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Hey everyone, I haven't found many reviews on...

Hey everyone,

I haven't found many reviews on here for someone exactly like me so I thought I'd do my own :) I'm 26 years old with no kids (yet!). I'm 5'7, 130lbs and am currently a 34B although I find that deceiving because I swear my boobs look tiny in everything. I've wanted implants for as long as I can remember. I've been on birth control for about 8 years now, and prior to that my breasts were even smaller. I've finally decided to go ahead with the procedure and am equally excited and nervous.

My biggest concern is going TOO BIG! I originally had chosen 325ccs at the doctors office, and am now thinking I'd like to go as small as 240ccs. I tried the rice sizers on with 1 cup of rice which is 240ccs and that's what I liked, however people tell me it's not even worth it to have the procedure for such a small amount. I have my 3 weeks out appointment this week so I'll decide on a size then. I'll probably end up somewhere between 275 and 300. My biggest concern is people noticing. I'm very athletic and so I don't want people to notice and judge me for it.

I'll be getting silicone implants under the muscle, through an aerola incision. This is the incision site my Dr. prefers.

Now that I'm 3 weeks out, do people have any advice on what/what not to take, eat, do? I've heard all kinds of things about supplements to take and avoid, to avoid alcohol, etc.

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Your breasts are beautiful the way they are and you do not need this surgery. I would actually encourage you to avoid this surgery altogether. Please keep an open mind and don't go through with it simply because the surgery date is approaching. There is still plenty of time to avoid what I believe would be a mistake. I do think you are wise to aim for a modest increase in size should you go through with it, and you seem very reasonable about the whole thing. However, I think there are a few things you are not factoring into this decision. First and foremost is the change in the *shape* of your breasts that will occur. You've likely looked at enough before and afters to know that a breast augmentation almost certainly results in a more rounded, spherical breast shape compared to the teardrop shape you have now. I submit that your current breast shape is ideal, the placement of your breasts are nice and high (perky) and that they're just large enough as-is to look very beautiful on your frame. There's also the scarring and loss of nipple sensation to consider. Both will probably be mild and not that noticeable; but neither will be as good as it was before surgery. Now, lest you think that I am just some feminist crusader against body-modification, let me assure you that not only am I a male in your age range who has had plastic surgery done but that some women would consider me finicky or even shallow (though I'd argue against the latter). The point is, from a purely aesthetic point of view, your breasts are already gorgeous and you should leave "more than well enough" alone. I hope you will consider this seriously before going under the knife. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss.
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Thanks RealGeebs. I do like the shape and projection of my breasts, and am just looking to make them a bit bigger. This is something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager, and although I'm really nervous about it, I know it's what I want to do. I'll let you know how it goes!
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I can understand why you'd want them bigger. I'd actually agree that if you *could* make them slightly bigger without changing anything else about them that they'd be even better. But again, that's "even better" because they're already, IMHO, really beautiful. Shape, projection, placement, & nipple/areola size are all what I would consider perfect and size I would call "big enough." I don't know much about fat injections but that seemed like a way to increase size without changing anything else. But, if you are determined to do it I will cross my fingers for you that they stay as lovely as they are and only get a bit bigger! ;)
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I had both 225 overs and 350 unders and I prefer 350. If you go with 240 under the muscle, you may not even move out of the B range and no one will notice AT ALL unless you are naked. And I'm not about showing them off, but you can easily hide even 350s if you're concerned about it, so go a little larger than 240 to get the look that you like about 240 (sizers aren't the same as implants under the muscle) and do not be scared of size (or what people think for that matter -- you are doing this for YOU, people who happen to judge will have to get over themselves!!) Also, I went up 125 CC's and it's not much of a difference, they just seem wider (side boob, yay!!), so I would suggest at least 300. That way, you won't be sad you didn't go up to 325 (no difference visually) and you won't be sorry you went too small.
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Thanks for your feedback! I've asked the Dr. to order 275 and 300 and will decide the day of. I can't believe you got the dreaded capsular contracture, but glad to hear it's fixed for you. Fingers crossed I don't get it!
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CC is not that big of a deal. It is, but it isn't. I don't know many women who go with unders and get cc. It's mostly an overs problem, and if it happens, you can get it fixed. (Not that that should be taken lightly, but having the implants are worth the risk, if this is something you've been wanting and it's financially feasible. Trust me. Been there. Done that!!)
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I too was worried about being too big. I ended up a size larger than what I had in mind. My surgeon rounded up the final size i decided on. But I grew to like the size and they don't look as big as they sound. Being that you are athletic and are going under the muscle, you should do a lot of research on animation deformity. Smaller implants that are silicone may help. http://www.drscottspear.com/files/2013/01/aug_distortion.pdf As far as what not to take, my surgeon mainly said no aspirin or ibuprofen (NAIDS) for two weeks before the operation since this affects the bloods ability to clot. Congratulations and good luck!
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