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Ok so just to let you guys know, I have acne...

Ok so just to let you guys know, I have acne scarring pretty much everywhere on my face. I am certain that these are ice pick scars. I purchased a 12.5% TCA peel and applied this just 3 days ago and seems so be going well however, I was asking the seller some questions yesterday and was informed that 12.5% will not get rid of my ice pick scarring no matter how many peels i was to do and that a 30% or 50% is required, she also said that I dont need to work my way up to 30% and that I can put it 'into' them. Does this sound safe to anybody?? When she says 'into' them does she mean like a tca cross peel? Any help much appreciated. I will put some pics up soon. :)
Thank you for starting your review.  Use caution before doing anything.  I am attaching a link from our doctor Q&A section on this topic.  Click here for some great information.

Photos 12.5% TCA peel

I started with 12.5 % solution on my face and body and have stepped up since then (body only). Because your face and body have different grades of skin, I would advise on stepping up for any and all areas because everyone reacts differently. I have 15% & 18% which i have tested and used only on my body. Questions you should ask yourself is, "Did I feel tingling or stinging when I used 12.5%". If the answer is yes, tread slowly. A higher concentration could cause significant damage to your face which could take months to recover from. I ordered mine from http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/. They have extensive literature for this type of peel. Hope this helps!
Please don't continue peels at home and be wary of peels with even professionals. Make sure they do a test patch. Read my review when it is posted in a couple of days .. I have had a horrible experience.
First never do a 30% TCA chemical peel on your self only trained medical people should perform the peel. 12% is not going to do very much correct, you need 30 % volume to get results and always go after the end points to see how deep you go. It will help but will not get rid of the ice pick scares better things out on the market for that. Skin have to be prepped with Retin-A before a medium to deep peel, very important.

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