1 Year Post Op first figure comp

I have never had a flat tummy. I have battled with...

I have never had a flat tummy. I have battled with a weight problem since my teens. Had 2 children when I was quite heavy to begin with. After my second child I decided to start my weight loss journey for good.

I started in 2005 and have lost approximately 80 pounds. I am 5'9 around 153 pounds. I am in the shape of my life however, my tummy does not match the rest of my body. I feel that I have worked really hard for this and it's time for me to be rid of this loose skin. I want to be confident in a swim suit and feel great about my physique.

I cannot wait to see how my body will transform. I am very afraid of not being able to workout afterwords but I know it will be worth it. I train 4-5 times a week.

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Today is the day I go in...I added some photos...

Today is the day I go in...I added some photos that I took today. I have had a cold and apparently an allergy rash but am feeling better. I hope that they will still do it...I am very anxious to have this done and over with. My Daughter asked me if I was going to have a six pack...lol I know from the pics that I don't look it, but in clothing sizes I usually wear a 4-6. I hope everything goes well I have dreamed of this day for a long time. See you on the flat side.


Thanks ladies..
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Godspeed! You will be great! Your pictures...like looking in mirror for me, well...not any more :)
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Good luck today, you are in great shape. Your results will be amazing
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Well I guess it is post op day 3...Had surgery on...

Well I guess it is post op day 3...Had surgery on Wednesday. Stayed overnight in the private clinic. I am still on the Dilelotted with extra strength Tylenol. I am able to move around hunched over and have gone up and down stairs. One thing that I would recommend is one of those triangular wedges to put in your bed to keep you upright. I have been able to sleep in my own bed. My Husband and family have been super awesome to me... There is pain but it is manageable. Have not seen the incision yet and will not get to until Wednesday the 16th. I only have one drainage container to empty and it is vacuumed sealed. Pics will probably be next week...Love this site you are all super supportive!!!!


woohoo, it gets so much easier after day 3! you can do this
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Post op day 5. I stopped taking the heavy pain...

Post op day 5. I stopped taking the heavy pain killers on day 4. I am just on advil and extra strength tylenol 2-3 times a day. I feel pretty good. Drain is not draining much at all maybe a teaspoon a day. I go in Wednesday to get the drain out and hopefully see my incision for the first time... My hubby is an Awesome nurse...lol. I am very greatful to have him...

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1 Week Post-op....Drains were only draining 5cc's...

1 Week Post-op....Drains were only draining 5cc's since Saturday... I was a tad worried about getting those out because they burned sometimes when I got up and pulled...So it hurt less yanking them out then having them in... I felt so liberated....My incision looks awesome, although quite swollen...Super pleased with the result so far...I go back next week for the belly button sutures to be removed...Only complaint is getting comfortable at night to sleep and incision near the hip area sometimes burns in the middle of the night... I think it is because swelling is low then and incision touches the CG.


Hang in there and I will pray for you every morning when I have my QT. Take care and remember, try to stay smiling - even with the pain. I watched reruns of old comedies like Fraser, Cosby, Facts of Life etc in my first week and they really lifted my spirites lol so try that ok. Be careful with the laughing though lol. ;-) I totally understand how you feel. I had two children in my early 20s and then my baby at 35 yrs old. Even after nine years I was still not my ideal weight but I had so much sagging skin and a really awful scar from two prior C-sections that I when this company came out with the no downpayment offer my hubby jumped at it. He knew that I want to get off bp meds and regain my self confidence. I had my surgery done just this past Dec 2012 and although I am pretty swollen and puffy still, I can tell you that you will be happy in the end.
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Thanks trobinson!
FREEDOM! I hate those darn drains! Happy healing!
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Went to my 2 Week post op appointment. Got my BB...

Went to my 2 Week post op appointment. Got my BB stitches out, didn't feel a thing. I am swollen as expected, but feel great. I am really missing the gym, but know I need to sit tight for a little longer. Taking the Bromolean but not sure if it is working. I hope this is what week 2 is supposed to look like? But if not it's a hell of a lot better than what I had before.. Happy Healing Everyone.


I miss the gym too! :((( So much. When can we go back??!!!! lol
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You are sooooo welcome ;-). I also got my final snips of protruding stiches and staples removed on Tuesday along with my final release from my surgeon. I can do light exercise which is walking at this point. I am still swollen just above my scar and battling an infection as there are a lot of leukocytes in my urine so I am back on Cipro arrgggghhhhh. Thankfully I am not in pain but having to drink water constantly to flush my system makes it hard to sit at my desk for long periods. I am praying that this clears up with the anitb that I am on now. I am really looking forward to being able to work out to lose the lbs that remain after my TT, nevertheless, I am very happy with my results so far. Happy healing everyone ;-)

Today is 3 weeks post op for Me. I was finally...

