20 years old, getting hi def vaser lipo on abdomen and posterior abdomen next month at selston cosmetic clinic. - Nottingham, GB

Hi i'm 20 years old i'm getting vaser liposuction...

Hi i'm 20 years old i'm getting vaser liposuction done next month of my abdomen and posterior abdomen next month. I am very anxious and depressed since I was always a chubby girl my whole life. I cant even imagine how would my tummy look like afterwards and will it be ever flat. i sit on real self and read reviews for hours and try to be positive but im sure many of you lot might have same anxiety pre procedure. i have ordered my garment now and booked my MLD massages, i need to buy a portable ultrasound machine which i am confused about :/


just to give a quick recap. I had my consultation with Dr. Bassi at Selston Cosmetic Surgery on the 2nd of July. He was really sweet, a bit reluctant since he said im too young. only 20 and i should try to lose weight with diet and exercise. I told him that I have done everything from extreme dieting to fitness programmes like Body Pump etc and it has only failed due to my abdomen. the skin is so loose and every time i start a fitness programme I feel so demotivated that it fails epic. Dr Bassi then looked at my tummy, I had originally booked in for two areas but he said he would do three areas which is basically which is upper/lower abdomen and posterior abdomen (abdomen walls) guess it means all the front. he also said that I have an amazing body crying to come out which gave me alot of hope xx :) here are some pictures of how i look and the markings he made...
You are very beautiful miss and this procedure is only going to make you more beautiful!! :) Can't wait to see more before and after pictures. :) Be sure to tell us all about how things go!! :)
Hey sure i willl xx
Hi there, I'm looking forward to hearing about your upcoming procedure with Dr Bassi. I've been following Rae's journey with great interest. I'm thinking about having Vaser Hi Def next year, possibly with Dr Bassi, so I'm keen to know as much as possible. I hope everything goes smoothly and I await your review with interest. Mona x


I CANNOT EXPRESS MY HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!! i am so happy and excited that my procedure is only 20 days from today i kno its still long but atleast its less then a month :DDD I cannot tell u how much I was stressed becasue alot of you wud agree on this; at first u only have to worry abt the cost of procedure and den u think afta ur surgery u wud wake up and DAMN A NEW BOD buh afta dat u realise that shiiiiiiiit u need to think about many more things (MLD massages, ultrasound, garment, medicines, WORK, end results, recovery and bla bla bla.) and people like me who r just students, its alot harder for us. cuz here v are spending our saving in seconds and if things dont turn out as good WE WILL B BROKE :/ But I am glad now finally i have all my massages booked and ultrasound sorted, bought all the times, of which pic I shall upload soon xxxx I am a happy person :) (apart from some occasional anxiety attacks :/ )
Awesome!! :) can't wait to hear all about it!! :D Are you going under local or general anesthesia?
Vaser has local i guess wid some sedation i dont worry abt that i dont mind needles either :) just anxious to how il loook :/

Some more pix of my sexy flabby tummy :D

Im a happy person today ;) 20 days baby n dem m done wid the tears n sorrow dat my pouch brought me :)
Ah very cool, I wasn't sure if it was done under local or general. If I may ask, if it done under local if you are able to, would you take as many pictures as possible during the procedure? I would love to see what it looks like. :)
No cuz i wud b awake but sedated but il try xx
Oh I thought they would give you a very mild sedation. My apologies miss. I thought it would be very neat to see from a patient'a point of view and such :)


Had the worst day ever had some issue due to wich i had to cancel my date of oo, cried all day but now its sorted so yaay m jus gona be positiv n gt it done wid before uni starts :)))))
Don't cry! Here catch oxoxox's! I'm very interested in your sx results so hang in there ! I recently asked questions what is the difference between traditional lipo and VASER ? I'm awaiting for my answer frm the PS PANEL ON RS!!! I had n pain w my PS during my very first bbl and fat transfer and no major setbacks very blessed!
I think traditional Tumescent Lipo just sucks out the fat and is more the procedure is quite aggressive and traumatic on the body with longer down time. Vaser I think uses Ultrasound to breakdown and liquefy the fat and a smaller cannula probe is used to gently suck out the fat. It can be carried out under local Anaesethic, where as regular Lipo is usually done under general, so possibly safer too.
Ok thank you so much


