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Ever since I was 13 years old, I've know that...

Ever since I was 13 years old, I've know that breast implants are for me. For 2 reasons, i was born with a deformity in my sternum & because I've always desired a larger chest to look more flattering in clothes! My family doctor told me when I was diagnosed that if I gained 30 pounds or if my breasts grew then my protruding ribs would be hidden! Gaining 30 pounds is virtually impossible for me, my metabolism is through the roof and I'm very active!

So larger breasts it will be! I haven't booked my consultation yet, simply because the nearest clinic is 5 hours away by driving and I need to find the time!

I'm currently a 32B, 5'8'', 125 pound 19 years old. I am very small but i've always had a big curvy bum, I think the larger breasts would give me a very nice hour glass shape. My boyfriend thinks that I'm a little crazy for spending the money and I'm perfect just as I am, but he has told me that he'll be by my side and assist me anyway he can. (until the needles come out and then hes either leaving or passing out hehe)

At the clinic I plan to go to, they charge $6900 for saline and between $7840 and $8180 for silicone (depending on the type of gel implant) The PS has 15 years of experience, has all the right certification and from what I've read, a great team and great reviews!

So my questions for all you wonderful ladies are:
Saline or Silicone? Why?
Do you recommend sub muscular?
Do you recommend transaxillary incisions?
What are some questions to ask your ps in a consultation?
How did you prepare yourselves for your surgery in the days/weeks/months prior to surgery?


Hey there! Did you pick a size and surgery date yet? Feel free to look at my profile/pics/stats. I went with 457ccs silicone, moderate profiles under the muscle. Good luck and keep us posted! :)
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Hey girl, I think between 300-350 ccs of saline! Not sure about the profile yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards sub muscular and either an incision through the arm pit or under the crease of my breast :) Thanks for your reply, I'm going to read your story now!
Awesome!!!!! The bigger the better lol!

Called today and made my first consultation :D...

Called today and made my first consultation :D I've decided to go to a different province for my first one. Its about 5 hours by car and my best friend (1 of 2 people who know) is going to be my booby buddy!! YAY for friends! As soon as I told her I wanted it she was behind me 100%.

Right now I'm pretty set on 300-350cc, silicone, sub muscular & im flexible on either an incision in my arm pit OR under my breasts!

I've been doing yoga twice a week and LOVING it, so soothing and relaxing..everyone should try it. This is something I'll miss after my surgery.

If anyone is unsure about how the procedure works, please click this link. Its SO informative, it really cleared up a lot for me :) (my first consultation is with this PS)

I think thats all for now, I'm very nervous/excited for my first consultation :D


I am getting high profile silicone implants...I have very little breast tissue to cover the implant and with silicone there is less of a chance of rippling! I am very active, and am hoping for boobs that are small enough to stay out of the way but big enough to play up and show off when I want to! So far, I like the look of 350 cc's. I'll be going with the crease incision...I don't want it in my armpits, and I am choosing not to do the nipple incision, mainly because I'm too afraid of losing any sensation! I know there's a chance regardless, but still. My doc recommends the crease, and that is what I feel more comfortable with :) I'm also going under the muscle. I'm hoping for a full C cup...but I'm not hell-bent on cup size. I just want them to look good! I'm ridiculously excited for my surgery. I look forward to your updates. You look amazing already!!
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Oh and my stats are...I am about 5'4" and 103 lbs...28 years old :)
thank you so much, what a nice thing to say :) i definitely wouldnt mind the incision in my crease or in my armpit, so im just going to let my PS determine that! i agree with the nipple incision though! I was just looking at your story and the sizers look PERFECT for your body shape :D good luck with everything!

Litter bit over 2 months until my

Litter bit over 2 months until my so impatient!!! I have to wait so long because it's hard for me to get time off work & my plastic surgeon is very busy (good sign, right?!)

I feel like im totally obsessed with boobs lately, everytime i walk by magazines or look at clothes main focus is boobs LOL i've showed my boyfriend at least 100 pairs of boobs in the last week alone and asked him if he thought they would look good on me! Not to mention I'm on here every day or second day to read peoples stories AND im watching peoples video diaries of their BA journey!

I know its super pre-mature, but im hoping to not have to take more then a week from i said, hard to book time off. This is because i waitress at a small local restaurant and theres only 2 other day servers and 2 night servers . I do both day and night shifts so the other 4 girls would have to work everyday for 7 days (2 servers per shift)
I also REALLY dont want to have to explain why i need time off, mainly because my boss is my MOM, haha i just dont really want to hear her opinion on my BA, not that i dont value her opinion. This is just 100% for me.


hey, i found your profile from ~ and i wanted to tell you that you have a stunning figure. nothing about your sternum or breasts looks deformed to me! modern medicine is silly - there's a "condition" for everything nowadays. whatever doctor diagnosed you was just practicing the neurotic nitpicking doctors are trained to do, putting a name to any slight deviation from the average human body... :P just thought i'd drop you a note cuz i've been sitting here obsessively googling different things i think might be wrong with my breasts, looking at pics of models and crying on and off with frustration and intermittently pausing to look in the mirror and draw marks on myself to see if i fit x or y criterion for saggy breasts or whatever other condition. when i came across your question, it was kind of a wakeup call - i was like, "jeez, this beautiful girl thinks something is wrong with her boobs... man maybe i'm being too harsh on myself too." that said, i totally support you in your decision to get a BA. you've done your research and you know what you want, and i'm sure it'll look great. i just don't want you to think for a second that you're not sexy as hell the way you already are. hope all is well!
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annoying how linebreaks don't show up... -__- oh well, i'm sure my wall of text was understandable :P
the before pics you look wonderful and gorgeous, I wish I had your figure!
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