Active FX - the "Thermal Spray" is the best relief for the tightness - Novi, MI

Day of procedure: Had procedure at 6:00am. Pics...

Day of procedure: Had procedure at 6:00am. Pics taken at about 2pm. Not uncomfortable at all. But still under the affects of IV sedation and after care instructions and doc were insistent that I took pain meds every 4 hours, which I did, and I slathered my face with post laser Balm (which is really only Vaseline) and they gave me a "THERMAL SPRAY WATER" to spray my face for burning and tightness as often as I needed. I sprayed to my heart's content every hour and it helped tremendously with the tightness. Kept a bag of frozen peas on my face, on and off for the first 24 hours.
Day one (1st full day after laser): Continued with the protocol of my PS and I was in little discomfort. You have to remember he did a 7 depth on part of my face and also did my eye lids which are delicate and usually very painful...but at day 2 : I'm okay. Could not wait to get into the shower and wash my hair. Hairs was full of the post-laser balm and my head itched from the grease. Could not wash my face until day 2. Still spaying THERMAL SPRAY WATER every hour and I have to recommend this to anyone having this procedure. It is great to relieve the tightness. I have had Active FX 2 other times (but never this deep) and the "Thermal Spray" is the best relief for the tightness.
Day two: I couldn't wait to get into the shower to wash my face. Jumped in the shower first thing and took a mild soap as prescribed and gently rubbed off some of the dead skin. It had just began to peal. Sprayed the Thermal Spray and Re-applied the Post Laser ointment I would say about every hour. It was beginning to itch. I wanted to begin to "pick" but resisted. Starting to get real uncomfortable: not from pain but irritation. Tired of just laying around with ice packs (frozen peas are the best on the face) and just "uncomfortable"...
Day three: this was the worst day in terms of pain and itching: Jumped in the shower first thing at 6am and washed my face with the gentle cleanser given to me and just let the water run over my face for a "long" time. I have no idea how long but it just felt good and let the water soak the skin and then "gently" rubbed my face with a soft wash cloth and rubbed the DEAD skin off. Not really too painful...just irritable. Day 3 and 4 are the worst pics and they were the worst as far as pain. These I was told were my "HUMP" days and the days my face would be the worse red and swollen...and they were RIGHT!!! Had trouble sleeping these nights.... Wanted to PICK.. and I must admit I did : "PICK" skin off..I know I should have not but could not resist.
Day four: This is the "OVER THE HUMP DAY". This was the day I experienced finally a diminish in the itching and pain. I took Benadryl as recommended by the Doctor and probably was the hardest day for pain. But not intolerable. Child Birth is MUCH worse.. LOL!!! I was fine; just uncomfortable and restless. It is hard to explain; some pain, tightness from the swelling and I think I was just tired of laying around. I had a hard time resisting "PICKING" and I did do a little picking :-))) Too hard to resist!!
Day five: Pain is subsided but still really red. But remember: doc went really deep so I did not expect full recovery in 7 days.. Happy with the progress.
Day 6: Picture is fuzzy but progress is about the same. Still slathering on Post Laser Balm and Thermal Spring Water. Most are expecting to put make up on - on day 7 but I knew as deep as the Doc went I would not expect make up for 2 week. I was fine with that.

Day 7: Still red and pealing...but no pain...Just waiting for skin to heal and keep pealing. I trust my PS so this is not a big deal...
Day 8: and back to work. I am still pealing pain just look like I have a sun burn. No make-up yet. I do not want to irritate the skin...
Day 9: and day 2 back to work: still no makeup and still using post laser balm and Thermal Spray. At this point I could care less what I look like and going for the maximum results.
Day 11: Still using Post Laser Balm and Thermal Spray. Usually it is just a week (7 days) ...but I think because doc went so deep I am taking a little longer before I completely heal and wear makeup.
Day 12: Still red but makeup on... I'm happy with the results so far...U be the judge!!
Day 15: Still a little red. Pours are not as tight as I would like but in all fairness to the process: from what I have read and researched, there is really nothing that will shrink pores....and this has done the best.
Day 17: Almost 3 week part post op. I will take pics in a month or two. My PS offers a complementary facial after each laser and I will have that this week. I'll give it another week and post pics... Opinions Please? Was it worth it...??
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough about this doc. He is all that you want in a good physician. Excellent bedside manner and spends as much time as you WANT to ask and answer questions etc. He fixed many "wrongs" that I had from another PS and did so with grace, manner, and kindness to all. Dr. Gowda is a perfect example of a great physician. He has been Doctor of the Year in the Metro Detroit Area for years and I now know why.... If I am allowed to recommend him by is his his number 248-305-8400

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hi Jackie,,, can you give us an update on your experiance, or did I miss it.. thanks bb
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The outcome of your eyes convinced me to try it. I'm only 39, but I've had these crazy bags under my eyes for a few years. You look great! And it didn't change you too extreme, which I love. I got mine on Tuesday. I'm on day 3 and going into the "red" and "raw" stage. Argh. I debating on how to leave the house tomorrow. Make up or to not make up?!! I should mention that I have a portwine stain birthmark, but it only had minor bleeding and appears to help lighten it as well
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Wow!!!  You look great, I hope you like your results.  Thanks for posting all the pictures, it is nice for everyone considering the procedure to see what the recovery really looks like.  I'd have the hardest time not picking!  I'd have to have my hands put in casts or something.  Can't wait to hear about what you think down the road.  Do you feel like you are still a little swollen or are you back to normal?

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Thanks Jill81...I'm back to normal now but still a little pink. I was still swollen in the last pic I posted. I actually like that look better LOL!! Couldn't see as many of the imperfections (like large pores) when it was a little swollen. But I'm 61 an will never have that porcelain skin again. I see Doc tomorrow and have my complementary facial. I'll post again when the pink is all gone. It definitely is smoother :-))
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Thanks for sincerely posting the photos. You have done such a service to REALSELF subscribers. Wish more bloggers would do the same weeks/months following a procedure.....not 24 hours after. You have educated us all........Many thanks and all the Best for your frankness!
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You are welcome. I forgot to mention one of the MOST important parts...The PREP TIME BEFORE the procedure. Two weeks before the procedure I was given a 2 page list of meds NOT to take and then instructions what to take. I did what he said faithfully! To Minimize Bruising I was to: Increase H2O intake to 8 glasses a day; Stop Vit E, Fish Oil and Red Wine (in fact NO ALCOHOL at all) : Take Vic C 500mg Twice a day: Bromelain 1500mg -(use as directed on bottle - also used for swelling and found in Health Food Store) ; Arnica Montana 30X - take 4 tablets once a day (as directed on bottle -under the tongue). This is a mountain plant common to Northwestern US and Central Europe that has been used for generations to reduce swelling, bruising, and pain associated with trauma and surgery. This is also found in the health food store. I was to take both supplements 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after along with the Vit C (which I take anyway). And of course NO SMOKING 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after as it depletes the o2 from the skin and interferes with the healing process (I don't smoke but smokers really need to pay attention to this or the smoking can really interfere with progress). Hope this helps. I'll post more pics as time goes on...Phyl
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I think you look great! I can definitely see a tighter under eye area and I think your cheeks look more sculpted. I was told that in order to see the improved collagen remodeling, that will show between 3-6 months post. So hold off for your final evaluation until then! I am way to chicken to post a review with pictures, but have finally stopped peeling and still have quite a bit of swelling 7 days out. Fingers crossed for both of us :)
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