32yrs 1 C-section 5'9 210

Well im looking forward to having this lipotherme...

Well im looking forward to having this lipotherme done im pretty fit but cnt get rid of the baby pooch from my csection. I would say my body type is something similar to Serena Williams well thats what ive been told (too funny) because this pudge tells me otherwise lol but ill post before an after pics tomm an keep you updated... TTYL :-)
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ThT was a before pic
Hi DawnD I hope this helps

later after surgery

Im n pain right now had my lipotherme procedure done to my abodominal area top an below my navel

more before pics

Heres more before pics

2days post after lipotherme

I had my lipotherme done Jan.9 i was in quite a bit of pain after an the 10th but today I feel ok. I have alot if swelling in my pubic area an around my navel. I felt some of the sticks when I was getting the procedure done, hopefully it was all worth it. I see alil bit of a difference will update with more pics when the swelling goes down


6Th day of post op feeling meh about it starting to feel lumps. Around my navel area is so sensitive. Um i dnt see a diffence yet but im going to wait patiently. Started working out today it went well. I wear a body shaper instead of the compression garment but it holds everything in so snug its the latex kind. Not ready to take pics yet

2wks 1

Well went in for a follow up a my and my doc decides to tell me sheClosing down her practice but for me to come back in two wks to make sure the lump doesnt have fluid behind it. Uggh im pissed but idk the procedures that suppose to happen or how many post op visitS i suppose to have but heres a couple more pics. The lumps are distinct from side view is anyone else going thru this

weight loss

I still continue my daily routines i have three cg garments. I have a three strap cg to sleep in an i have a waist cincher that i use only to work out in an i have a latex bodyshaper that i wear daily. I have a caffeine cream that i rub my stomach with an i wrap with saran wrap an use that to aid in the weight loss
Oh wow, can she refer you to someone for post-op care?  I'm not sure how many visits you have after Lipotherme.  You'd think she would either see everyone through all their visits or refer everyone to another doctor.
Right uggh

16days post op

Hmm still workn out hard doing cardio an squats an doing ab exercises trying to get the best results possible. Still not quite there but im wearing my latex cincher regularly an using my caffeine cream n saran wrap! I still see flaws but were all our worst critic but hey i just gotta continually work on that. Have two pics not happy with side view yet but front isnt bad i still have a lump there that im massaging with this massager i got from walmart 4 yrs ago it has heat too so that helps
I still cant believe you have a c-section..wow they must have cut you REALLY LOW. I want a c section but I always thought the scar would be "all up in in yo face" lol
Lol i did too my docs were amazing! I was scared it was gonna be hideous but its just alil scar so tiny

lum lump lum lump (kevin hart voice

Well the lump is still there an im continuously massaging it, it seems that when i use my cream it feels better an easier to do. I have an appt on the 5th of Feb i hope that its not fluid. Ive been told she will be leaving her building feb 7th but im not sure if their telling patients tht their not gonna b able to do post op care so im like wht if someone has a problem? Smh i know i paid alot of money to not have it gone down the drain. Is that abandoned care? An can i do something about it.


Im waiting on my Arnica 30x pills to come i got 250 for like $8 i hope their the right ones but it said for swelling etc. Ive rested 2days an hopefully if im not busy tomm i can get a workout in well not rested cuz we had a housefire so i count that as work an i was so tired for the past two days. Ive also been taking flax, fish, borage oil. Eating alot of kiwi, grapefruit, yogurt an granola. Drinking alot of green tea an soup sop tea. Trying to maximize my results if anyone has any other things they want to share plz message me. I have a connect on the bodyshapers, butt lifters an osmotic wrap an cream
You're better than me, if my Dr was closing practice, I'd call the BBB and every consumer agency in the country. No doctor should just leave you hanging like that. Maybe she could have referred you to another plastic surgeon connect. You should be seen for the entire 3 months as all post-ops are. Anyways you look great hun! Keep us updated with all your changes. Im surprised you could go to the gym..I was advised not to do ab exercises so look more into that!
Thankyou I will see im glad you gave me # cause i didnt know it was 3mths. And if she refer me should i have to pay or should she thts.just plain wrong!! Thx so much for the advice i wish you the best to i might have to travel to see your doc lol idk of any more here who do it
...totally agree. I was just about to ask who the doctor was.

22days post op

Well im still sore around my lower abs. The upper ones hurt when im laying down. So far its ok i should get my sides done i know itll make a big difference

22days post op

Hello there, I had my surgery on Jan 31st, and I thought the procedure would simple, little down etc. Well, I was in so much pain but I can tell you now I can tell a MAJOR difference. My question to you is, did you experience any hyper pigmentation? My stomach is dark as if I had a baby. I wear my compression garment faithfully, but I have switched from the compression garment to the gym waist cincher. I noticed you are also wearing yours, is it working for you? I also have the long cincher but it rolls over my hips and digs in my skin on one side, so I don't wear it. Did the caffine cream work for you? I need to write my own review and show my before and after pictures. I will say the pain was well worth it.
You probably need a short one maybe a toresette, yes its def working for me an ive been working out i probably could have my flanks.done lol but yes i want to see pics I havent.put.one.up in a while ill do it today sometime the caffeine cream helps esp when im working out an then wrap with the osmotic wrap an then my shaper
And no i my skin didnt change

Dr.Pridgen she was nice an her staff were welcoming an down to earth.

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