16 days post op! New pic

My surgery date is 4/9/13. I'm getting a tummy...

My surgery date is 4/9/13. I'm getting a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation (memory gel silicone unders) lipo of my flanks and back. I am having so many mixed emotions. I have wanted this for years but now that I have scheduled it I am scared to death! The thought of going under anesthesia for 5 hours frightens me. I have had surgery 3 times before and everytime I have had a rapid heartbeat. I'm not sure if I should risk it again. My head says no but my heart says do it !Also I am still confused about what size implants. My PS said 400cc's would look good for me actually have to have one 375 & the other 400, got some lopsided stuff going on.


I am just as nervous and anxious as you are. I am scheduled for 4/16. Already have a list of the things i need to get... Is a lot of $ but I know it will be worth...
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I hear ya! I'm excited, yet terrified. Been wanting this for a long time and finally decided to go for it and wham, the anxiety is here! This site is helping though. Getting to see the results of others is really motivating. I'm scheduled on the 11th, so we are going through this together! I am torn between 350 and 375cc Sientra moderate profile and having a mini TT. I just posted pre-op pictures today. I look forward to going through this journey with the support of everyone here. Have you started a list of supplies you'll need for after?
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I haven't started a list yet. I have no idea what I will need . What supplies do you think we will need?

My surgery is in 9 days! I am sooo excited and...

My surgery is in 9 days! I am sooo excited and nervous. Had my pre op appointment the other day and we decided 375 cc s for the left breast and 425 for the right. Silicone moderate profile unders. I will be having my procedure done at a hospital and staying for 2 days. I have been eating so unhealthy for the past 2 weeks. Maybe nerves? I usually am very healthy and workout dailyly so I'm not sure what's going on. I just can't wait to get to the flat side!


I have been eating differently too. Not horrible, but not great. Since my marathon, I haven't done a thing either. I know I'm recovering, but my arms and abs are feeling mushy. I think it nerves! Plus, my 8 year old is on spring break, so I'm home all day with him. Need to sneak out for a,run before hubby goes to work tomorrow. Maybe lift some weights when I get back or ill be a marshmallow after surgery. Ill be watching for your updates. You're 2 days before me.
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8 more days! I cannot believe how fast time has...

8 more days! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I thought i would never get to where i am today. I'm still having mixed emotions. The worth it ratings are always positive and people usually say they would do it again in a minute, but I'm still so nervous! I wish i could fast forward time to a few days after the surgery. My husband works in another state and he will be with me at the hospital for the 2 days i will be there but after that I'm on my own. I'm hoping i can handle things on my own and not be in to much pain. I'm sure some of you have done it own your own. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make things easier when your taking care of yourself?

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5 more days! So ready to do this and start...

5 more days! So ready to do this and start recovering. Excited and nervous at the same time. I have been getting things ready and cleaning everything i see. Ready as i will ever be.


I know you are nervous, me too. I am also excited to see the results! Good luck with your surgery. Will be anxious to hear how it all goes for you.
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Well tomorrow is my day! I have to arrive at the...

Well tomorrow is my day! I have to arrive at the hospital 6 am. I thought the day would never get here. I am having mixed emotions. I want this so bad but i keep second guessing my decision. I think anxiety has taken me over. I keep telling myself everything will be okay. Then i get those negative thoughts that creep in. Why am i doing this? I have 2 boys and a wonderful husband that love me for who i am. I have wanted this for about 15 years. I'm really feeling out right now. 11.5 hours to go! Hope my anxiety doesn't stop me from going through with it.


Thank You. You also deserve this and we will do fabulous! Next time we talk we will be on the flat side!
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Me and you in the morning. 8:30 is my time. I want to wish you the very best and you will do great. Always remember what brought you to this point and know you deserve it!
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Thank you everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate the encouragement.
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I made it to the side yesterday! My surgery went...

I made it to the side yesterday! My surgery went well. A little 5 hours. So glad it's done and I'm on my road of recovery. I'm not gonna lie it's very painful. The chest tightness and pain between my breasts is the worst. But I'm staying position and know each day will be better than the last.


Glad everything went well for you, mine is in 24 hours! Can't wait to see pics when you can. I hear days 2&3 are the hardest. Take care and rest.
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I cannot believe it has been 8 days since my...

I cannot believe it has been 8 days since my surgery! I had my first post op Dr appointment today. MY DRAIN IS GONE! I am so happy about that. I even drive myself to the appointment which was a 2 hour drive round trip. I've actually been driving since po day 3. I need my freedom! Another thing that I'm totally excited about.......I am allowed to wear spam or flexies! I already went to the mall and bought a flexie! So much more comfortable. Doc says I'm healing great. Next week another visit. Hope ya all are healing well and happy!


Looking hot!! It's a long recovery. I have my good days and bad but it's all worth it. Keep going girl you look amazing b
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Any recommendations or tips for us future Tummy Tucker's? Please keep us updated on your recovery. Best of luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Tips? Absolutely! Try to stay positive after surgery and remember every single day gets easier and less painful! I've heard people say the first 3 days are the worst but for me it was only the first two! Also when your in pain or frustrated remember the reasons you wanted the surgery in the first place and that you will be so happy down the road!

I cannot believe it's been 16 days since my mommy...

I cannot believe it's been 16 days since my mommy makeover! I thought i would never get to a point where i feel good again. I honestly have to say i feel better every day. I went to Victoria's secret and got measured and bought a new bra and panties. I am a 34DD. Omg! I asked my PS for a full C. I'm hoping they go down after they drop! Hope everyone is healing well and happy!

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16 days post op and a new pic!

16 days post op and a new pic!


Hey, I am glad your surgery went well. I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Lambie early next year. If you get this will you please email me at heylindsey@gmail.com I am feeling very anxious about my choice and want to talk to someone who has been to Star. Thanks
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I just had a tummy tuck with Dr. Lambie. She did a great job and I'm very happy. She's a very skilled surgeon. But... she is moving her practice to Florida at the end of this month.... I don't know if she's planning on flying back for scheduled patients.... do you know?
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I read reiews on this website and a few others and he is highly referred. Also he has the ability to make you feel very comfortable and he is very knowledgeable. I just felt like we communicated well and he knew exactly what I was looking for. I feel as if I will be in good hands!

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