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Where to start? I am 43, 5’ft 1, 133lbs and a...

Where to start? I am 43, 5’ft 1, 133lbs and a 34 F (or so I think because I REFUSE to wear any bigger of a bra). I have wanted a BR since I was 19. I was probably a 34 D then but have always been “too big” for my frame.

Was I was about 26 a doctor that was filling in for mine asked me if I had “ever considered a BR?” I was at first a bit insulted but within seconds got over it quickly to think “I knew it! I knew that I was too big!” She told me that every patient she has ever had that has had one has been thrilled and she had none that have ever “regretted it”. At that time, I knew that I wanted children and was afraid that I may not be able to breast feed so I thought that I would wait. I only weighed about 123 then so I would have been a perfect candidate.

Fast forward 10 years and 2 kids later, I decided to be referred to a PS for a consultation. After 2 years of waiting (long time if you want to be covered by the Provincial plan) I got in. At that time I was 154 (too heavy) but he thought that I would be a great candidate (after examination etc). The PS said he felt that I should just try to lose the 16 lbs (I had to be 138) to qualify as your BMI cannot be more than 27 to be covered. As he put it, “he has a number of women that need to lose 100 pounds to qualify and it would be healthier for me etc., etc. It was all true.

I have hypothyroidism (which I was diagnosed with during the 2 years of waiting) so 16 pounds is like 30 in regards to how fast my body seems to drops weight.

Many things happened in my life that sort of put my “weight loss regime” on hold but last spring I decided “enough is enough” between being overweight (which I was for me) and having a huge chest…I had had enough. I figured that I would lose the weight and if I could get beneath or to 138 that would be a “bonus” in regards to the BR.

I joined the gym in April and by September I was 138. Then I got scared. The “what if’s?” started and I prolonged going into my GP to be weighed (that was the requirement – she would have to weigh me and send my weight back to the PS. Truth is, I lost 21 pounds and did not go down a bra/cup size.

I put it off until March when I went for my annual checkup. I told her that I had lost 21 pounds (which she said she noticed) and that I wanted to be weighed for the PS. She weighed me, sent off the request and that afternoon I had a vmail on my phone from the PS office saying that I had an appt one week from that day! I was in shock.

Went in to see him. He was great. Told me I was a perfect candidate and saw no reason why the provincial plan would not approve me. He sent off the request that day.

Funny, he asked what size I would like to be and said "most women want to be a C". I would not be upset with a B if he can do it. Obviously I just want him to take me down to the safest size he can without compromising blood flow etc. I keep thinking that I will be more upset to have this done and feel I am still too large than I would be to think he made me a little smaller than I had expected. If I get the nerve, I will post pics.

**Note that the cost I have added is an estimate. Since the health plan is covering, I don't know the "actual cost". If I find out..I will update that piece.

5 weeks and I got the call that I had been approved. My surgery was initially supposed to be TODAY but got cancelled and then moved to July 9 and THEN to July 10 which I am told is not going to be cancelled again. NOW I am a wreck. I have never had surgery. I did have two C-Sections but I was awake for those. This morning I felt the anxiety building and I have been flip flopping back and forth with “maybe this isn’t worth it?” “Maybe the recovery will take too long” ETC ETC. Basically trying to talk myself out of it. I don’t want to and I cannot let myself because I know that I will regret not getting it done. I hear from doctor’s and read on this site that no one seems to ever regret it. Even the ones with the “not so perfect” experiences. Just trying to hold it together.

Totally Worth It

I am really horrible with updates and pictures ~ obviously.

I am almost 6 weeks PO and had my 6 week follow up with my PS this morning. I have been cleared now to do everything that lack of pain tells me to. I don't have to see him again for another 3 months just to see how they have shaped etc.

I went bra shopping after I left his office as I have been living in a sports bra since surgery. I have been cleared to wear a regular, no underwire bra. I am a 34B! I tried on the C cup and it when it was too big, I just really could not believe it. I am THRILLED to be a B. The day after my surgery, the PS told me that he thought I would be a small C or a Full B when everything healed. I remember thinking "B is what I am hoping for".

I saw my "before" pics today at his office and just wanted to hug him after that! I cannot believe that I was dragging those things around all these years. He removed 4 pounds (2 each side) during surgery but looking at those pics, I would have thought that he took off more. UG. It reconfirmed to me that I am so glad that I went ahead with the surgery.