Today is 3 weeks post op for Me. I was finally able to take the tape off the incision. There are still some disolveable stitches left to fall off so it isn't pretty. I feel really good no pain just itchy and every once in a while a a stinging sensation. I did go back to the gym even tho I cannot do weights, it was killing me. I just walked on the treadmill, which is funny because my regular routine does not involve cardio at all. Just great to be back. For those of you that have the post op blues you may want to try taking omega oils... They help with brain function an to regulate hormones such as cortisol, which us the hormone that raises during stress and causes you to retain fat around the middle...Anywhoo happy healing everyone!!!


love your results so far ...just will get better with each week...
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Thanks ladies!!!
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Looking really good!! Congratulations!!
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Post op week 4 has been awesome..I feel really...

Post op week 4 has been awesome..I feel really good. I actually took some pics in a bikini...Big accomplishment for me as that was forbidden before. I have lost approximately 5 lbs since the surgery. I had a big fear that I would gain as I was an avid gym junkie 5 days a week. However my Personal trainer gave me a food plan to follow or a what to avoid and it is working...I can even have a cheat meal once a week... I eat every 2-3 hours. I don't know how many of you would avoid the group exercise classes due to the hanging skin...well I was one of them, I hated going because the last 15 min of class was abs and the instructor would always come over to me and say tighten your core. Well it was tightened she just couldn't see it I could feel it...lol So now I don't have to worry about tucking in the flap or hiking up the pants to not have a roll hanging over the waistband. I have started using scar cream dermatix ultra so we will see how that goes..it is pretty dry around the incision not sure it that is normal. Anyway happy healing everyone from way up in Canada!!!


You look great! It's really good ur able to get in a bikini already. Trust me you are still really swollen, so it gets better & better! I so love not having to place my workout waist band right on my tummy roll anymore. Feels so freaking good! Oh, and ur incision looks perfect.
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Aw thanks MM...Curious as to when I can stop wearing the garment...I don't see the PS until my March...I assume after 6 weeks that I will only need it for the gym. I cannot wait to get into my routine again and get some serious definition...I want abs dammit...lol
I would keep wearing it till you are no longer swelling from day to day activities. I want abs too! I just finished my workout! So now I just gotta make sure I go tomorrow!

Post op week 5 I feel great and will be even...

Post op week 5 I feel great and will be even better when I start back at the gym to do weights...Monday is the big day, can hardly wait. I have tried on jeans but I find the incision line is sore or feels weird. When I used to sit I used to be self conscious of the roll had to be tucked in, and now when I sit I think it is still there but it's not. Incision appears to be healing well using the scar cream Dermatix Ultra and still wearing the CG. Swelling is still there but I am not overly concerned. Happy healing everyone!


I'm post op 4 weeks today! I also had never had a true thin tummy then worked so hard after kids when it's never obtainable again! You look great! Im a bit jealous yu seem to be bouncing back very very quickly, heck you slept in your own bed 3-4 days was it? I haven't managed this yet! Good job, nice to see your progress next to me to help me feel less alone!
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Hi there I know that everyone is different even my PS said don't expect to walk upright it might be 2 weeks...lol Before I did this I was an avid gym goer 5 days a week, with intense workouts enough that I didn't have to do cardio just weights...Also my daily food regimen is very clean with 1 cheat meal a week. But please don't beat yourself up give your body time to heal. Get one of those triangle wedges for the bed and then add pillows to prop yourself up. That is what allowed me to sleep in my bed, and yes I did sleep in my own bed the day after surgery with the wedge and lots of pillows. Approximately a week after the surgery I was able to sleep with just pillows on my side and stick one between your legs. If you can't workout just make sure your diet is clean...I posted some info for trobinson below if you are interested...Try to focus on the positive.
I am just eating up all this good info, I love it and am so excited to get started again. Thanks soooo much. Going back to the gym today and want to do some squats slowly of course and will make sure hubby is close by (no bench there). I am wearing my size 10 skirt today and there is room so I am looking forward to possibly getting into a size 8. Soooo excited.!!! ;-) and thanks again.

7 weeks post op today...I have started back at the...

7 weeks post op today...I have started back at the gym now doing a bit of weight training to ease back into it...I love that I am back at the gym. I hate that I look so swollen...For me it is more important to get back at it and feel good then it is to worry about the swelling. Sometimes I think that it looks worse then it really does. I will find out if this is normal next week as I see the PS...If I get approval I will be upping my weight training to tone up and get tight for summer...Funny enough my hips look bigger than I remember but I think that has to do with the smaller waist. trainer measured me and the upper part of my waist is down 1.5 inches since before the surgery and I went up a bit in the lower and hip area due to mother nature and swelling. I am still very pleased with my results and cannot wait to see what another month will bring...


Looking great, even with the swelling your results are fantastic! I'm the same way, getting back to moving is more important to me than sitting around worrying that I'm going to swell.
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Looking great!! Congrats :)
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Thank-you ladies!!!

9 weeks post op today.... Posted a pic of my...

