Not Worth the Pain

I am 54 yrs old. Had the treatments for front...

I am 54 yrs old. Had the treatments for front belly and love handles. Went through first round of treatments on both areas with no results. Even my technician who always gave me the treatments said it just doesn't work on everyone. After the initail treatments they said before I could request a refund of my $4,000. I had to go through 3 double dose treatments. I did these as well, some times I recieved as many as 40 shots at one time. Give me abreak. Again no result, no inches lost. nothing. It was sent in for review and they said so sorry no refund. What a waste of money. Should have gone to Europe. I would not recommend this to anyone. They also do not stand behind their claims . Know a good attorney?


Hi Angie: I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get the results you were looking for. If you would please contact me through Real Self, I can put you in touch with the people who can get this taken care of right away. I am a current employee at fig. Each person is different and responds a little differently. And we know there is a small percentage of people who do not respond to the treatment. But I will personally take your information to the top to make sure this is addressed. Please contact me so I can help. Thanks.
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