185lbs, 5'4 in Michigan. Fat flap is gone

I learned of a plastic sugery center from my hair...

I learned of a plastic sugery center from my hair stylist, she had a full TT and Lipo at age 60, two yrs ago and looks wonderful, I've been interested in a TT since the birth of my son in 1991, I hope to have some shape to me, my waist and hips measure 47 round with only a half inch difference between them, and my thighs are 20inch around, so I'm very middle heavy, I'm nervous about the surgery, but only about the pain and recovery, I have to be back to work after Labor Day, I've been told it will be NO problem to return and should be feeling fine. I've been researching for months now and feel I'm ready.

I'm 41 yrs old and I'm only 4 days away from my TT...

I'm 41 yrs old and I'm only 4 days away from my TT and Lipo surgery, I'm very nervous about the pain and being able to go back to work in 3 weeks. I've read so many stories that I get nervous about complications, I can't have any problems, my FMLA runs out the 1st week in September, so everything must go right.

It seems around 80% of the people that are my size 14 to 20, depending on the brand, but mostly a size 16-18 have great results. I will be happy to get down to 175lbs and be able to fit into a 14-16, with comfort. With having small thighs and calfs I'm surprised I can stand up straight without falling over on my face.

I'm doing this for myself, my better half has told me that I'm fine just the way I am, but I have a feeling he will be more hands on after all this work is said and done. I also get sore under my fat flap after a big ride, I know it's from the sweat that gets under it. (YUCK) We did a 5 mile bike ride yesterday and today we are going to the park to BBQ and do a 5 to 10 mile ride, I will miss our biking together for the next 6 weeks or so, but I should be able to start riding again just in time for the lovely fall colors we have here in Michigan.

I picked up the puppy pads that I read in a story for my recliener and my bed, so that I can keep my furniture looking great without stains, I hope I don't leak much.

It's 7pm now and in 72hrs I will be on the so...

It's 7pm now and in 72hrs I will be on the so called flat side, I'm wondering what I'm going to look like in 3 to 6 months? I wonder if anyone will notice my new shape when I return to work? I hope my recovery goes good, my old man is turning 50 and we are suppost to go upnorth exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, we've planned this trip for 5 months and then I was taken off work due to a knee injury, and now that I found out I must take more time off, I decided to look into a TT and to my surprise I found out it is possible, I've pd in full now just waiting to see the results, my fiance is taking Thur and Fri off to be with me and help me, he is a great guy, I'm driving him crazy with all my worries, my son said "mom I hope you know that you are old and no one cares what you look like anymore" He was being silly but I think he meant a little bit of it. I told him "I CARE!" Then he said he was just joking. I love that kid, he has my boobs. LOL

Tick toc goes the clock, Ive cleaned the house,...

Tick toc goes the clock, Ive cleaned the house, have laundry done, picked up my meds and I feel I'm ready to start my recovery, I talked with my cousin today, we call each other Cuzly, anyway she made me feel great, she said that I'm gonna have to come to Florida in March and we will have to go show my new shape off. I love that idea. She also reminded me to have a pillow for the ride home since a outpatient surgery, I think I will bring a blanket also. I have a choice between a car or a truck to ride home in and I called the office and was told a car would be best, my mind is racing, one minute I'm excited and the next sick to my stomach. I'm looking forward to posting the pics after surgery, I might have to wait a few days depending on how I feel.

I'm not fat I'm Famine Resistant, LOL...I just...

I'm not fat I'm Famine Resistant, LOL...I just received the call from the Surgery Center, so at this time tomorrow I should be on a flatter side, I can't believe this is happening, I just hope I can fit into ANY brand, size 14 or shoot maybe a 12 when all the swelling goes down and healing time has passed., my legs are all muscle and I wear a size 4 in kids shoes, my FULL roundness in the middle doesn't fit, either does the gross fat flap that flops about and gives me icky marks. HA Mark, that my soon to be Husbands name. Tee hee, Well people, I love all the comments and it's true what others have said that this site ROCKS!!!! It keeps me updated. Thanks REALSELF. Bravo!

Well I made it and have been getting sick all...