9 weeks post op today.... Posted a pic of my before weightloss as well as this weeks photoshoot... Lol. I got to see my plastic surgen last week and my swelling is normal and he mentioned it will be up and down over the next couple of months... One thing I was not aware of is the lipo affects well not be noticeable for another couple of months... I am so looking forward to the changes ahead... I am super pleased with my results thus far... I got the go ahead to intensify my workouts and if anything hurts in the tummy area don't do it... So I am up to 4 times a week with weights and cardio when i have time..woo who!!!! Love it!! Swelling yes but nothing I can't handle.. I am starting to get strange feeling/soreness near the bellybutton area i assume that is the nerves waking up. I can do side/front planks for 15 sec and yes I did have MR with the surgery. Wondering if anyone has had a lymphatic massage, and was it helpful? Lastly a quick recepie fir a good high protien breakfast:
1/2 cup egg whites
1 egg
1 scoop protien powder (giant sports nutrition called delicious protien powder any flavor)

Put all ingredients in a shaker cup and shake vigorusly. Heat skillet spray with non stick cooking spray. Poor a small amount in pan at a time wait until you see bubbles before flipping. Makes 4 pancakes... I use sugar free syrup or a natural nut butter as a topping, pair with / cup berries and voila..

Happy healing everyone!!!!!


Hi there Final - wow you are so inspiring. I am shopping on the outskirts of the grocery store and loving it - who knew right!! lol. You look great. I am still swollen - it gradually gets more as soon I start running around in the mornings getting ready to go out the door but like you said - just keep focusing on healing. I am so excited because for the first time my post gym experience was great - very little swelling and almost no pulling on my belly button. I had four sutures popping up on Monday and ended up in my surgeon's office to have them taken care of. Turns out the knots were trying to push through so they had to pull them out ouch! ouch! ouch!...thankfully the bleeding stopped later that afternoon but the areas are a bit sore. I have been experiencing a bit of soreness constantly where one of my drains was - the PA says I am doing well but I still get little stabs of pain here and there....I am really praying this is only part of the healing process. Apart from that, I am still walking - really picking up the pace now - burning 100sssss of calories each session and my hubby is happy lol. I wish I could pics up - my smart phone died with my before surgery pics and my replacement is "not so smart". Happy healing every one. ;-)
Woo whooo That is awesome T!!!! Thanks for the nice comments. Keep it up you are doing great!!! Hopefully you can post pics soon.

11 weeks post op today. I am back to a regular...

11 weeks post op today. I am back to a regular worout routine weight training 4 times a week and feeling great...going for a lymphatic massage today am super excited... The swelling isn't so bad this week so I posted some pics. Happy Healing everyone!!!


Looking fabulous! Your swelling is starting to subside, finally. Seems around this time a lot of residual swelling goes away & you can see a whole new you. It keeps getting better!
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Thanks Metal Momma, You are always in inspiration and your blogs are so helpful...You have an awesome physique!
Had. Ugh, don't remind me, lol! I gotta get taxes finished & a few projects so I can focus on me again!

I haven't blogged in a while... Been hitting the...

I haven't blogged in a while... Been hitting the gym 4-5 times a week....swelling appears to be less. During certain exercises I can still feel my MR but its not painful..I feel really great and it only gets better from here...I am super excited to see what I will look like during summer...word of advice to all my fellow tuckers focus on the positive changes you see and not the negative, it really helps with your recovery...(0:


You look wonderful...swelling going away...yay ...can't wait till that day happens
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5 Months Post Op New Pics(Bikini)

Hello fellow tuckers. I haven't posted in a while have been busy at the gym. I am starting to take some nice shape anrd finally posted a pic in the new Bikini. For the newbies, there is still swelling depending on the day. I still get a burning sensation every now and again where he did the MR. Also still numb in from below the belly button to just a tad above the scar. I am full out at the gym and loving it. I have started taking progress pics every 2 months or so as I will be training to compete in a figure competition in 2014. Training will get more intense after the summer. Love the changes I am seeing and am still very pleased with my results.


You look amazing! I hope my results are as good as yours. Did you have lipo done?
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You look awesome!! Good luck on your training. Are you doing low carb?
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Hi GW8772, I am not right now but most likely will be in the winter when I start training more heavily... Right now trying to build muscle and speed up metabolism so I am allowed a normal amount of carbs but they normally come from fruit/ veggies, oats, and rice. (0:

1 year post Op...First figure comp....

Hi there haven't blogged in a while...Nov 2013 i competed in my first figure competition placed 3rd in my class....Something I never would have dreamed of doing pre-tuck..It was a wonderful experience, that I will be doing again????????????


Happy Anniversary to you, I am also 1 year today. You look great and congrats Sexy Mamma, I started working out 3 months ago and know how hard it is to just seeing some improvement now let alone the body you have. Hoping with lots of work, motivation, self esteem and dedication I will be there soon. Love the suit!!! Enjoy!!!
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Wow! congratulations! you look amazing, very inspiring!
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You look great... Good luck on future competitions!!!
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Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

My Family Doctor had mentioned his clinic. There are 2 at his clinic they are both great...I picked him because he was very honest/realistic on what I should expect. He answered all of my questions. I thought he had a fantastic bedside manner and his staff were all fabulous as well. The nurse that sees you for your post op app, Joanne is super, very encouraging and positive..Every appointment I have gone to I never waited longer than 5-10 min to get in.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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