Hey everyone, I haven't found many reviews on...

Hey everyone,

I haven't found many reviews on here for someone exactly like me so I thought I'd do my own :) I'm 26 years old with no kids (yet!). I'm 5'7, 130lbs and am currently a 34B although I find that deceiving because I swear my boobs look tiny in everything. I've wanted implants for as long as I can remember. I've been on birth control for about 8 years now, and prior to that my breasts were even smaller. I've finally decided to go ahead with the procedure and am equally excited and nervous.

My biggest concern is going TOO BIG! I originally had chosen 325ccs at the doctors office, and am now thinking I'd like to go as small as 240ccs. I tried the rice sizers on with 1 cup of rice which is 240ccs and that's what I liked, however people tell me it's not even worth it to have the procedure for such a small amount. I have my 3 weeks out appointment this week so I'll decide on a size then. I'll probably end up somewhere between 275 and 300. My biggest concern is people noticing. I'm very athletic and so I don't want people to notice and judge me for it.

I'll be getting silicone implants under the muscle, through an aerola incision. This is the incision site my Dr. prefers.

Now that I'm 3 weeks out, do people have any advice on what/what not to take, eat, do? I've heard all kinds of things about supplements to take and avoid, to avoid alcohol, etc.



Your breasts are beautiful the way they are and you do not need this surgery. I would actually encourage you to avoid this surgery altogether. Please keep an open mind and don't go through with it simply because the surgery date is approaching. There is still plenty of time to avoid what I believe would be a mistake. I do think you are wise to aim for a modest increase in size should you go through with it, and you seem very reasonable about the whole thing. However, I think there are a few things you are not factoring into this decision. First and foremost is the change in the *shape* of your breasts that will occur. You've likely looked at enough before and afters to know that a breast augmentation almost certainly results in a more rounded, spherical breast shape compared to the teardrop shape you have now. I submit that your current breast shape is ideal, the placement of your breasts are nice and high (perky) and that they're just large enough as-is to look very beautiful on your frame. There's also the scarring and loss of nipple sensation to consider. Both will probably be mild and not that noticeable; but neither will be as good as it was before surgery. Now, lest you think that I am just some feminist crusader against body-modification, let me assure you that not only am I a male in your age range who has had plastic surgery done but that some women would consider me finicky or even shallow (though I'd argue against the latter). The point is, from a purely aesthetic point of view, your breasts are already gorgeous and you should leave "more than well enough" alone. I hope you will consider this seriously before going under the knife. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss.
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Thanks RealGeebs. I do like the shape and projection of my breasts, and am just looking to make them a bit bigger. This is something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager, and although I'm really nervous about it, I know it's what I want to do. I'll let you know how it goes!
I can understand why you'd want them bigger. I'd actually agree that if you *could* make them slightly bigger without changing anything else about them that they'd be even better. But again, that's "even better" because they're already, IMHO, really beautiful. Shape, projection, placement, & nipple/areola size are all what I would consider perfect and size I would call "big enough." I don't know much about fat injections but that seemed like a way to increase size without changing anything else. But, if you are determined to do it I will cross my fingers for you that they stay as lovely as they are and only get a bit bigger! ;)

Day 2 post-op

Had my surgery yesterday. It went really well according to the doc. I was immediately sick from the anithesia and threw up as soon as I woke after surgery. Since then I've taken an oxy yesterday afternoon and one before bed, then I took one this morning at 8. I have no pain at all, just tightness in my chest. The oxy has made me extremely nauseous, dizzy and has given me really bad headaches so I'm going to stop taking it. I've been able to hold no food down since surgery. Just now the oxy seems to have completely worn off and I'm feeling 100x better. Finally able to sit up and look at a screen.


Hi There, we share the same BA date :) hope you feeling better soon. Chest is tight on me also but otherwise I feel Pretty good today :) happy healing!
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Day 6 - Happy!

Just took a bunch of pics to serve as an update. Since my last review, I've taken none of my oxycodone, none of my valium and none of my stool softeners. I've definitely had some pressure in my chest and it feels when I bend over like they're going to fall off, but really nothing too bad and not any reason to take such intense pain meds.

To be completely honest, I think all of the negative side effects in the first week are due to the medicines prescribed, so if anyone out there feels they can avoid them PLEASE DO! I've had none of the 'emotional rollercoaster' symptoms they warned about, no ups and downs and if anything I just feel uncomfortable.

The pics up close look pretty nasty because my incision was through my areola. Tomorrow I meet with the Dr. Can't wait to get the tape off and stitches out! I'm loving the size that I chose. Definitely glad I didn't go bigger than 275cc. I can totally hide them in a t-shirt or hoodie, or I can show some boobage in a bikini :)

They're still really firm and not yet squishy. Definitely looking forward to them having some more movement, but as I hear from friends it can take months for them to fully settle. I'll post another update tomorrow after my Drs. appointment.


