Not Happy with Silicone Implants

I got my Silicone implants in 1987 and was happy...

I got my Silicone implants in 1987 and was happy in the beginning feeling like a complete woman. I did it from being in the adult industry and modeling. When I got them i felt complete, society wise, accepted and became what I thought a true woman was.

The pros and cons were too much attention and feeling like men gave me attention from having implants. Also when having my children I was told I could breast feed and it was too painful. Intimacy was look but dont touch, the longer being implanted the more pain I experienced.


so I looked up Dr. Angel Prado and his license has been revoked.
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I think they look very good for a removal. I seen bad one's. Do ur breast still in alot of pain?
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Can you let me know the name of the doctor? Currently looking for a doctor to remove my implants in the NJ, NY or PA area.
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Dr Angel Prado

Its up to each person.

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