Nose Job...whys and Woes.

I had a septiorhinoplasty (due to a deviated...

I had a septiorhinoplasty (due to a deviated septum & crooked nose I got from breaking it this past 4th of July) as well as tonsilectomy on 2/26/09 (against most peoples advice). I had them all done at the same time because I couldn't afford the time off needed to do them separately.

I am only 8 days post-op right now but I can tell you that the nose part of the surgery has caused me no issues other than not being able to breath out of my nostrils yet. The only pain I had was when my daughter head-butted me a few days ago! The swelling has gone down some, but not enough for my splint to pop off yet... thats when I will really get to see what was done. Because this was a medically covered procedure, I only had to pay my $5 co-pay (not the $100 it says above; so low because I am an employee).

The nose job did not include any changes to the tip or nostrils because that wouldn't be covered, but I only wanted my bridge to be narrowed, straightened & the bump shaved off anyway so it worked out good tht way. So far I cannot see any change, but everyone else says they can already see a difference even with the spint on. It was an "open" procedure so the tip is still very swollen & puffy; I am told this could take a full year to subside.

I will post an update once I am further along in my recovery & can see some results. Hope this helps someone.


I am planning nose surgery but have just made an appointment (consult)to find out why I can not breath well. This has been an issue for me for many years now.Headaches and vomiting on really bad days.Hoping insurance will cover.Want to ask did you get panic attacks from impacted nose after surgery?Not being able to breath?What did you do ?Than you-
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You are so lucky your surgeon is leaving on the splint until you are more fully healed. My surgeon removed the splint after only 5 days and polly beak now deforms what a beautiful job. Your chances of complications including polly beak likely are minimized.
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I had mine done but the military. I am a month out and everyone already notices a huge difference. The tip is still swollen and numb and I can still feel on the sides where they broke it to straighten it out. Other than that I can breathe great and it is getting better every week. Can't wait until my nose fits my sunglasses again lol
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