Well I made it and have been getting sick all night, ouch. My man has been my rock, I'm walkin VERY good, with or without the walker I borrowed, 1 drain thats on the right side of my ladybug, I already hate it, it's hard to wipe after peeing due to it being in the way. Going to ask the doc today about a way to get it out of the way. I go see the doctor today, my pain level is at a 4 or 5 from the Lipo, but getting sick has been painful. I'm glad I was givin that Espeidol, I know I'm spelling it wrong but the medication keeps the pain level very low, I could walk straight up but was told not to. The drug is Amazing. We are bringing the camera today when he takes binder off and then we can see it, but I already can tell Im smaller, the doc said he took 8 lbs in belly and aroung 2 in the Lipo spots, he said I will be at leat 2 pant sizes smaller as the months go by.

2 days post op. I went to the Doctor and was told...

2 days post op. I went to the Doctor and was told I can shower, he said to gently blow dry my strip that covers my scars and I will see him sometime next week between Tuesday and Friday, to get the 1 drain out, no appt needed just call and let the office know that I'm draining under 35 a day and I can come in and get it removed, I'm very swelled up right now he said but I'm loving it already, I'm very beat up and sleepy, but walking well, I do use the walker to go to the bathroom it gives me something to go down smoothly on.

3days post op. I just took my shower and now...

3days post op. I just took my shower and now sitting and relaxing. I'm having some pain and a low temperature. My doctor said it's normal. I forgot to tell all of you that while in surgery my doctor found a dangerous hernia. He told me the name but I forgot. I will ask him when I get drain out. He said It's a good thing I had the TT or it would have ruptured and I could have died. Also he said after he fixed it that it helped with my results because of the size it was. I'm very happy with my results and I feel blessed that the hernia was found and fixed. I told the doctor how many problems I had with my stomach and how each time I was giving antibiotics. He said because it was in my small intestine that it must have leaked and caused the fever and pain. So the little pain I'm going through is well worth these results and my life.

5 days ago today I was in surgery now I sit here...

5 days ago today I was in surgery now I sit here typing about how surprised I am at how good I feel, Ive lost 2 inches in my waist and hips even with the swelling, my Aunt Bonnie is on her way to bring me some more frozen fruit bars, I'm lucky to have so many Family, Friends and this site to help me through this little bit of torture. I took another shower today all by myself and used the blow dryer to dry hair and the tape that around my extended tummy incision. Now resting and wanted to fill any of you reading my posts about how I'm doing. I really want this 1 drain out, it's a pain, it keeps getting cloged with clots and what looks to be fat. YUCK, but better to have it out then inside my body

6 days post op, I'm feeling pretty good and my...

6 days post op, I'm feeling pretty good and my father is on his way to bring me a chicken roll up from my favorite cook (Vali) I'm craving the roll up with spinach, yummy. My pain is less and less everyday, I do seem to get sleepy after a few hrs of being up, I'm still not sleeping in my bed, the recliner is my bed, my butt is sore, I'm interested in going to the doctors on Thur to find out what the name of the Hernia was that I had. I believe the stitches have ripped in my pubic area that holds my drain tube in, I hope on Thur it gets removed, it's a pain in my ladybug and I need it out, but I'm still draining around 60ml a day and I need to be under 30. I know I don't want this crap building up inside me, so the drain is needed, but hopefully it can be removed. I'm getting up and down easy today and as the days go on, it's getting easier and easier. I'm just tring to sit and sleep in the same lawn chair position with the pillows under my legs. It's going better then I expected

So tomorrow it will be one week since my surgery...

So tomorrow it will be one week since my surgery and I wanted to add a couple of pics so you can all see how it's going, I'm moving slow, resting, and doing as little as possible for the best results

I need a new butt. lmao

I need a new butt. lmao

Just got home from the PS and was told to come...

Just got home from the PS and was told to come back Saturday, my Auntie Bonnie took me and got to see the doctor milk my drain, we had a good laugh, she had me cracking up, my belly hurts in a good way. I'm doing fine, I have everyone checking in on me from sister in law to cousins to Aunties and Uncles, and my dad too, makes me feel good inside. We found out today that it was a Lateral Hernia. I'm very lucky to have had this surgery, the Doctor told my Auntie and I that it would have turned very bad if I kept getting the wrong Diagnosis. So I'm one happy Tummy Tuck lady here with a lucky outcome. Maybe my mom was watching over me, I'm not one who believes in a God but I do stop and wonder from time to time and this time it seems like someone was looking over me. God I miss her, but I'm glad that my Aunt is here by myside and I have such a great family to help me through this.

