still their but not as bad.

On Wednesday 25th I am back at Transform for my post op check and to get the stitches out, so looking forward to that.

I have Palmers bust cream and the bio-oil ready to slather on in the hope that this helps tighten and heal things up. Noticed alot of woman say that massaging their breasts helps to stimulate the breasts to help fluffiness and tighten them up so will give it a bash.

The day before my op my sons went to stay with their grandparents so when they came home (they came back 2 days after my surgery) when I went to hug them when they came home I asked them to watch as I was tender at my chest as I had a wee op, they asked me why I was in hospital, so I told them i had 2 lumps removed. And on reflection that is exactly what they were to me....2 lumps. I do not miss them or remember them fondly as I was so shocked with the PIP scare that I just wanted them out.

All in all I am 150% happy and would recommend it to anyone who is unsure. I feel far slimmer and sexier without implants and I love how warm and soft my breasts are!!! I will post some photos at the end of this week.

Well I went back on Wednesday to get my stitches...

Well I went back on Wednesday to get my stitches removed but they weren't quite ready as me lefty was still 'knitting' together. So back I trotted on Friday and they were ready to be taken out. Rather uncomfortable to be honest but really pleased, and my boobs are looking fab, droppy, but all me!

Today i bought a new top a size smaller than I normally do as I no longer need the bigger size to accommodate the implants and wow, I feel so much slimmer!!! My partner couldnt beleive hopw much slimmer i looked wearing a tyop which suits my frame and not to suit the implants!!

Going to take photos to show you 2 weeks after explant and see wot you guys think!

Im still wearing 2 breas as I feel more secure whilst i still have this sloshing which is only in my left breast now. Thanks again ladies for all the support and hope you all are as happy with your decision as I am. It such a relief to be myself again!xxxx

Added some new photo's of me 2 weeks after the...

Added some new photo's of me 2 weeks after the removal of implants and must say they actually look better when you see them in person than they do in photo's.

Hardly any scarring as you can see and hope this helps some of you ladies decide to explant!!

I cant say it enough, it is the best decision I madexxxxxx

1 year tomorrow and feel fantastic!

I honestly can't beleive the difference! I've worn fitted simple dresses the last 6 months as dresses now fit my frame! Love my wee boobs 1 year on!

1 year ago I was packing my bag getting ready to have my implants out! And 1 year on I have to say defo no regrets! I'm between a 34b or c cup depending on where I buy! The photos I have attached show me in a bra from sainsburys which is a 34b ???????????? very happy and hope my story has helped others as I know other ladies stories certainly helped me! I defo feel my skin has tightened and they have fluffed up in the last year! Here goes the photos......

