Not Sure I See Results

I signed up for three treatments and I just...

I signed up for three treatments and I just finished my second. I wasn't impressed with the first treatment and did not see any improvement despite the enthusiasm that my doctor had for Fraxel. Not sure what to expect but wish I hadn't paid the $3,000 for something that has only brought me pain.
I had my first Fraxel treatment yesterday and my face is sooooo swollen and my eyes are so swollen I look like I was in a car wreck I am hopeful that this works but.... i cannot wish the pain on anyone or the after look! I would scare small children if they saw me! I will keep everyone posted on my progress . I am signed up for 5 sessions.. Wow!! Plan ono taking a few days off from the public eye I hope this swellin ggoes down arounf my eyes!!
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