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It has been a while since I started my removal in...

It has been a while since I started my removal in August. I have been using the q-switched ruby laser to remove the black. So far I have had mixed opinions on how it is going. I have been having some trouble with the removal of the shading as it seems to be leaving a ghost effect. Not sure if it is temporary but I will give it time and see since the lines are yet to be removed. This is my first post and the first picture was the day the tattoo was done and the next picture will be 4 treatments in. This tattoo was a freehand on the outline, after it was done I went into shock and I thought I might like it if I got it finished. oh how wrong I was... I was only 18 made such a stupid mistake of letting him basically doodle on my arm :S I am currently doing a session every two weeks on a third each time. The bottom 3rd has had 4 treatments and the top 2 have had 3.
It looks like you are having really good progress. The ghost problems may be solved by giving your skin a break, I have seen others with the same problem and it goes away after some time. Keep it up though and I am sure it'll be all gone soon!

Session 11 down ( 4th session on middle segment)

Just had my session! Was a burner, the ruby laser has been serviced and has 30% more power I can certainly feel it. We did some experimentation on a small section of my tattoo that is purely shading and we will see if it goes down. Been loving the progress so far, just hope i'm not left with a ghost effect like I have seen before but you have to stay positive and hope for the best and plan for the worst!
Who's your doctor??
Some great results there considering you only started in August. I wouldn't of believed you've only covered the tattoo 3/4 times with a q switched laser.
Thankyou :) after my next treatment I will be able to start treating half of my arm instead of splitting it into 3rds. I will find out the setting I have been using when I go for my next one

11 days after 4th middle section.

Seeing results!

Was feeling that it hasn't changed much but seeing this picture compared to the other has given me more hope!
hey what is the clinic called ? im in MD thanks
Great progress!! Excited for you, would be great if you could add a side by side photo :)
Thankyou ! :) I will do I have my next session on wednesday once that has healed ill do one

Feeling Good

Approaching the end game. The solid lines are responding great to the ruby laser and I am seeing significant fading each session. The shading appears to be taking longer to get rid of, but the test patch using the yag laser is seeing positive results. Will post a 3 picture progression comparison from the past 3 main treatment area once this session has healed up.

Forgot these :D

How old was your tattoo?
Wow, great progress! I can't believe the breakup you are seeing in the outlines of the tattoo!

2 weeks after

Heres pictures comparing will post a side to side picture
Hey there just checking in for an update, how are you doing?
Hi Eva I'm doin great thanks, going onto full arm treatment on Wednesday, I'm really impatient so I'm doing it in 4 week intervals . I'll post pics before I go and after. How's your treatment?
Hey, good to hear from you, glad things are well!!! Your treatment is tomorrow - good luck!! Let us know how it goes ok. I actually am great, started my cover up - I posted an update on my blog - Blackberry11 


Mega treatment down ( thankfully)

This was nasty, took 1150 shots but only focused on the main lines using the q switch ruby. Next session we are thinking of doing a clean sweep with the yag to hit some of the shading as it proves more effective. The test patch seems to be showing great results.
Great progress need some hope good to read your story

1 week 2 post treatment

Looking very red, most scabs have fallen off.
uao.... it's really really faded!! i mean, it wasvery dark and full of ink, congrats!!!
Looking very faded!!

26 days post

On such a short time you have come such a long way, especially considering the size of your tat! Congrats man!!! And on a side note, my technician is using the Revlite, how is that compared to the ruby? :-)

Just an update

It's only been 1 week 2 days since my 17/21 treatments. First picture is directly after treatment, and the other 2 is when its red and when I push the blood out of arm while stretching can see big fade :)

Forgot to note

I used the ruby one last time for the thicker stuff, next session I am going to go clean sweep with the yag, seems to have slightly quicker healing time, do not want to spend all summer covered !
I can't believe the progress you have made, it's almost gone! It's going to continue to fade too! So happy for you!

side by side from original to present

Hey! Can i ask what settings are being used? More importantly, what frequency? I'm currently having laser removal myself and have been considering starting a removal review on here. I've seen a lot of fading but i don't think the frequency is high enough? After some sessions there isn't much whitening of the black?
Wow! Amazing! You are almost done! Very happy for you :)
Thankyou !:) Hopefully just this redness is taking ages might get some sunscreen concealer for when I'm in sun haha. How are your treatments going?

17 treatments down, summer break :D

It feels like a lifetime ago since I first had my tattoo done, come a long way since then. Couldn't have done it without the support from this website has helped a lot. I wish all the best to all with their treatments, don't hesitate to ask any questions and have a great summer!


Just checking in to see when your next session is - hope you`re having a wonderful summer!!
Just came across your posts and am so happy to see how well your progress has been going for you! I'm only three treatments in and still waiting to see some noticeable fading, but I've been told everyone reacts differently.
dam that's awesome bro...

Sorry for the disappearance

Its been a couple months since I last posted, prepping for uni and holidays etc been busy. Here is an update, finally got a tan which has helped to cover up the pesky shading . Just need a few more blasts and it should be 95% gone. Back of arm is proving more stubborn. White dots have appeared, not sure if its from scabs falling off repeatedly or from the tattoo itself, looks like scar tissue.

Ask away if any questions
Amazing!!!! Very inspiring!
Amazing results! Congratulations!
Holy shit, thats great results. Would also like to know what settings, and if u experience any change in ur pigment?. Does the lasered area tan as good as before?. U still see it fade by a daily basis? :D

For people wanting to know about settings used

The settings were on 1064nm wavelength. I am an unsure about the spot size unfortunately. wilks1986 uses pretty much the same settings as me so ask him for more info. Sorry I couldn't be any more help. Thank you for all the positive responses !
great result!
Thank you!!
Thank you! :)

My doctors are very friendly and try to solve any problems as they can.

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