Btw I defo feel slimmer!!!!
Mr Kuna, Transform

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Thanks laineylou and rosejam! I'm feeling great and extremely received I can fill a bra! Lol good lunch in your recovery rosejam, just think of how great u will feel! I certainly don't miss my boobs feeling 'cold' anymore xxxx
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Thanks aunaturale. Recovery is going good, fingers crossed. I'm deffo feeling much better natural. No more rubber feeling. Mine were pretty useless, I felt no sensations or anything, not even the boob itself. And I feel my sensations are returning :o) xxx
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Hey, you look fab! Its so good you've updated one year on too. Really great to see. I explanted just a few weeks ago. PIPs also. Always lovely to see another Scot on :o) I think Laineylou is one year post explant too. (Hubby is Glaswegian - love the place). Your rocking the pink bra ;o) x
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Looking good missus. Here we both are 1 year on. So glad we've had great results. What's spooky is that we could have been in hospital together had I gone with Mr Kuna as it was Transform who implanted me. I was allocated to Mr Kuna after my surgeon had an accident and died several years ago. I wasn't impressed at all when I contacted their office with a rupture tho. They didn't understand my concern, said they couldn't see me for several weeks and didn't have my files, hence the title of my story! The rest is history. Take care. X
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That's crap aftercare service, once a customer always a customer if u r walking about with their implants! Crazy how time flies. Glad to see u r doing great!
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You look fantastc! I'm really happy for you. Can't wait for my next consult on the 14th.
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LookIng good Aunaturale. Hope you're recovering well and enjoying your new shape. X
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Thanks Laineylou, feeling fabulous !!! xxx
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Thanks for all your posts and I'm so glad it's it's gone so well! I'm having mine next week so hearing about your positive experience is very encouraging. Continued Happy Healing to you xx
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Hi Unnatural, i read all the posts--- i feel one day positive one day negative but i do know it is the right thing for me to get these false things out. Good luck for Monday-- you certainly have been on a journey-- i will read all about your recovery too xxxx hope you have a relaxing weekend x
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Reed69 You will feel amazing, being free from the implants and lighter too!!!! Good luck xx
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thanks-- hope all is well with you and loving your new shape
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Hi aunaturale you look great. I am so grateful to you ladies posting pics. I go in Monday and am constantly wondering if I'm doing the right thing but when I see you it keeps me going. Thanks! X
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Runninggirl you are defo doin the right thing! Its such an amazing feeing being free of the boulders!!!! Good luck on monday xxx
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Hi Aunaturale-- just seen your new pics--- your scars---where are they??? Did you use any special creams as you look like they have healed really well. I have my op on the 4th Sept through the nipple-- worried about the scaring after as already have some dimpling on one side. Your breasts look great-- with and without a bra. It was all worth it!
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Hi Reed69, mines were around the nipple, really please with the result.

I kept my dressings on right upto a few days ago, so they were on for 2 weeks. After showering I would just blowdry them dry. The last few nights after taking the dressing off I have been rubbing in bio-oil. Also been using Palmers bust cream the last week, on my bust but obviously not where my dressings were. Hope this helps xxx
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Meant to say it cost me nothing as they were PIP's and transform had originally put them in. x
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Hi aunaturale!

Thank you for your reply! Ok perfect, im going to book into a few places for consultations next week and see what they say! Il keep you all posted on how I get on! x
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I originally had my breast augmentation done by Transform so when I realised I had PIP's I contacted them for firstly a consultation with the surgeon to view my options. Mr Kuna was the surgeon I saw (not who completed my breast aug.) and he was very 'short and quick' at telling me I should have them removed as they are PIP's and that I should have them replaced and larger!!!! I told him i wanted to think it over. Once I walked out of the Transform office I decided there and then that I was not about to do this every 10 years or so and I certainly didn't want to go larger! I then just called transform in Glasgow and told them I had thought it through and wanted a date to have explant only - no lift or replacement. They gave me a date about a week or so later once Mr Kuna had given them his schedule for the next month and I was booked into Kingspark at Stirling. Mr Kuna is very good but bear in mind he is quick and fast at his consultations. I must say that I am very happy with the scarring as there is hardly anything apart from a very thin line. Hope that helps, Any other questions, just ask xxxx
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Hi, Thank you for posting your experience! I am also based in Glasgow and desperate to get the same thing done, could you give me some info on where you went for the op, who was your doctor and how much it cost please? Im nervous but I want to get the ball rolling with a consultation asap! Thanks again!
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Just wanted to say thanks to you and those with similar posts. They helped me decide to have my ruptured implants removed on NHS with no uplift or replacement.
I had this done yesterday and am already pleased with both results and decision.
I have created a post which will be live tomorrow in the hope that it will help someone else.
Thanks x
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Aww Traff, its so good to hear you are happy and made the best decision for you! Its a great feeling being back to our natural sexy selves without the hard rocks. I love my wee droopy jiggly soft boobs lol, wish you a good recovery xx
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want to say that you look great, im simular size to you , having my explant on thurs, i pray that i look as good as you. thanks for telling you story. keep healingx
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Hey, less of the middle aged talk!!! It's my birthday at the end of the week and I've got enough to deal with as it is, lol!!!!
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Oh I really hope so. I'm gonna be hitting the gym big time once I'm able to try and tone everything up! You look fantastic, I really hope I have as good an outcome although I'm not holding out for much fluffing as I barely filled an A cup before implant - saying that I've had 2 kids and put on a bit of weight, fingers crossed. X
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