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I have two children a two and half year old who...

I have two children a two and half year old who was 10.4 lbs born and I gained over 80lbs. With I lost 50 lbs. of it then I had a daughter 4 months ago and she was 9.14 lbs. needless to say I had two huge babies and was stretched to the max. I'm 28 years old and don't want to feel bad about myself for the rest if my life.

Yesterday December 27,2012 I had a tummy tuck with flank/ hip lipo. This is day two and with the pain meds the pain is manageable. I had a check up today and all looks good. Hips are purple a d swollen and so is stomach to some extent. My belly button looks gross. I hate the fact I can't help out much with the kids. I'm hoping within the next 2 months ill be happy with results.

You look really good. thanks for sharing your story.
Great results! I'm scheduled for Jan 3rd and looking forward to it. My belly now looks like yours did. Looking at your results, I'm feeling better that I too can have such great results. Very confidnet w/my doctor and his staff too, so that helps. Keep healing and don't do too much too soon or you will take a step backwards. I had 3 C-sections so I know the abdominal pain. Hoping this will be less because I'm not having muscles cut. All the best for a new year and new you! Keep posting your results.
I had a TT & arm lift on Dec.7th 2012. I'm just over 3 weeks post op. I have 3 boys and it does bother me not to do as much as I did before but I know in a few weeks I'll feel even better. I keep feeling better each day..some days are better than others. My hips are still purplish and I have some swelling. Anyway, try to take it easy and get help when it's offered.

Today is day 5 po tt. I left house for a bit. Sat...

Today is day 5 po tt. I left house for a bit. Sat in car to watch hubby and sled followed by a target trip. Not being able to leave on nye was crappy and I feel already that people don't wanna help out with kids. My husband goes back to work tomorrow and my sister is suppose to be here but I'm a little worried about that. I'm used to being the one to take care of others and not even being able to take care of kids or house is driving me crazy. The pain comes and goes I'm just on ibrophin at this point just in case I have to drive. Back is starting to ache. I did not have the drainage tube so from what I hear that's a huge plus. I've lost only 2 lbs. but still swollen in belly and hips especially.
I'm sorry u have to go through that... Being the mother of 7 I understand what it feels like to need a little assistance sometimes especially now after major surgery...based off ur posts u seem like a very strong woman and I hope ur sister does come and assist.. Good luck and congrats on ur great progress...
Wow, I wish you had more support. It's crazy to think people would not support you at this time. Don't do too much and try to get your younger ones to help do just what they can. How old are they? Make them feel useful and offer coupon treats maybe, like fold the laundry (even if it's not perfect) and I'll give you a coupon for icecream when mommy is better. Again, I don't know their ages, but you get the idea. Don't worrie about the house work, it will not kill you to let things go a bit. I'm the same way so I know what you mean. My kids are 10 and 13 so they will be a big help! My husband is gone all week for work, so it's just the girls and school won't be back in until the 14th. Good luck!
Those are great ideas but I have a potty training 2 year old and a 4 month old. I have friends coming over for play dates to help occupy and help

Today is day 8 and was getting bugged about house...

Today is day 8 and was getting bugged about house so messy so got up and cleaned a bit. Then bro in law came over with stomach flu so I ran around again disinfecting everything. Went to doc and all looked good. Since I didn't have drainage tubes I have a little fluid so doc went in and sucked out some fluid. I must say it was gross and uncomfortable and have to go back next week to do it again. I guess the couple mins. Of discomfort is better than drainage tunes though. He also took tape off so some bleeding and lots of scabbing. Belly button still looks gross but doc said it'll be normal within 4 months. I go back to work Monday a little nervous about that. So far so good. Pain was a lot less than I phyced myself up for. Post pics tomorrow. Lost 6 lbs so far
Hi just wondering how your 1st day back went
Thanks so much for asking my first day was ok. As the day went on I was a little sore and had some swelling but swelling and fluid back up is gonna happen reguardless. I'm a teacher so I had my students do my lifting and reaching for me. I'm noticing at about 12:00 my stomach feels very tight I wonder if its because I usually have a pop and maybe the carbination causes fluids to built up. I'll try to test it tomorrow and not have pop. I'm walking pretty straight up. I'll post more pics and post again Friday after I see doc. Kinda dreading them taking fluids out, not a needle lover.
It's cool you are a teacher. May I ask what you teach? Or is that too nosey?

So not sure how I'm feeling my incsion looks...

So not sure how I'm feeling my incsion looks crooked but aS it heals I'm sure it'll look better. Still sore little. Went for po apt and they only took out half the amount if fluid since last week which is good because when it's gone no more binder. I'm able to now lift my five month old daughter, thank god my two year old is understanding. I bought a pair of jeans because I had none that fit me right. I'm happy to saw I was able to buy pants that I didn't have to buy high or big to cover my bulge. Still not able to really go pant shopping because not really normal yet.
Your pictures are a bit blurry. Are you concerned about your belly button?

Hey ladies! It's been 6 1/2 weeks now. I've been...

Hey ladies! It's been 6 1/2 weeks now. I've been feeling really good. I started working out even this week. I now see a problem. If you look at my side view pics you can see swelling all of a sudden. I see the dr. Again on Thursday but hoping I didn't ruin anything not hurting really just a little sore. Also my belly button still looks weird hoping the scar will get better. I've gone from size 14 to size 10 and down 10 lbs.
Also do you have new pics and any recommendations for swelling, foods i should avoid and what to use for your scar I'm 2weeks post- op I had mommy makeover which was BL and TT with lipo on March 19.
Hi, I was wandering how everything was going with you and how your recovery been going along.
I am 5 weeks tomorrow and have been really swollen in the last 2 days. My muscle have been more uncomfortable yesterday and today then after surgery. I am hoping that its just nerve endings waking up and that i didn't do something to mess muscles up either. I do't know what i could have done though because i've been really easy on my body, trying not to lift anything over 5-10 lbs and straining myself. I haven't started working out because i'm afraid to. Hope you feel better soon!

It's been almost 5 months po. I'm glad I got the...

It's been almost 5 months po. I'm glad I got the surgery but I have some imperfections. My left hip is little bigger and I don't like my scars. In oct. dr. Is going to mke corrections in office because ill be 9 month po. He's going to get rid of belly button scar and fix left hip. I've Gone from size 14 pants to size 8. I have several stretch marks in belly and still have some working off thighs so not sure about bikini this year. I'm really happy with the way I look in clothes and more confident about myself.
Hi all. I will post pictures some time this week. I know I haven't been on in awhile. I still have a bad scar and my belly button is still abnormal. The dr. has offered to try to fix the scar but the scar will be longer and he can't guarantee the scar will be less noticeably, I will still have to pay for cost of surgery just not from Dr. Reisin.
Can you post more recent post op pics so that we can see your progression?
I haven't done it yet I will say I did weight watchers an went from 203 to 180 so now I'm ready to do it I scheduled my new appointment for March ,2014 I want to be at least 170
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