I would recommend this surgery to anyone that has every seriously considered it. It is life changing!
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I am on vacation at a cottage with limited intermet to say the least. I will update as soon as I am home. : ). All is going well and hope the same for all those that have had their surgery and all the best to those whose is upcoming!
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Can't wait to see an updated post and pictures! I am built very similarly to you (5'1", 130lbs, 36F) and would love to see how a similar body type looks after surgery. I hope you're healing well and feeling great!
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Hello! I hope your healing is going well!!! :)
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Going to be a nag & say I really would love an updated post on how things are going now for you? I only get bits & pieces from the board. ;)
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Hey Boopy. Just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow. It's going to change your life and I'm with you all the way. Love from across the pond xxx
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Thanks so much for the kind words. I am 2 days post now and starting to feel much better. I have been following you - you look great and sound thrilled. I am beyond happy at this point, just focusing on recovery now. :). Xx
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Boopy28, how great to hear you are feeling better, any tips you'd give now having gone through this.....I am on the 22nd. May your healing be smooth & steady.
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Best of luck on the 22nd - you must be getting excited. My biggest tip would be to not let fear of the unknown outweigh your excitement of having this done. I was extremely nervous about the surgery and now, knowing what I know, realize that I wasted a lot of energy on that worry. I feel like a new person in many ways. Don't get me wrong, my energy levels are low but I can see a difference each day. My PS took me to the size that he felt was proportionate to my frame (as I requested). He thinks I will be a full B. I am fine with that! After surgery when I first looked at my chest I was shocked....not in a bad way just shocked. I have not been a B cup since high school but I am only 5 feet tall.....didn't want to still look large chested. Thanks for the kind words as to healing. I wish the same for you of course and look forward to seeing your post op notes - I know you will be thrilled! :)
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Thank you for the response! Pre-Op is today, I am doing my best to not be nervous - think more in denial. I am gathering my supplies, and straightening the house. Must admit sure am curious on how to feel about the Huge change that is going to occur & not know the size. I'm glad you feel great about your size/progress ~ I hope to report the same in a wk. Eep a Week! ;).
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Boopy28 Don't you dare talk yourself out of the best decision you can make for your health!!!! The images we conjure up in our minds are the worst part of it . I had my surgery on April 15 of this year and haven't had any problems . I realize everyone is different in their healing process . But for me I was off my pain meds except for tylenol at day 4 . The first week is the hardest just because of the incision sites, not being able to lift your arms or doing our normal day routines . And sleeping on your back takes getting used to .But I only dealt with breast tenderness and soreness for a few weeks . My incisions head led with no problems and my scars look good . I went from a 42G to a 38D. Such a big difference . I am also 54 yrs.young:-) Don't let fear stop you .Its an easy surgery and quiet doable . And the results are amazing!!!! Best of luck dear .
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Thanks glittergal, I appreciate your support! I just wish the day would get here so that I would not have to think about it anymore ~ or OVER think it anymore. I am certainly hoping that it is not what I have it made out to be in my mind. I see everyone's posts on this site and I know that for the most part, the experiences are all pretty good in regards to healing, satisfaction etc. It certainly helps to hear all the positive. Your words were very encouraging and kind. Thanks so much! :)
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Boopy, while I've not gone through the surgery yet (July 22nd), I can empathize with the disappointment of having your dates change. There is something to be said for setting a date & once your nerve gets broken you feel like flaking. I have my own nerves too & a disconnect that this will be real & will I be able to handle it. But can this surgery you've waited so long for (I've been 20 yrs suffering & size 38K) be worse than all we've endured physically/mentally for a few weeks of recovery? There isn't a person I've met or talked that has known anyone to regret it. I have to trust the odds & just prepare myself the best I can. I will be buying a huge bottle of Pure Emu Oil for healing that's for sure. Just breath & remember to look at the whole picture - You have had children, and that whole process had to be a lot of waiting, discomfort, prep & pain which then was replaced with joy. At least these should allow you & all of us the freedom to bounce out into the world.
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Okay I'm following you! I'm on "the chopping block" next! I'm scheduled on Sept. 5th! I'm going to be brave and post picture too! I hope you decide to also. Please check on me in turn, and GOOD Luck! May you heal quickly!
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It's a deal - I will check on you as well! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I hope that my story will also be one that helps to ease your mind as your date nears as so many others have been for me.
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You will not regret it. Believe me, I waited till I was 63 and boy was I uncomfortable. I am so happy and I feel 10 years younger. My back, neck and shoulders feel wonderful. Do it for yourself, you deserve it
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Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps to hear of other people's experiences. I keep saying to myself that I really don't want to wait until I am any older. My GP told me that she has no patients that regret the surgery - just that her older ones regret that they did not do it sooner.
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