Congratulatiin you're loiking beautiful.did you put miderate or high profile? Smoith or textured?mentor or sientra? Thank you
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Good to hear you are off the meds - feels so much better, doesn't it? Your pics look great :) no emotional rollercoaster for me either, lovely!
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2 weeks post op!

hey everyone, I'm two weeks post op today, and very happy with my results so far. I haven't gotten properly fitted for bras yet, but I believe I'm a 34C. There are still some of my old bras that fit - the ones with no padding that were too big before.

My breasts are getting softer, but I still consider them pretty firm and tender when I rub them or try to push them together. My one nipple is practically healed, but the other still has a scab which is taking longer. The Dr. didn't give me any instructions when I saw him a week after surgery. Anything I should/shouldn't be doing right now? I'm avoiding underwire, mostly sleeping on my back (often my sides too) and putting bio oil on my breasts. Anything else?


Do keep us updated when they D & F -- your final result will be very interesting to me given my stance on your particular operation before you had it. I hope you prove me dead-wrong about the whole thing! =) Size-wise, things look good and so do your scars. I have some keloid / hypertrophic scarring on my chest (areola and marks from liposuction) and let me tell you ... it's a real bummer. During my latest (unrelated) surgery at the end of June (2014) I was worried about keloids and used hydrocolloid dressings (DuoDerm Extra Thin) to keep them at bay and it seems to work great. I highly recommend it as a precaution and just as a great way to heal quickly. My keloids and some pesky "dissolvable" sutures that are taking forever to actually dissolve are what originally led me to this site (and one actually called "breast-augmentation-only" dot com or something, lol). There's just a lot more information out there regarding dissolving suture issues especially (as well as keloids on the chest) related to BA's than anything else -- I'm guessing because BA's are so common. Once I got to RealSelf I actually found the BA experiences and results quite interesting and felt like, frankly, many women's ideas about what constitutes an "ideal" breast size/shape have become skewed as a result of all the unrealistic images of women in our culture. Even though you, Ana1234, went through with your surgery and are happy with the result I hope maybe one young woman/girl out there will see that some men really do prefer breasts like yours were pre-op and decide to get different men rather than different breasts. ;)
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What a great size and natural results! Very nice :) they look great for 2 weeks post (we actually had surgery on the same day - and we are both from same area..
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Does anyone else have extremely sensitive nipples? I swear mine almost hurt just from wearing something tight. Here are some more pics as well.


First of all your boobies are looking nice. You look awesome. Yes it's normal for you to have sensitive nipples. I had them. Even to shower they were sensitive. But with time it started to diminish. It's so frustrating isn't it? I hope your sensitivity subsides soon. Take care
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You look amazing right away! Congratulations! So happy to see such a great result.
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Thank you so much!

3 weeks today

Today marks 3 weeks since my surgery. Still feeling great! All of my incision scabs have now come off. I can definitely see the scars, but that's to be expected. I'm applying Mederma and BioOil on my scars and breasts and massaging them a few times/day. I didn't realize capsular contracture doesn't present itself until about 3 months so now I'm worried about that, but I know it only affects 3-15% of people so hopefully I'll be okay.
Nipples are definitely still sensitive and there's still some soreness from time to time. I tried to use those flower-shaped nipple covers and they didn't stay on at all. They don't lay flat on me, and I can't seem to get the whole thing stuck on. Does anyone have any they'd recommend that will for sure stay on?


You got amazing results! Congratulations!
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Your looking good girl! They look great 3 weeks post op and I LOVE your profile picture!!!
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Wow you look amazing!
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Nearly 6 weeks!

I'll be 6 weeks post-op Monday, and will be seeing my PS then. It's the first time I've seen him since 1 week post-op. At that appointment he didn't tell me much, so I'm anticipating it to be a pretty quick visit.
I'm posting some close-ups of my nipples so you can see the incision. I feel like they're still pretty visible, especially on one. On the less-visible incision I have some lumps under the skin. My PS said that's normal but I'm a little worried about it. I also feel sometimes like they look kind of far apart and the roundness goes out past my ribs. Does anyone else feel this about getting round implants? I wasn't asked for a preference between anatomicals or round. Wondering if I would've maybe liked anatomicals better?


Hello ... you look really fit , can I ask if you've had any loss of muscle movement going with under muscle implants , or is it too early to tell .
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Hey! I've noticed a bit of weakness still with things like push ups or pull ups, but nothing too crazy. The biggest muscular change I've noticed is I can now flex my pecs and move them individually. Look into animation deformity. I notice when I flex my chest or do any exercise that involves pectoal muscles I can see them move.
your figure with your new boobies is to DIE for girl! you look incredible! I love
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Update pics


I agree with the community that your results are amazing! Thank you for your continued updates. I think your scars will continue to fade over time.
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Perfect results & body! What implant manufacturer did you go with? :)
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