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Not Worth It - Big Rip Off

I had Perlane about two weeks ago. The expense,...

I had Perlane about two weeks ago. The expense, and discomfort were not worth it. Perlane is made from some type of purified and processed bacteria. What was not told me was that some of these dermal fillers (especially Perlane and Restalyne) have caused sore throats, and colds, in some people. I take a lot of vitamins and haven't had a cold in about 20-years. After I had the Perlane treatment, I got a very bad cold, the very next day. It lasted for about two weeks, and it was the worst cold that I can ever remember having in my life. It was from the bacteria in the Perlane. The filler also started fading on the second day, and part of the "filling-look" was due to swelling. After it went down, my face looked about the same. It was a rip off.


Sometimes the injection may be a little deep where the provider can hit blood vessels. I would not worry about it. You may consider taking Arnica to prevent bruising now and in the future; it also help to take it about 2-3 days before the appointment.
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I just had the Perlane injections 4 days ago, and haven't decided yet on the results. I can see a slight difference, but what is freaking me out is the four broken blood vessels, that is more than obvious!! They haven't faded at all, and I'm now wondering if my skin is damaged? Has anyone else experiened this? Thanks for any feedback.
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It has been two weeks now that I had Perlane on the sides of my nose and mouth and I have lumps on both sides of my mouth I am not happy with the results and would never do it again especially for what I paid.
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