9 days post op. Yesterday, I had a low grade...

9 days post op. Yesterday, I had a low grade fever, I've been dealing with it for a few days, the Cipro has kicked in and the fever is gone. My Auntie is picking me up this mornning to take me to the PS. I hope my drain comes out. This procedure has been worth the ups and downs, I started out at 187 on the Doctors scale and the last time I was in there I weighed 173 and I'm only 9 days in, so my swelling is up, and I know it takes around 3 to 6 months to see the best results but when you think of a 1lb stick of butter and think of 9 of those gone from a selected area it makes a huge difference. So for any of you gals who are on the heavy side and are wondering about the results, just keep an eye on my pics as the months go by. Good luck to all of you and happy healing.

So I got my drain removed and the tape that was on...

So I got my drain removed and the tape that was on my extended TT. My right hip seems to have a little extra skin that came off with the tape removal, but I'm keeping a eye on it and it's looking better everyday, I'm leaving in a couple days to go upnorth with my better half for his 50th Birthday. He said I can stay home and he will only go up for a day or two, since I've been so sleepy and work is fast approaching. I'm still not sure if I'm up to going, but I love the Old Log Resort and I really want to go. I'm going to try and add a couple more lice today. I'm a apple shape and my measurements before surgery was my waist was 48 and my hips 47. LOL... Now with swelling my waist is 44 and hips 45. So a little better. But still a apple.

A BIG mistake on my last update... LMAO I was...

A BIG mistake on my last update... LMAO I was saying I'm going to add a couple more pics, and somehow it sayd lice... Stupid Kindle... teehee.. I hope I made someone laugh.

On my kindle again and still new at it. I just got...

On my kindle again and still new at it. I just got back from a 20 minute ride in the 1995 truck that I'm suppost to drive upnorth this weekend, and I can say no FRICKIN way am I driving for 3 in a half hrs in that vehicle, it was so uncomfortable on my belly. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could ride in a comfortable position let me know. We have to take this vehicle because we are picking up a large item or I would take a smooth ├žar. I'm so sad, I really wanted to go but I can't take any chances on any set backs due to going back to work. I have to be 100%. So the old man said he will go and come home early. I feel bad because we had this planned for 5 months for his 50th Birthday. We didn't expect to have this tummy tuck and we are both happy I had it. O well, I will miss him but at least I won't be in pain. My gummy looks soooooo good, even with all the swelling.

11 days post op and I had lots of running around...

11 days post op and I had lots of running around to do. I had to go to the store two times then to Lane B for my spanxs then I wanted to stop in to see my friend and my sister inlaw who seem very happy for me, then I came home, removed binder and my right hip started dripping blood, I called the nurse who took my call right away and was told to put gauze around it and relax. I see the Dr tomorrow for my scheduled appt. I'm feeling great, just sleepy so it's nap time for this always sexy girl.

2 weeks post op today, feeling very sleepy but...

2 weeks post op today, feeling very sleepy but managed to go to the metro park and walk a bit. Mark decided to stay home and skip going upnorth to be with me. I kind of wanted him to go and let me have an evening to myself, but my bestest Auntie had got Mark some presents for his 50th and brought it over yesterday, so lastnight we had a bonfire and Tequila. And YES my clothes fell off. LOL. I love my new CHA CHA. I heard people comment that it changes a bit so I put a word in to my doc as he was drawing on me. O boy did he do a great job. Tee hee. My right hip still needs gauze on it due to the small hole that hasn't sealed yet. The doc says ALL looks great. Bought the spanks and tried to get those on, holy moly that didn't work out good, so I will stick with the binders for now until I have to return to work. Happy Healing

8 days until I'm back to work, I'm so nervous, I'm...

8 days until I'm back to work, I'm so nervous, I'm going to rest as much as possible, over the last 4 days my pumpkin has been off work for a little R&R. So we did go shopping and on a couple short walks, but after about 6 or 7 hrs I was beat, so he did some work around the house while I sat, I worry about weight gain, but since the 1st weight at the PS office was 187lbs and now I'm around 171lbs, I'm tring not to worry, so I'm eating right and drinking so much water, at times I add the frozen berries in it, so I can get some fancy tasting water. lol... Also the real fruit bars my Auntie picked up for me are a must. I should buy stock in Healthy Choice Meals, thats what I have for Dinner everyday and sometimes lunch too. I'm adding some more pics, I thought I would do monthly pics but I'll take a couple and think dam what a difference and I have to share for all of you who are thinking of getting this done.

