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So after having my second baby, now 15 months, I...

So after having my second baby, now 15 months, I decided to do it. After my first, I had diasistis recti and was able to get my abs back together with physical therapy and specific exercise. But with the second, no matter what I do--it's not happening. I hear a lot of women say their glad they did it. I don't know anyone who actually had a TT. Any advice on the drainless TT and recovery time?

I had a stainless TT on 12/7. I weighed 118 going in so my doctor said I should be OK without a drain. Apparently swelling is a function of the amount of skin removed since it disrupts the lymphatic system, which drains fluid. I weighed myself today to see how much retention I still had and I weighed 121, so I'm pretty par for where I would/should be if I'd had drains. Obviously there will be a lot of ups and downs, but I think the benefit of no drains made it way worth it for me. Also, there doesn't seem to be much consensus about whether folks really need them in most cases. All of this is per my doctor and based on my personal results. I think recovery time varies hugely by person based on what I've seen here, so I'd suggest you check out the blogs and see what resonates. I can say, that I just got back from a school holiday concert for my son, which lasted about a hour. I'm not upright yet, but I'm off Percocet. My boobs hurt most now - they feel milk engorged, then my incisions are irritated irritated, and last i feel muscle strain when I try to stand upright. If the hunch back action wasn't so annoying, I'd probably not change my normal routine at this point though ( and I'd pay for it dearly, I'm sure ). Wow, I just realized I feel pretty good! I'm disgusting looking though, but one thing at a time :).

Welcome to RealSelf! Babies can certainly do a number on your bod. Especially number 2, for some reason.

Here's another RS member who had a drainless tummy tuck.

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Please keep us posted as you get closer to your big day.


So I must admit. I am very excited about the...

So I must admit. I am very excited about the upcoming procedure.I am 5'5" and I was about 126 pounds before getting pregnant with our second child, now I'm 136. I actually enjoy the few extra pounds in the rump area. Now with the boobies too it will make everything look proprotionate. I am getting the Experal which is supposed to help relieve discomfort for the first 72 hours--does anyone know if it really works? i'm trying to decide if 425cc or 450 cc is too big. I'm aiming for a D cup (small/mid D cup). I hope that isn't too big for frame? Anybody in my weight/height range has this size? :S. There are all kind of recovery things going thru my mind--how will I sleep? when I be able to walk straight? how long is the pain really gonna last? will I be able to return to work in two week? is there a lot of swelling with the drainless TT's. These are questions my PS answered but everyone's experience is different. So you don't really know until it's done. Any advice? Any tips? It's coming up soon!!!
I had a drain less TT yesterday with Experal. So far so good. Being hunched over is tough but that is the result of any TT drains or no drains. I'll update my profile in a few days to say how it's going. Too early to tell now but I will say that pain is manageable.
Hi marykay thanks for sharing. And good luck with your surgery. I've heard that the first few days are the worse so if your pain is manageable now it should only get better from here. Keep me posted.
I thanked my PS for the drainless close this week. It's he best ever!

So tomorrow is the day! I'm excited! Will update...

So tomorrow is the day! I'm excited! Will update you guys tomorrow. Posted before pics.
Good luck!
Hope all goes well today!
Thank you Kig123!
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