I had the lift done less than two years ago (April...

I had the lift done less than two years ago (April 2005) in Houston TX. I was told I would be given something to relax me (I had my own meds but they told me they would give me something when I got there). I WAS NOT given anything to relax me as I was told. The shots to numb me were uncomfortable but not unbearable. Since I was not sedated I could hear Dr. {edited} cutting my skin and I could smell the burning (yuk). When you go for your first visit you do not see the Dr.. You see a representative that explains the procedure and then wants a "big" downpayment. You then have to go back for a second appt to meet the doctor. I have to admit, at first I was pleased but that was short lived, it has now been only two years my jowls have returned and my neck doesn't look as good either. In the last six months I have opted for Restalyne and also Radiasse to see if that would help with the folds around my mouth and jowls (something the surgery was suppose to correct). Those shots are not cheap and I don't think I should have had to have gotten them done so soon after having this lifestyle lift. I have always taken pretty good care of myself (and still do) however I wanted to get something done while I was still at an age to consider it not to be a major operation. That being said it is two years later and I will be having it done again, this time by a "real" plastic surgeon. I wish I could have had it done that way the first time but a lot of plastic surgeons were not offering "mini" lifts. I think that has changed due to so many people opting for minimum procedures. I never saw Dr. {edited} after I had the lift done (you would think he would have wanted to do a follow up), didn't happen. You do return to his office to have the stiches removed by his assistants. When I did return for that while I was having the stitches removed I had to listen to two of the assistants (one removing my stiches) debate over who would stay and sanitize the equipment! Yes, you heard me right, one of them even suggested they could just come in and do it the next morning (another yuk). I get the impression they think they are doing you a favor but you are the consumer here and it is being paid for out of your pocket. To wrap it up, the surgery was not horrible (unpleasant) but not horrible, the recovery was not horrible (if you get your neck done don't even believe you will be returning to work soon (as they promise) because you have to wear that ace bandage for at least twenty four seven, you see the doctor twice before and while he is doing the surgery. I did like the immediate results but they were short lived, I started seeing lost results after about a year and a half. I was not in horrible shape to begin with, I was fairly young and a according to them (representative and the Dr.) a "perfect' candidate for the lifestyle lift. They really need to do follow ups and take pictures after a decent amount of time. I will be honest with you my picture right after the procedure (and with makeup on) looks great. Two years later however I am scheduled to have it done again but this time I will use a "real" plastic surgeon, not a ear nose and throat doctor that has been "trained". I paid "Lifestyle" $4,300 to have a procedure done that didn't last and now I will be paying $5000 to have it done again. this is not money I just had laying around. They need to show proof of longer lasting results, come on now, I didn't expect this to last forever but considering the procedure itself and the cost it should have a least given me a happy five years, sadly enough it did not. I hope this helps someone make their decision and if you are truly considering this procedure please don't rule out getting a consultation from a real plastic surgeon, that are ususally free so all it should cost you is a little of your time and you are worth that. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.


I have to disagree with all of you! I had a Lifestyle lift in Dec. of 2007 and a Platysmal Plication in 2008. It is only now that there is some slight tunneling in my neck and a small drop in the jowls. I also had my upper and lower eyes done and was actually a model for them for one of there Open Houses. The Drs. that are working there are REAL Plastic Surgeons and have their own practices as well. You need to read their qualifications. When I had mine done they were still using Versaid in a shot so I felt nothing but the the second procedure they could not use it anymore and it was ok. They did give me Meds to relax and I did see the Dr. both times before and after. Sometimes you just have to open your mouth to get what you want and paid for. I went for a consultaion last week with the Dr., not the consultant. I am having it redone in October and could not be happier. That will give me another 8-10 years. They don't last forever!!!!
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be smart stay away from liftstyle lifts. they don't allow you to see the doctors, only their represenative. i had an appointment to see the doctor but when i arrived they refused to let me talk to him. i also have a friend who had the same thing happen to her. why would anyone allow a doctor to cut your face with ever talking to him. if these doctors are so qualified why can't they speak to their patients?

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Thank you to all who have posted. I'm scheduled to go into LSL on Thursday, December 16th. I'm calling them tomorrow and get my $$$$ back (I foolishly paid 500) but even if I don't get it, I told my husband I would clean houses to get it back (not necessary); however after reading these horror stories, I'll keep the face God gave me, thank!
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