19 days po and only 1week away from going back to...

19 days po and only 1week away from going back to work. I'm concerned that I won't be able to handle going back and I have to. My father and I went out for a little while today and I maybe walked a mile at the most all day and my stomach is sore. The muscle repair the doc did was indeed a very tight fix. So I made a promise to myself that I will sit and do as little as possible until I go back to work. I've read that around the 3rd week after a TT with muscle repair that's the most time you will have such a tight feeling. The tightness is right below my belly button, I feel like I've done 100's of crunches and it's hurting in a weird spot, but I'm very happy with the way my tummy is coming along. I just hope in 1 week I can handle my job, lots of driving and even if I park close to do my deliveries I still walk around 2 miles a day and I will be taking the elevators. None of my 6 to 11 flights of stairs that I enjoy. I'm going to take the easiest route until I'm healed. I will miss my Pd workouts but I have to keep healing. Happy healing my TT friends.

3 weeks PO, and I added 1 more pic, when I found...

3 weeks PO, and I added 1 more pic, when I found out I was pg with my son I was 127lbs and I shot up to 210lbs, so the pic reminds me of when I was 3 in a half months pg, but it's better then the over due look. I have lots of lower ab tightness still. I find after about 4 hrs of doing things it really feels tight, I'm going to the Docs tomorrow just to make sure all is going well. The spanxs are a pain to get into but it does feel good while in them.

O my goodness, I just stepped on the scale and I'm...

O my goodness, I just stepped on the scale and I'm down to 167. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!! I never would have thought I would have lost at least 18lbs in 3 weeks. What a way to start the weekend off, I do have to say that I've changed my lifestyle with changing my eating habits and drinking habits, I started changing around 6 months ago and the Tummy Tuck has just made my dreams come true and I look forward to the next 11 months, to see the payoffs become more evident. Happy Labor Day Weekend.

31 DPO and loving my new belly, so is my fiance,...

31 DPO and loving my new belly, so is my fiance, my newer lokin cha cha isn't so bad either. I went to the doctors today and weighed in at 168.2lbs.. I have a little leaking going on, but he said thats fine and should go away within another week or two, he said it's ok to go bike riding again, he said it should help the extra fluid to escape sooner, so we will be going on my first bike ride since the surgery, my waist is at 41inches, hips 42in a half. Before my surgery my waist was at 47 to 48inches and hips around 46-47inches. So I'm VERY happy with how I'm feeling after the 1st week of work, I'm glad it was a short week. Looking forward to losing more weight and I will be getting my chin done in about 7 months. I'm very excited about that. Happy Healing to all of you.

Dec 2 2012... I just want to let anyone know who's...

Dec 2 2012... I just want to let anyone know who's thinking of getting a TT to do it, I love my new tummy and it's so nice not to have my fat flap sitting on my upper thighs. I will try and get another pic up, but I'm around 4 inches smaller in the waist and 4 in half in the hip area and loving my new tummy, I walk around naked and don't feel like I have to hide when the man is around, before the surgery I never would of felt like walking around in my Birthday suit.
Name not provided

My hair stylist told me about this Surgery Center and staff, they have a Outpatient Surgery Center where my surgery will be done.

