5days post op very tired but very very happy

Im 43year old. 140lb 5ft5in mother of two. I am...

Im 43year old. 140lb 5ft5in mother of two. I am currently 34h and have been accepted for a bust reduction and lift on the nhs. i have my next appointment on the 17th Jan with my plastic surgeon. i will know more then but i should have a smaller bust by middle may. my journey started in Feb 2012 with my g.p who told me i needed to loose some weight before she would refer me. i lost 27lb then went back to see her in Aug she agreed to refer me but told me not to be disheartened if it came back as a no.

11days till i see the p s. It can't come quick...

11days till i see the p s. It can't come quick enough. i can't stop reading about everyone's journey on here. my partner is sick of looking at boobies lol. when i last saw my p.s he told me to think of as many questions as i can to ask him at my next appointment . i want to be a c cup but suppose hell advice me of Whats right for my frame. Im also in need of advice about bras after surgery not sure if i need to buy own or if ill have one that they supply to come home in. i just can't wait it really is taking over my life lol.

Went for my 2nd appointment with the p.s yesterday...

Went for my 2nd appointment with the p.s yesterday. He answered the few questions i had. I had to have m.r.s.a swabs taken and now its just the waiting game. could be anytime in the next four months. He said id get about two weeks notice but the nurse asked me if id be available for a 7day cancellation obviously i said yes. i can't wait now for it all to happen.

Well Im two weeks into the four months nhs waiting...

Well Im two weeks into the four months nhs waiting list and all i seem to be doing is looking at boobs everyday!! Can't wait for my turn to come.

Feeling like Im on an emotional roller coster...

Feeling like Im on an emotional roller coster can't wait to get a date for my op. i seem to be worring about everything keeping the house clean and tidy walking the dogs. i just feel an emotional wreck. Ive wanted a breast reduction for years and now Im so close it just feels unreal. Did anyone else feel like this?? Happy recovering to all you ladies xx

Not heard anything yet i know its only been three...

Not heard anything yet i know its only been three weeks but the whole bust reduction is taking over my life. Im really grumpy and not feeling very friendly at all. i just want that letter to fall through the door now !!!

Im 43years old with two grown up children. 5ft 5...

Im 43years old with two grown up children. 5ft 5 and weigh in at 148lb. I've been thinking about a bust reduction for years Im currently a 34h which are a bit small and overflowing to be honest.
my journey started in at Oct 2011 when i went to see my g.p. she was lovely but said that the guidelines ment id need a b.m.i of between 18 and 25 at the time mine was over that so the diet began.

For those of you that are trying to get a...

For those of you that are trying to get a reduction on the Nhs don't be put of ....once id lost the weight 27lb i went back to the Dr in Aug 2012 i was weighed and praised for doing so well. she then explained that she would send a referral letter off if i hadn't heard anything in six weeks to contact her again. she also said if i received a letter saying it was a no go not to very put off we could fight it. two weeks later i got a letter saying that the primary care trust would look into my case at there next meeting. it wasn't long after that when i had a letter giving me a date to go for a body scan that would give them measurements etc to. enable them to make a decision. my appointment was for 31st Oct. in the letter it said on the day of the scan my bmi needed to be below 25 or they wouldn't scan me and id be referred back to my g.p. i was just under so the scan went ahead. i stood in what was like a tanning booth in just my underwear the scan took a few min. the girl showed me the pic in which i looked so fat when i got in the car i said to my partner that's it i won't go any further they will just see a big fat person. i was told the results could. take 6 weeks. 10days later i received a letter. there was three criteria i had to meet one being the bmi i met. 2nd was the weight of each breast weighed in c.c. they needed to weigh 1000 cc. Theach. i met that each of mine was1498cc and1500cc. the 3rd was the % of breast to torso which i met. the letter said that i would here from a consultant in due course. i received my first

1st appointment to see surgeon at beginning of...

1st appointment to see surgeon at beginning of dec2012 he was great and agreed to perform my breast reduction. he said before he put me on the waiting list he wanted me to go home and consider all the information he had given me. he made my next appointment for 17th Jan 2013 needless to say i hadn't changed my mind and he filled all the forms in. He told me the waiting list us about four months. so Im one month into my waiting...yes i anticipate the post man every morning and want wait.
so good luck to anyone trying out on the Nhs it is possible and for me it was quite straight forward. emotional at times but for me its the waiting now that's hard x

Feel like Im.on an emotional roller coster reading...

Feel like Im.on an emotional roller coster reading all your updates i just want my date to come new. hope everyone is healing well xx

Can't wait to turn the calendar over tomorrow...

Can't wait to turn the calendar over tomorrow night ....it means ill see the two month of waiting date...was told the waiting list is around four month so the half way mark is in sight!!!!!
Happy healing to you all on the other side if the journey xx

P.s had a cancellation so just under two months on...