yaaay only 2 weeks remaining for my surgery i am very happy and feel v blessed that time went by reallly quickly.... The only thing that is bothering me is whether or not i wud still look great if i just have my whole stomach done and not the flanks? (since the doctor sed it is not safe to do more den 3 areas together.... if u look at my pix n comment on what u think is best :/// i m goin to gt my flanks done after dis surgery anyway xxxx
Your pics look amazing!!!! Love the posing lol.. You can definitely see the difference and it's only one week. I got so frustrated with the padding one evening I took it off to have just one decent nights sleep without the backache but It felt wrong so jumped out of bed and put it back on! Dressing it for when you go out is the worst as u look pregnant but I keep telling myself I'm hiding my transformation! How you doing eating wise? You watching what you eat? xx
Im on a wheat free diet since one month pre op and stil am and i guess i want to be forever as wheat is so shit... n yeap i have even named my "fake bump" Rose hehheh i assume its my baby hahaa i loook heavily pregnant n i takr the belts out b4 sleeping its so ftiggin uncomfortable .... had my one errk review wid the doc today and he cudnt b more happier x
Hi, thanks for the detailed reviews, they really help for those of us who are due to have the same procedure very soon. Can I ask, where are you putting the arnica gel and how often? And are you taking arnica tablets as well? If so, how long before the procedure did you start them? xx

night before treatment

So tomorrow morning is my surgery im not overly excited im scared iv read many reviews when vaser has gone wrong or no diff so im jus hoping everything is fine and i hope im in that category of people who donot suffer from alot of bruising.... =)


So i had my procedure yesterday! I ended up having hi def vaser lipo instead
Of the normal one. It cost a lil extra but was amaazing x as i stepped into Dr Bassi's office he came across as the sweetest person i have met Mags his secretrary took my blood pressure my weight and gave me tablets for sedation =) i was then taken to a room to take before photographs x after i felt a bit sedated i was taken to the surgery room where my hands were strapped to a bed and they put a towel on my face so i cant see my procedure. Dr den started talking to me very fast about my life and i was blabbering too so he cud insert the anesthesia widout me noticing any pain =) the procedure took 3 hours and was painful but not that u wud scream x he said i was a good patient x he then made me stand up n push all my liquid out. After the procedure he insisted me very much about the aftercare , he said he had sculpted me like a bikini model and he did not want those results to go down the drain x he explained the after care to the minutest detail and gave me about an hour to read each sentence of it and understand it =) this is the summary of the day =) not to forget the dr bassi is the sweetest person on earth he is an Artist x


Ok so there was minimal pain on my abdomen and areas treated and paracetamol worked wonders all the pain has gone but the uncalled and unexpected BACK PAAAAAIN AND NAUSEA made me stay awake all night the back pain is a disaster and no painkiller removes it , it is basically the muscle trauma that has caused it.. tomorrow is my first mld massage , looking forward to it =)))


Today i had my first mld massage i must say it was very painful i told her to stop about three times and start again but my doctor said the more it hurts the better xx but it was very painful =( i have 7 more to go x other than that i feel amazing i dont have any leaking any bruising ans swelling is about 20% i guess xxx =) the back pain has vanished too =)


Hey its nearly one week post op sorry i didnt update since everything went very well the first week, the only painful things are the garment and the massages and not being able to sleep at night cuz of dis tiiiiiight garment. But i hav minimal swelling and minimal itch overall not as bad as i have seen x im uploading a pic of last nite after my ultrasound =) i am so glad that im one of dose lucky people whos recovery is fast and lil pain x
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Ok =))
Thank you x


So today was my one week review with dr bassi i was so nervous bc he is so passionate abt his work i almost felt like i have a responsibility! But wen i saw him he was sooooo shocked hr cudnnt believe his eyes that i dont hav any swelling or bruising and i look like how id look 4 months post n dis is just one week he also called other vaser patients n showed dem my results xxxx i am soooooooooooo glad x

10 Days Post Op

So i am ten days post op my swelling is nearly all gone and the massages are less painful now ... I am doing my massages at home now i have learnt to do them myself now xx the only bad thing is my periods which is really annoying with the garment.. arrrggghhh its gross. Other then that no pain no swelling(just a lil bit) ;)
How are you doing now? You look great and have a similiar profile to mine now! I'm getting my whole abdominals done next week!
Very nice results! Happy healing.

Dr Bassi is an Artist! He gets so much emotionally involved in the whole procedure its unreal i have never felt so more comfortable his after care programme and instruction sheets are amazing and detailed to the dot. I would recommend it to every one x

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