Nose Job...whys and Woes.

I had a septiorhinoplasty (due to a deviated...

I had a septiorhinoplasty (due to a deviated septum & crooked nose I got from breaking it this past 4th of July) as well as tonsilectomy on 2/26/09 (against most peoples advice). I had them all done at the same time because I couldn't afford the time off needed to do them separately.

I am only 8 days post-op right now but I can tell you that the nose part of the surgery has caused me no issues other than not being able to breath out of my nostrils yet. The only pain I had was when my daughter head-butted me a few days ago! The swelling has gone down some, but not enough for my splint to pop off yet... thats when I will really get to see what was done. Because this was a medically covered procedure, I only had to pay my $5 co-pay (not the $100 it says above; so low because I am an employee).

The nose job did not include any changes to the tip or nostrils because that wouldn't be covered, but I only wanted my bridge to be narrowed, straightened & the bump shaved off anyway so it worked out good tht way. So far I cannot see any change, but everyone else says they can already see a difference even with the spint on. It was an "open" procedure so the tip is still very swollen & puffy; I am told this could take a full year to subside.

I will post an update once I am further along in my recovery & can see some results. Hope this helps someone.

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