P.s had a cancellation so just under two months on the four months waiting lust Im booked in for wed 13th march. can't wait to be on the recovery side!!!

5 days post op had a few days up and down. I went...

5 days post op had a few days up and down. I went down for my op wed 13th 9am. took me a while to come round. i had drains in was discharged from hospital at 5pm on the Thursday. the pain was no where as painfull as i thought it would be but the tiredness is way way more than i expected Im just sleeping most the time. the drains were takeout on Sunday which was nothing to worry about and have made things a lot more comfortable since they were removed. Sunday was my worse day i felt sick and very very tired. today has been much better the bruises have started to cone out but Im very pleased with what i can see. ill see the full picture for the first time on wed when i return to hospital fir a dressing change. good luck to everyone still waiting and happy healing if your post op x
mr daly

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Glad your feeling good. The waiting for the op really is the hardest bit isn't it!! , I recovered much quicker than I ever expected, and even with 2 children under 5!! Just don't do too much, and when you feel tired, listen to your body.
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Hi Karen, I am also on NHS waiting list, seems really bizarre as I am 44 and started my journey in feb 2012 also:-) I'm over in Manchester and I saw ps in jan 13 he said the same waiting time around 4 months. Don't no about you but the waiting is driving me nuts everyday I'm hoping to hear something and although its only been 6 weeks since I saw the ps it's seems like months ago. The bit I'm dreading the most is sleeping on my back as I suffe with bad back and neck., just want it done now tho I can't wait for smaller boobs ;)) looks like we will be getting em done at the same time :-) hope we get a cancellation though. Take care xx Debs
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Hi how exciting someone not far from home. i lost 27lb last year and my back and neck hurt more than ever. Im dreading the iv in my hand saw a pic on here and it looks massive. the waiting is killing me. did your ps said anything about size Im currently a 34h and would love to be a c cup. when i mentioned it he said couldn't give an exact size but not to worry he'll leave me with a enough to fill a bra. i just don't want to still feel big. my thoughts are if Im wearing something where i want a bit more i can use chicken fillets lol. had enough of everything that goes with the bug boobies. Im not getting update notifications on here for some rreason. if you want to keep in touch i could inbox you my mobile number. take care here's hoping for two cancellations xx Karen
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Hi Hun yes inbox me your no and I will send u mine. Ps said same to me about size, that they don't give an actual size but do them to your body frame. I'd like a C small D, I'm a 30G at mo but my back is tiny and I'm in so much pain with my back and neck that has been going on for years I'm always at the physio, I'm actually off work at the mo with my back it drives me nuts ;((( While I was waiting to be accepted by the pct for funding I tried not to think about it just I case they said no i Would have bee devastated, but since I've seen the ps and he said yes I can't stop honking about it it's driving me crazy it's like my life is in hold until that letter drops through the door. I'm not worried at all about any needles had iv's before as I've had anaesthetic before and seriously it is nothing at all to worry about it doesn't hurt at all, I work in the medical profession and see it all the time and its fine nothing at all. Take care speak soon Debs x x p.s. I will inbox my email so we can chat thro email too x x
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Hi Karen, I'm from Birmingham uk, and I had my surgery on NHs last November! The waiting is hard, and once you've gt your date, the nerves are the worst. I prepared fr not being able to move at all. I ave 2 kids, 5 and 2, so was extremely worried about caring for them. I ad no need to worry, once you've had your op, nurses will be getting you up and about as soon as possible. I relaxed for 2 days in hospital, then my hubby off for 2 days after, then I was thrown into it on my own and I coped really well. I think if you still doing nothing it takes longer to heal. I was 139lbs when I went in to hospital. I was 32 h. I'm dwn to. 34 e at the moment. I'm hoping I'm swollen, and hope to shrink a bit more but don't think I will. It's a shock at first sight, you think Jesus, they're too small!!! Now I'm like...they're too big still!!! I can wear nicer clothes, my body is in proportion and I can exercise a lot easier. Best think that happened, and now at only 3 months post op, I can't believe how quickly I healed and now feels like a lifetime ago!!! Good luck, I hope your date comes soon
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Sorry about the gamer mistakes!!!!!!
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Great to hear your doing well. when i went to see the p.s and asked about size he said its hard to give an exact cup size but not to worry he'd leave me enough to fill a bra lol. Id like to be a c cup don't wanna go through it all and still feel too big. how long were you waiting on the waiting list for? X
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I went October 2011' I had a date of aug 2012, but had to turn it down as I was on holiday. Then new date of nov 2012, so not that long really.
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Hi i had a call today and Im booked in for surgery on wed 13th. got my pre op Monday can't wait x
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I am happy you joined the community:)  Hang in there and I know everything will work out.  

Congratulations on the weight loss.

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