Not Worth It, Never Again

I had Radiesse a month ago to enhance my cheek...

I had Radiesse a month ago to enhance my cheek bones and decrease the noticeablity of bags under my eyes (I'm 32). I had severe swelling, bruising and pain. I actually wound up in the hospital. They are unsure if I developed an infection or a reaction, but I spent two weeks on antibiotics. After four weeks, most of the swelling is gone, but I still have red circles under my eyes that are much more noticeable than any 'bags' i had before. I would say that the worst part of the Radiesse is it's mobility. It's like soft clay along my cheeks. I wake some mornings with it lumped up against my nose and other mornings with it sagging in my cheeks. I looks older now and have one side significantly fuller than the other. My doctor suggests that when I heel (maybe another week or two) we add more to the one side. No thanks! I may use Restalyn to build up the lower side, I've had good expierience with it in the past, it just doesn't last very long.. You couldn't pay me to go through this again!


Did you get better? I am still dealing with the nightmare of this stuff, it has been 18 months and I still look terrible.
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i had the same reaction with the product. i had bad swelling and brusing and like 2 days later i got very sick with a "sinus" infection. Thay said it had nothing to do with the product, i think it did. I had mine a month ago and even after a 2 week course of antibiotics i still am some what sick. Now i have lumps and red circles under my eyes. has yours gotten any better
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