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Dang you look great. What an inspiration. I hear you on the walking around and letting my husband see me. I am only 9 days out but yesterday is the first day since BK, before kids that I didn't cringe letting my husband look at me!! So nice and liberating!
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Can't wait to see pics :) and the comment of "fat flap" sitting on the thighs....yup I know the feeling!
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Hey Lady--you are looking good !!! Just remember take it easy and listen to your body . Happy Healing Love!! And thanks for your comments !!!
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Thanks neetah67, I'm doing well, been back to work over a week now and feeling great
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Hi Newtummy4me. 4 days post op. When will I not feel lightheaded? I'm sure it's the anesthesia. Can't wait for that crap to be out of my system. Trying to do a bit more each day but it's exhausting! I'm not really sleepy tired just drained. I'm not allowed to shower yet so I do my best but just the thought of showering exhausts me. I guess it takes time to build back your energy and to feel "normal". This compression garment is also starting to get to me. Movement overall is pretty good for the most part. Going to doc in the am. Hope your feeling good!
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Im doing good.I was able to shower after 2days but I know each doc is different. The compression garment will end up being your friend but get another one thats universal and has the fluff in it,not only is it wider but it gives you more comfort. Its one hell of a rollercoaster,but each day you will get better. Try to rest and do as little as possible for the 1st 2 weeks. Happy healing Lulee
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Thanks Flab U Less
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You look SOOOOO good!! You can see the difference in the swelling in he last two pics. You are such an ispiration to me. Love following your progress! I will begin my journey in 2 1/2 months and I am excited/nervous already.
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Lulee you will be fine. It's just a total pain in the butt, even a couple weeks later, but it's true about each day it gets easier. I find myself feeling good in the morning and about 6 to 7 hrs later I'm spent for the day, so on the 4th when I have to go back, I hope I'll have more energy. This sight is so helpful. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. You'll do great.
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New tummy, the hospital messed me up yesterday. Now going in on Fri. Home on Sat. You have given me such useful info and courage. I can't thank you enough! Keep up your great work. I'm sure you look awesome. Each day will get better :)
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good luck to you and HAPPY HEALING Lulee
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Congrats, hope you have great results :)
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Thanks jackie23
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My surgery is in one week. Next Thursday. YIKES! Really trying to prepare. Any good hints? How is the 2 week mark for you compared to what you thought you would feel like? What's the toughest part of all of this so far? I appreciate any feedback you can give. Again, you sound like you're doing really well. 2 wks out...better than 2 wks till you go. LOL!
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Make sure your surgeon only does plastic surgery also get that medicine that relieves pain for the 1st 72 hrs. The drain is the worst, Hopefully u will only have 1 like me. Get a pick up stick, and get ready to get sick. Most people do and it hurts but have a garbage bag ready. If u r staying in hospital then u shouldn't worry. I'm pretty fit for a big girl and I believe that helped, having exercise lots. Have someone to help u the 1st 48hrs. Take the mere u should already have filled. And do the colace or MOM. Milk of mag... Good luck and take 3 weeks of work, have 2 binders. They r great. I like the 1 the hospital but the other I bought is good. Have plenty. Of healthy frozen meals ready and be prepared to do nothing but sleep on a recliner for 2weeks. This is my second night in my bed. You have to sleep ina lawn chair position for 2 weekss. It's hard but worth it. Good luck to ya
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Thanks for your suggestions. Filled my script. Staying in hospital overnight. Actually have an aide staying with me during the overnight hrs. I guess I will need to buy a binder. The surgeon said he will provide me with one for the first wk and then change it to another one the second wk. I will probably have 2 drains. I do have a recliner but I'm hoping my bed with LOTS of pillows does the trick... We'll see I guess. Believe me the Colace is already in my me dice cabinet along with antibiotic and pain med. I ordered the pain pump already. I too exercise a few times a wk and work with a trainer 2x a wk. Hopefully this will help some how. I am asking for the anti nausea meds...hoping that would help after the anesthesia. Pick up stick is a good suggestion. Thankfully I own my own business and I can take off as much time as I need but I am hoping to be able to ease back into work after 10 to 12 days but if not I at least have the option. Frozen meals...great idea. Again, thanks! Very helpful info. Thursdays around the corner. More nervous about coming out of anesthesia than any other part of the surgery. Anesthesia always made me really nervous.
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I am with Lulee, I have been watching your posts a long time and I feel as though I was right there with you. You have been great at sharing all the right information and pictures. I, too, thank you.
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Your posts are great and helpful. Keep up the good work and keep up the posts. I look forward to them everyday!
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Thank you. I will try and post on a regular basis, I want to do monthly pics to show people the difference.
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Love the confidence in your last post Belly @ (this always sexy girl) awesome! :)
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Thanks bunches. I always have felt sexy, but I feel that in a few months that my old mans gonna notice a BIG difference in his old lady. Some outfits will be a must and they will show more then my old ones. LOL
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OMG trouble in the making! :)
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Thank u Wonj
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Good for you BOJIM! You're going to have to change your name. No more belly of jelly for you girl. Happy healing, rest easy and love that new body. :)
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Lol Thanks, but now I need a butt. My shape was inherited from my mothers side, I'm the 1st person to nip that in the bud. So with it not even 2 weeks since my surgery and I'm seeing such great results, I hope to give other big women the courage to get this done. Thanks for the comments sexysoulsister
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